Nintendo DS (or DSi) vs PSP

which do you think is better? I honnestly think the PSP because you can do more with it and its just something about the PSP that attracts people more. With the PSP you can go online via wifi, add your own music via USB as well as pics and vidz. and the games are way better. like God ov war series or the grand Theft Auto series and the Midnight club series. now the DS all you can do is link up with friends and play games, picto chat (kinda cool), play gameboy games and the games are saved on a special type ov memory card. the nintendo DSi allows you to take your own pics, edit them, do music and pics. vids im not sure about and the newest feature is that you can now go online and theyve removed the GBA slot. it seems 2 me that the DSi is imitating sonys PSP in their own way. so which is better the Nintendo DS(or DSi) or sony’s PSP? what do you guyz think?

Answer #1

sorry about that I acidently pressed caps lock

Answer #2

you can also burn and play whatever game from whatever system on the ds

Answer #3

bottom line is nintendo ds has better varity of games then the psp, but the thing that is good about the psp is you can hack it, and put nes,snes, sega, gba etc emulators on it, its bascually a computer but smaller. this is why I love my psp, plus you can als put playstation 1 games on them to, I got ff7, and even mortal kombat trilogy,
plus if you know how to do it, you can burn psp games on to your mem stick and never buy a psp game again. sooo nintendo wise has better games, but you can do a lot a lot more with the psp, nintendo more for kids, and and such, psp everything else, or geeks like my self, lol.

Answer #4

gavinsmom62508, you obviously havn’t been educated

A PSP Can be modded and can emulate: N64 PS1 GB/GBC/GBA Sega Genesis && about every old gaming system (Atari, Jaguar, etc..) && You can download PSP Iso’s You can also emulate java Browse Youtube, MegaVideo, Toudou, + All you have to do is have it modded.

Now… a Ds, you can buy a R4DS and download DS & GBA games to play but… you are limited to that.

therefor PSP drops the DS on it’s undeveloped baby head.

I’m running 4.01 M33-2 && on a PSP-1001

Answer #5

psp cus you can mod it and play nintendo games on it

Answer #6

the original nintendo is the sh*t. xD

haha, well I’d say the PSP from experience…just because…lol

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Answer #8

nintendo dsi I have one so cool. free internet download and dsi sound and camra yyyeeesss ha ha psp junk!!!

  • nintendo ds systems ( ds fat ds lite dsi) won over psp and wii won over xbox 360 and ps3 in that order yyyeeesss nnniiinnnttteeenndddooo!!!
Answer #9

I have a PSP and my daughter has a Nintendo DS.

My daughter has a bunch of games for the Gameboy Advance which can also be played on the DS which is handy. There seem to be more games for the DS. The touchscreen on the DS does add a lot to the game play of many games. The DS is also cheaper than the PSP. PSP games used to be more expensive than those for the DS but now they are about the same price.

The PSP has much better graphics. It has better graphics than most of the computers I’ve owned. The big screen in the PSP is gorgeous. When I’m traveling I convert TV shows I download from the internet to PSP format then watch. An extra memory card of videos is a lot smaller than a DVD player.

Connecting to the internet for the PSP is a hit or miss thing. Not all websites display correctly with its browser and many of them use up all of the PSPs memory regardless of settings. It has been getting better with newer firmware levels but don’t expect being able to surf everywhere you do on a computer.

I wish Sony would get rid of the stupid UMD drive and then distribute games on memory cards. I also wish it used a cheap standard memory card format like SD instead of Memory Stick Pro Duo. I also can’t figure out why Sony seems so hostile to homebrew developers.

I do like the PSP better than the DS but it could have been a lot better and more versatile if Sony hadn’t put their own limitations on it.

Answer #10

yeah when I bought the dsi there was psp with them so I shouldve bought the psp thatnks for convincing me but ille buy it next year ille stick with the dsi for now

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