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I am currently thinking over the possibilty of getting a nipple piercings. I was just wondering what are all fo the side affects and dangers of ahving this done?

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I pierced my nipples with a needle by my self and it hurt pretty damn 13 and I really wanted them all I done was get a sharp ear ring and pop it a little bit in and then I put ice on them and got 2 belly rings and popped them threw until I got nipple rings..I pierced my belly button myself too and it didnt hurt too bad but it was kinda sore 4 about 2 days but you have to keep then super clean or they will get infected..u have to be the kind of person who can handle pain pretty good and not be scared of needles..make sure your layin down when you do it cause you might pass out if your standin up or get really queezy and sick..I hope I helped .. <3

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im getting mine done in february, I cant waiitt!!!

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the worst pain i’ve ever felt in my life was a 10g needle going through my nipple :]

if you have sensitive nipples, this piercing is nauseating.i bled a lot and almost passed out from the shock/pain. but..i also had a sadistic piercer who used a needle 2 gauges too thing that really helped me heal was wearing a bra to keeps your boobs in one place so your piercing doesn’t get roughed up while you’re asleep.most people will tell you to avoid that..but it worked well for me

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I had my nipples peirced over a year ago. Matter of fact June 16, I had them removed august 8th. The actual peircing felt like someone pinched your nipple really hard. Oh and if you get them both the first will hurt less.. but then that lovely adrenaline wears off and the second hurts a little more. After a few seconds it wasnt painful. Id say for maybe an hour was a hot burning feeling then it quit. I really forgot they were there till I took my shirt off. My main problem was the gauge was wrong for my chest size. I got peirced with a 14g when I probably should have had a 10. Basically after months of trying to keep them and believe me I was spot on with the cleaning rituals and dos and donts, they started to migrate(my body started to push them out of my skin) I think a lot of it had to do with the gauge and the actual jewelry he used. The captive bead. I noticed when wearing a bra the bottom of the ring would be pused down causing the top of the ring to bulge out basically where the ring went through the skin. Wearing a bra did help but you do have to let the puppies breath. I want them back but I have to work the nerve up again. The piercing didnt hurt the healing sucked. IF I do get them again im going to go for a larger gauge and probably a barbel. Research, make sure this is something you want to do. Afterwards.. be VERY AWARE of your surroundings. lol after I removed them I still caught my self “protecting” my boobs haha…

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First of all you should never get captive rings in a fresh nipple piercing. It doesn’t heal properly. Any good piercer will pierce you with barbells and then let you switch to captive rings once you are healed, the same with industrial piercings. Secondly, wearing a bra while you’re sleeping and at most other times of the day is better for you than going braless, especially if you have larger breasts. If you let them puppies free, they can knock around and cause a lot of pain, making healing time slow down. Third, don’t breastfeed your baby with nipple jewelry on. They can carry bacteria that you are putting in its mouth, and even if you clean the jewelry you still have whatever chemical you used like Bactine that baby is eating.

And finally, the person who said half of all piercings end up needing to be medically taken care of by a doctor is completely ridiculous. Wash your piercing with mild unscented unperfumed antibacterial soap, clean it with Bactine or somesuch, do salt water soaks, don’t touch it until it’s healed and don’t switch out jewelry until it’s ready. You won’t have any problems.

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Just be careful, and don’t rip your shirt off without don’t want those rings to get caught in your clothing and rip out. OUCH>

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I got my nipples pierced yesterday and I must say.. it was a horrible pain.
I compared it to having your nipples bitten off!!! I’ve had my tongue, eyebrow, nose, and tons on my ears & nothing even compares to getting your nipples pierced. I’ve yet to enjoy the benefits, but am very excited as the slightest graze across them feels so amazingly good!!!

I’ve heard that having nipples pierced is actually better for breastfeeding because it allows more milk flow for baby.

Make sure you go to a SAFE & CLEAN place to get pierced. Do NOT go to the cheapest place, it is WORTH the extra money for QUALITY piercings & a great experience!

I feel bad for “xtinkx” who said she had a sadistic piercer who pierced her with a 10g needle!!
The standard is 14g.

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I got mine done over 5 months ago and just recently took them out…I have my nose done, tongue done and ears as well and the nipples were the only ones I had trouble with. They continued to stay sore and tender and would get infected, I soaked them in sea salts and took anibiotics and they did great , but once I was done with that, they were sore again. I know of others who have it done and are fine, its just may be my body rejecting it and not adjusting. I just got tired of being sore all the time. I started out with hoops because they are less likely to catch on clothing, but the place I had them done at put barbells in after a couple months to see if it would help the soreness. Everybody has a different experience. Good luck!

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I just had my right nipple pierced 5 days ago, I thought it was very painful but it was over in a few seconds, definately worth doing. I dont think it is sore now however when I clean it with Hot sea salt water, it does sting for about 20 mins after… which I’ve been told is a good sign that it is healing. I agree that you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times… I have been sleeping bra and shirtless flat on my back with no duvet over on my top half. I think this is a good method as you let it breath and let th blood circulate. there has been no fluid just the odd tiny drags of blood at each side. definately make sure this is what you want before getting ti pierced… I love it and so does my boyfriend… good luck in your decision.

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Just got mine done lastnight… pain scale for me 1 - 10 I’d say a 5 but I got a 14gauge instead of the standard 16gauge but to me 14 is too little

But trust me if you want it get it. it is very worth it I already notice a diffrence in the good sensitivity. pain isnt that bad it sucks a small bit but its not like the end of the world a tooth ache is much more painful.

but once again worth it… want it? I recommend you getit. But just make sure to take care of it like any other peircing.

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I was thinking about it but never mind!

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I just got my nipples pierced not even a week ago. They are healing up fine and as long as you clean them right and do everything your supposed to they will be fine. If u have small boobs they will heal even faster. You have to make sure your always taking care of them and making sure they’re clean. You dont want to get an infection in yourbreast! Even when they aare healed you should always clean them.

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I wanted to get my nipples pierced for years, so one day I got up my nerve and went and got it done. I had reserched the subject(history, do’s, don’t complications, etc..)and area body piercers. The gentleman I chose had been piercing for 15 bad plus years and his salon was extremey clean. It was slightly painful, but I remember walking out being so proud that I finally had it done. I was careful to follow directions for cleaning and treating them while they healed. I am 41, it has now been four years, since I made the decision to have them pierced. FYI; I have no other piercings;except for my ears, and no tatoos. I wish I would have done it sooner. My husband thought I had lost my mind, now he wishes I would had done it sooner also. I am a very large breasted and the piercings add so much passion and excitement to love making. I would definately recommend having your nipple pierced.

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Belly button piercings, nipple piercings, and tongue piercings are often the most likely form of body piercing to get infected. These regions are highly sensitive, and therefore can cause severe pain if the piercing does not heal as planned.

It has been noted that half of all piercings will require medical attention due to the various dangers of body piercing. This means that when you get pierced, you should be aware of the fact that there is a fifty percent chance that you will need to visit a doctor for some reason, whether it is to treat an infection, an allergic reaction, or a disease contracted from the new body piercing. Many of these dangers can be avoided by following simple rules of safety precaution.

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hurts a ton! i would not advise it, don’t want anybody to go through that kind of pain!! just think about all those nerve endings, they are right in your nipple. ouch!

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Got mine done about three weeks ago. I love them, they look awesome. The pain was bad, but quick. My philosophy is, if you want it that badly, the pain shouldn’t be an issue. Clean them ioften…I have had an issue with mine stinking, which is because of sweat (I ride my bike twice a day) so make sure when you sweat, you are cleaning them and drying them ASAP. Also, make sure you trust your piercer. You will probably have to get them done seperately, so you don’t want someone who you don’t trsut piercing you twice in one day! All in all, they are worth it. Mine are small, and now very sensitive…in a good way! Do it, baby!

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Okay girlies… I had my nipples pierced a year and a half ago. I have my belly button as well as ears pierced. The pain isn’t bad whatsoever. I would say that my belly button hurt more than the nipple piercing. Of course there is going to be pain, and if you have a piercing you should know what it feels like. The hardest part for me about the piercing is the healing time. It on average takes about six months to heal, I had curved barbells put in that fit better, but didn’t help my nipples heal fast so it took upwards of 9-12 months for mine to heal completely, and they still aren’t healed like my belly button.
Like any piercing it is going to be sensitive right after its done. If you chose to change from barbells to rings or to shields before six months, be cautious because it can be painful if you dont do it right. I would say just go back to your piercer and have them change them out. All in all it’s not bad and if there is pain its for a matter of five seconds…

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I am a 37 year old woman who just had both nipples pierced on Sunday ! (8.9.2009). Absolutely excruciating, but only for 3 seconds ! You can do it ! my fiance thinks its sexy as ever. ( You gotta have nice boobs to do this, other wise you will look disgusting..I think ) Turn them 3 times a day with antibacterial soap…Do what you are told., keep them clean, stay out of the pool. You should have no problems. Ibuprofen takes the edge off when they may ache a little at night ! I love them, they look great, and I had a tattoo artist/ nurse do them, that may have been a great idea. Good luck and have fun with it !

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I pierced my nipples two months ago, I have a belly button piercing and my ears. Nipple piercing stung but nothing to icredibly horrible, I think I was more in shock of a needle going through my nipple than the pain itself, My belly button hurt more and the pain right after lasted probably 20 minutes. Sleeping in a bra definately helped! keep it clean. My ears stayed soar much longer than my nipples. I love having them done! I would recommend it actually!

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