No motivation or time management

How do I get motivated and manage my time better? I have a hard time staying motivated. We live in the country and one day just meshes right into the other. It’s so boringout here that I can’t see straight. I get sidetracked easily, can’t keep up with time that has passed and usually the whole week here just seems like a blur. I can’t afford to drive anywhere because the gas prices are so high and there is no one around here that really wants me around. I am lonely, bored and really want to find some way to get motivated to pack and move. I’ll be moving next week but I can’t seem to get anything done.

Answer #1

I agree with ‘thedude”, the absence of time management is a symptom of depression, which I experianced when I move from the city to the country,where I lived there wasn’t much more than ‘dirt’ and ‘tumble weeds’…instead of taking medications for the depression, I felt led to do what makes me ‘happy’ which helped to motivate me to complete my list of ‘must do’ things. I think we all get so caught up in what we ‘must’ do that we forget to ‘create’ the time to do what really makes us happy. I discovered that painting makes me happy. It’s a place where I can go where I want to go(on the canvas,like mini vacations…lol) and there are no rules to decide whether what I create is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, in that place “it’s my world and I can posess it”. Maybe you could examine your intrests, and choose one or two that would give you something to look forward to and discover new talents or stir up the gifts within you. Hope this helps.

Answer #2

Hey thanks. I think a lot of it has to do with the stress of moving across country. I made list for tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Answer #3

I think this happens to everybody :) What I try to do to manage my time better - though I’m not very good at it - is to make a list of the “must do” things I have to do throughout the day. Then that way, I know that those things are the bare minimum that I must get done.

Beyond that, I have a list of “would like to accomplish” stuff - and of course, I take time out to be with my two kids during the evening for at least three hours before they go to sleep.

Um, you can always hang out at FunAdvice to pass the time - welcome to the community. :)

Answer #4

Yes this happens with everyone but you have to focus on some important point which will improve your time management: 1)First focus on most productive time of day then prioritize and schedule your day. 2)Keep track of your progress and analyze where are you lacking. You can use time writer software for better time management.

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