Emo nicknames for guys?

whats your nickname and how did you get it il start mine I emo boy becouse im emo and im a boy lol :P

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im name is jennifer. randumly my nickname is dappy :D

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Lota- thats how my boyfriend calls me sometimes, because his friends used to tease him a lot by calling him "Lord of the Devil". (He used to play pranks on everyone, so he was "the Devil" at school) He was like, if I'm Lord of the Devil, youre Lord of the Angels x) Well, he shortened it to Lota and that how he calls me now.

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Ha...well people just started calling me Nemo for some reason. You'd have to ask them!
And my mom STILL calls me Twinkie, but I don't know the reason for that either!

What are good nicknames for "Heather"?
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DIRTY B-girl

What are some nicknames for the name Kelsey?

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my nickname is kasadia.

I loved quesidillas, and my name is kassie.

so my friends decided to mix them.

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Someone else asked this yesterdy..but meh

My nicknames Sonnie, Soya, Sauce or Soya Sauce.

sonnie's cause I don't like my original name..

My sister started calling me Soya and it just stuck..

& Sauce came from my Bestfriend..

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lol Goose. really not to interesting or funny how I got the name, kinda had to of been there to get the humor, but it has stuck for 3 years now, most people dont even know my real name, they just know me as "The Goose"

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My nickname is Johnny as the one in the cartoon.Seems good to me.

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Can people please help me on nicknames for Selena and Mac?

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My name is Kate, just Kate. But one of my closest friends calls me Pixi cause I'm short x] I also go by Ransom (long story) and Ninja Friend, cause I like to act like I'm slick like a ninja XD

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I got 2, the first 1 I got from girls at school, they call me cutie ALL THE TIME and my second was when I had some friends round, my closest 3 mates who are guys and 4 close girls so we had an equal amount of guys and girls, I chose truth and the Q was what would you do to your girlfriend on your first night of having sex? I said I'll have a dare then so, my bestfriend whispered into my now ex's ear and she went out of the room only to find when she came in she was holding in a cup, icecubes, the dare was to let her undo my belt and to put the icecubes in my trousers and boxers, the point was to make my di*k really cold and numb there for MY nickname NUMB NUTS! =)

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nick name for 'seria' please help me plzzz

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I hae a couple of them.

MandyLoo - started out as MandyLooWho like CindyLooWho from The Grinch. My friends thought I looked like her when I was younger. We shortened it to MandyLoo.

Snow White - because I used to have very black hair and very white skin.

Chipmunk - I have chubby cheeks, I have since I was little.

Baby Doll - because of my white porclian like skin and blue eyes.

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my nickname is emo

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