What are some nicknames for "margaret"?

my name is margaret but I'm going to a new school next year and I want to go by a nickname...so what are some nicknames for margaret?
I was thinking maybe Mel because my middle name is Elizabeth...M.El basically...but maybe some more options or opinions on that? thanks!

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I like this one regret

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An accepted name abbreviation for the name Margaret, is "Peg" or "Peggy".

Other names that have been substituted for Margaret might be:

"Lady M"

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I like Mel a lot! Maybe Meli ! lol jk
Mel Mel, Maggie, Mai, Mae:)

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well it isn't a nickname, it's something that's not quite as much of a mouthful as a three syllable name. those you do usually give yourself. it's what people call you. if I leave it be, people will just call me margaret. haha and I don't want that

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But usually people GIVE you nicks, not the other way round. So you cant buy your own nickname per se. So just wait and see what people call you...hopefully its something pleasant that you will like!

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margy or maggs

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If I were you I'd most likely go with "Liz" but it depends what you like.

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lol not margie. that's too old lady for me =D

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'mad mags'!!

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margie, mog,meg,meggie, but sometimes if your name is margret it sometimes is pog,peg,or peggy!!! lol right!

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yeah I used to go by Maggie (hence my user name) and I may keep it but I'm just bored with it I guess. haha and since it's a good opportunity to change, why not?

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Peg or Peggy is just the most retarded gay nickname for Margaret. Get a life if you are an idiot name Margaret and you go by Peg or Peggy!

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Maggie would be a good nickname.

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as a fellow Maggie/Margaret I am going though a similar dilemma. I'd play up Elizabeth since you were blessed with a more interesting middle name than I was. My mother insists that Daisy is a good name but its a little too Gatsby for my taste. Good luck, maybe you'll find something that fits you.

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Margot, Maggie, Gretta, Molly, Mary, Peggy but I don't like Peggy

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im also a margaret i go by maggie, my middle name is ann what should i call myself? not peg or peggy tho

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