Nitrous Drug

What kind of a drug is nitrous?

What form does it come in,how is it put into the body and what does it do etc. ??

Answer #1

People who breathe nitrous oxide for more than a few minutes at a time may experience nausea, especially if they have just eaten. They may also feel hung over for some time after. Addiction to nitrous oxide is a real possibility. Addicts may suffer serious mood and personality changes in addition to the bone marrow and nervous system damage:

Take care !!

Answer #2

Ya I always only ever knew of Nitrous as they thing you use on Playstation games to help boost your cars speed! XD

Then I heard about talked about as a drug by one of the guys in the movie ‘American Pie : The Naked Mile’ !!

So if the dentist uses it, does that mean it’s a safe way to get high?!?!:)

Answer #3

Nitrous oxide is the gas used at the dentist office. It makes you sort of loopy and gives a small high, something like pot I am told. Often people go to sleep. And here is the wiki entry:

Kind of awesome what they do to the car parts…

Answer #4

its an inhalant and its a gas

it makes you really hyper and in a daze I think I think its a stimulant too

im not too familiar though

Answer #5

Oh crap!! I wouldn’t take it anyway!! lol

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