Numbing nipples for nipple peircing?

I want to get my nipples pierced.. I've wanted it for literally years! but im really nervous about the actual piercings because I know they will hurt.. however.. my friend got hers done twice and the 2nd time they use numbing cream and she said the pain was MUCH MUCH more bareable.. so im thinking of doing that.. anyone tried it??

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Just please get it done professionally, and take care of them. D:

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My friend got hers done.
She said it didn't really hurt when she got them done, but they hurt BAD afterwards.
My other friend got his done, and somebody punched him in the chest (in the nipple ring area) and he almost cried because it hurt so bad.

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There's absolutely NOTHING to fear. As long as you have them done professionally and take care of them, they'll turn out just fine and you won't have any issues with them. The amount of pain involved will depend on how much pain you can personally handle. Keep in mind that it'll NEVER be unbearable and that a lot of people tend to be a bit over dramatic when it comes to things like this and make it out to be worse than it really is. All in all, everything will be just fine as long as you take care of them and have them done professionally. Piercings aren't gross/freaky/trashy or anything along those lines. They're simply forms out body art and self expression. And ignore any stupid comments people may say or anyone who says you can't get a job when you have piercings because you CAN.

I hope this helps you, if you need anything else, let me know.

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