How to stop pubic hair from growing back?

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Yeah, lasering is the only way to permantly get rid of it.
Waxing will make grow back slower, because it rips the hair all the way from the root.
Even that only last 2 weeks or so.

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Apart from laser? not much...

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just keep shaving or waxing...
its not that hard

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laser or electoloysis (laser is less painful)

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Definitely laser, if you think it's worth the cost. I've been shaving mine for about 5 years now and recently, I have finally talked my bf into letting me shave his..Love it!! He is frustrated however because within a few days, he has to shave or it itches like crazy. I told him it's normal, as mine would itch too at first. The tiny hairs, curl back and hit the skin causing an itch..I told him to go and get laser treatment hehe..He passed and just shaves it during his daily morning showers

How long does it take male pubic hair to grow back?

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