Does anyone actually know of any females with 3 inch long nipples?

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I've seen women with nipples as long as their little finger. I don't know if they were natural or the result of some sort of body modification.

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not true... or disorder

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I;m a girl and one of my friends was talking about this chick he was with
he said that her nipples were as large as sand dollars

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Yes, 3 inch nipples are more common than you think. It is not a disorder, but a inherited trait. I've experienced it in Southeast Asia (Vietnam and Thailand) and central American women (lower Mexico, Nicaragua and El Salvador), but have not seen it in decedents from Africa, Europe, Japanese or Chinese decedents. Of course, I haven't sampled all varieties available--I'm only 59 and hope to get around to it some day.

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If you want longer nipples then go to nipple Fun wear web site and get their product.
It works! Keep at it half an hour each day and you will see results very quickly.
After a while you will be able to keep them on longer and longer.

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3inches??? OMG!! she must be kidding ya

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Personally I don't know of any but my brother and sister in law swear that when they were on vacation they went to a nude beach and one of the women there had nipples that were at least 2 inches long. Well, my brother is not exactly the most tactful guy around so he asked her what was wrong with her nipples. She told him that there was nothing wrong and every woman in her family has the same kind.

So, I guess anything is possible when it comes to nipples.

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Eventually you could probably get women that are giant nipples with how big they seem to be getting

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the longest nipple on record is 4cm


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it's possible, but you have to make them that why, by getting your nipples pierced and wear nipple extender jewelery, and it takes a long time to get them that

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she might be lactating ha I've seen some really really long nips from lactating nipples

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Wow wearing bra is going to be a problem, unless they make special holes in their bras? lol...

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Anyone on the net can say anything. Make sure you totally trust them before you believe it.

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May be posible but not probable that it's naturally done.

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2 maybe...never seen 3...former girl friend had some really big poppers...sensitive also...she liked for me to suck and play with them...

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how many people actually checked out this question hahaha, its not impossible but I realy dont wanna discuss this subject in detail... is kinda off-putting ya know.

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Yes I had them breast feeding 5 children made rthem grow .!i lost them after cancer at 62. Prosthetics are not the same but can look good. So yes to your question mine were huge after breast feeding and stayed that way for 42 years

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