What are good nicknames for "heather"?

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uhh... Heth maybe...I dont know

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I think Heath or Heathie are good nicknames for someone named Heather.

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ANSWER #4 of 8

there really arent any. But I call my friend Hetty lol

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ANSWER #5 of 8

My name is Heather and my boyfriend calls me H...but hey its just a suggestion lol

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ANSWER #6 of 8

haha hetha!!! I have a friend named heather and we call her rosie because she's a lebian and looks like rosie o donald!! haha

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ANSWER #7 of 8

heda , heatha, heva, heath , H , heathmar, heathie , her ,

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ANSWER #8 of 8

My friends call me Heatherie also :)

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