What is a nickname for the name allyson?

I need help. my friend wants a nickname for his girlfriend here name is allyson. he wants her name in the nickname. but something cute

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she hates the name allie,people call her allie, lys, lyssi, lyssa, lee, leah, sonny and alice. like think of something cutee. hhaha

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my lil sis is named Alyson.. I call her Allytude.. she most def has a tude thats all her own

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ANSWER #3 of 6

Ally or Allie
Albino (not to be mean)

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ANSWER #4 of 6

Ally, Allie =D

Whats a good nickname for 'colton'?
ANSWER #5 of 6

yeah, ally. or allibon, allibons.. allibuns?

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ANSWER #6 of 6

allie..my friend's name is alison and I call her alipooh..lol that's a little much tho xD

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