Nick names for sara...?

My name is sara...and I have no nicknames (except sary) what are some other ones you can think of for me?
THANX! ^_^

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I call my girlfriend sarabeara , haha if that works your welcome ;D

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ra-ra. =]
sae. =]
sara-bara. =]
and my favorite, sara-y. =] lol. ^_^

yeah, person who put f*g? thats really mean and rude. just back off. be glad that you put your answer as fau. or we'd have a little debate over manners... =] lol

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sary! :]

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I call my friend bout that/

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I call my friend sarah::sar & sarrbear

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My name's Sara, too.
My family calls me Sair, Sari(y), SaraBeara, and Sara Lee (though Lee is not my middle name. It's a reference to the Food co.-_-;)

It's too bad none of them (including myself, until recently) knew that //Sally// (actually I don't like that one at all) or //Sadie// are and have been nicknames for Sara since at least the 1800s. I like Sadie, but I'm 22 now... I doubt anyone's gonna change their habits with me. TT^TT

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Also, I had one friend who liked to call me Sahara (like the desert.) I didn't like it back then, but actually that was pretty creative of her and it sounds kinda cool.

Sookie could be one.
Sarena, I really like.
Ra or Rah, I also think is cool. Like the Egyptian god. :3
Czarina, you could go by. The meaning is the exact same and it sort of sounds alike, too. ;)

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I call my bff (her naem is sarah) these are all the things I call her: George,Sally, Sare Bear, Keesh, Chili Pepper, Banana Loaf, hope I helped!

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Hey!! My name is Sarah too!! Lol... well my facebook name is Shara-(sh-air-a), My friend dayna miss spelt it while writing in my scetch book one day it was histarical. My boyfriend miss spelt my name too... He spelt it Sarha-(Sarah pronounced the same xD)... not a big diference and I think its cute ^.^ So you could use any of those...

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Some common nicknames for the name Sara include:

* Sae
* Sari
* Sara-Bara
* Sadie
* Sally
* Sair

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My girlfriend's name is the non traditional spelling of Sara without the (h) ending. She's and IT specialist and a bit of a nerd 🤓 which is why I love her so much. So over the years I've taken to calling her "SaraBellum" or "SarEbrum" name play off of the words cerebellum and cerebrum. She thought they were unique and quite witty.

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My name is Sara too and one of my friends calls me Sara Siarra and i don't know why. Originally i hated it but now i think it's ok. I also used to be called Sary (seh-ree) by one or two friends, and that was ok i guess lol. Honestly i don't think my name Sara has too many nicknames that are great, but if you're desperate, you might as well look it up on one of these kinds of websites lol

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