Normal do you believe in such a word for humans??

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the question was about the word normal, not perfect.

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Every single person has a slightly different opinion of what "normal" means. To me, it's something that you are used to, that doesn't surprise you. Normal doesn't have to mean a person or a thing, just something that you feel, see, hear, etc in everyday life. So yeah, to me, normal does exist.

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Yes, from the perspective of there are things among us which are common or normal to all mankind - then between each individual person there are those things which are unique/normal to them but not others.

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No, if everyone's different then how can anyone decide what normal is???

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no, never.
there will never be one person any other person likes everything about.
(you may think you do, but you also can't know e.v.e.r.y.t.h.I.n.g about one person)
so if you can know everything about one person and like everything there is to know about them then that person is perfect to you.
but, everyones prefferance if different so that person wont be perfect to the person standing next to you.
so.. there is such a slight chance at perfection I don't think it exists.
and if perfect people don't exist, perfect things can't.

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I perfer the word stable

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