Nickjonas or matthew lush

Who do you all like better nick jonas or…matthew lush..

Answer #1

MATTHEW LUSH most absolutley

I totally agree with 1kay82.

jonasfanx3 the only reason Nick helps charity is because HE-HIMSELF, has diabities, If he didn’t I really doubt he’ll really care about the issue.

Answer #2

I totally agree with brandie101 I mean, OMFG! you talk about nick jonas sayin that hes ruined peoples lives an whatever. I dont know much about nick jonas but if all the things that you say hes done are true then cant you see that you are being just as bad by being so mean! I think brandie101 is totally right, matthew lush cant agree that some of the things you are saying are right. And I do think that him putting a link in his myspace blog is kinda stupid.

TBH this question only needs a two word answer, Nick Jonas or Matthew Lush, its not all that hard, if the person who asked the question wanted you to have a rant then they would have asked WHY you like the person you chose the best.

and another thing. if Nick Jonas is as young as you say he is, then hes probably about the same age as all of you who are posting on this site. And I bet if some one was saying all this stuff about you then you would be totally gutted. If your all so in favor of Matt Lush and how he campaigns for human rights then why are you being so horrible about a person? Nick has feelings too y’know. hes a human being just like all of you and wouldnt you say he has a right to live without being slagged off by a load of girls who are saying he is just a teen crush when most of you have admitted you have a crush on Matthew?

just think about it people :) Rachy xx

P.S. Matthew Lush forever!!! XD

Answer #3

The people who are saying Nick Jonas obviously don’t know who Matthew Lush is. All the Nick fangirls are talking about how “omj HAWTT” he is. Woww, like that matters. Matthew Lush could be bald with blue facial hair and I would still choose him over any male. He’s THE most amazing person ever. Nick J may be nice, but Matthew is compassionate, understanding, open, relatable, and sweeter than sweet. He cares about the rights of every living creature, while Nick Jonas’ favorite food is steak. o___O Nick has a nice voice but he uses it solely to entertain and spread a few good messages, while Matthew puts every ounce of talent he’s got into helping the world. He does it without even trying to. And when it comes to personal reasons, I can’t stand Nick. I like his music, but thinking about him pains me. He ruined an amazing friendship. My friend is so obsessed with him that she changed herself to be “Nick’s Girl” and blamed our weakening friendship on Matthew Lush (I love the irony of this debate.) I had to compete against Nick for her friendship, and EVERYTHING we ever talked about had to relate to him. I got so sick of it. She claimed my obsession with gay guys caused it, but trust me, she would freaking sell her soul for Nick. So, Matthew Lush is by FAR the single most amazing living male creature on this earth. The Jonas Brothers don’t stand a chance.

<33 Rawr

Answer #4

you see, this is completely unfair. although I know matthew lush didn’t do it on purpose, he posted a link to this page saying he thought it was funny, and all his fans came and are, of course, saying Matt. Lush is hotter.

This is a matter of WHO IS “HOTTER” people!!! Not who has helped people more, which hands down, I’d probably agree that Lush would win. But most of you are blowing this way out of proportion!

And people who are saying Nick Jonas is a poser and should die… that’s horrible! What if someone’s saying this about somewhere?? There’s no need to be rude to answer such a simple question. You should be ashamed.

As for nick not being an inspiration, that is totally untrue. For people with diabetes, he is a HUGE inspiration.

I can’t even BELIEVE some of your answers! Calling Nick a douchbag, saying his mother doesn’t love him, saying that whoever puts nick’s name should be slapped… how dare you! I’m sure Matthew Lush would not approve! I look up to Lush as I’m sure most of you do, and if he knew you were acting so immature and rudely I’m sure he’d be appalled!

I’m probably so much younger than you guys but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the way you’re acting! This is truly sad.


Answer #5

Matthew Lush Hands Down. Nick Jonas Should Be Punched In The Throat…

Answer #6

haha. instead of freaking out about how some 12 year olds picked a disney boy over the amazing matthew lush…how about just go out and make a difference like he is trying to do. it’s much more productive than ranting on a bulletin board about little preteens. I promise.

Answer #7

Matthew Lush. =] He’s gorgeous. And honestly I don’t see what the big deal about Nick Jonas is. He just looks like another guy to me.

Answer #8

Matthew Lush hands down…he’s way cuter than Nick Jonas…and he’s gay which makes him THAT much cuter. Lol. But he also seems like a genuine sweetheart and he speaks out for issues that are important to him and that’s how he got to where he is today.

Answer #9

Matthew Lush, without question. sure Nick’s got “the voice” but Matt’s got everything else and then some. :D besides, Matt’s an inspiration to the world. Nick’s just a pretty face, big deal you can find the same thing at walmart.

Answer #10

Matthew, most definitely! Nick Jonas has never talked to me online or made me a sign, has he? Don’t get me wrong, I love the Jonas Brothers, but… I adore Matthew!

Answer #11

so, jonas did a charity for diabetes lets compare to all the charitys matt has done.thats impossible.. I cant believe som1 out there could possibly compare the most caring,loving,awsomest person in the world to some 8yr old loved pop singer that has done NOTHING for ANYBODY compared to matt. you know its true.

Answer #12

Matthew Lush, hands down. He has great morals and has helped to a ton of organizations and charities and he is actually trying to make a difference in this world.

Nick Jonas only sings or whatever in a crappy teen pop band. Grow up.

Answer #13

MATTHEW LUSHHH! the jonas brothers are just nasty and get way too much credit and its all from their teeny bopper fans.

Answer #14

don’t talk about how bad you think nick jonas is. he raised millons for a diabetes charity, since he has it himself. and he’s more popular, known, and cuter than matthew lush.

Answer #15

MAthew Lush all the way

I watch every singe one of his videos & he added me on myspace

& people who make fun of him cause hes gay can all go die

Answer #16

Stoppp hating on Nick Jonas. They’re both ADORABLE. But I’d say Matthew Lush. Just because he has so much to stand for, and Nick Jonas doesn’t really do much.

Answer #17

I so prefer Mattew Lush, hes a very good person in what he does :D I dont know about Nick but he seems a little bit like an a**hole o_O my opinion not yours

Answer #18

Lets compare the two.

Matthew Lush, -Helps charities -Gay Rights Activist -Works for Animal Rights

Nick Jonas, -Thinks he can sing -A tween crush celeb

What makes someone better than someone else; what they do for others and not themselves.

Matthew Lush is so much better.

Answer #19

Matthew Lush 1.) He just so gorgeous! (to bad he is gay) 2.) He is such an amazing person! 3.) Probably the nicest celebrity out there! 4.) Did I mention he is hott!

Answer #20

Matthew Lush hands down. What has Nicki Jonas done, that I’ve heard of, nothing. I love Matthew, he’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes.

Answer #21

um, deff nick jonas. matthew lush posted a myspace bulletin about this. thats basically asking for votes sweetie.

Answer #22

Matthew freaking Lush. im not even gunna lie.

no its not because hes hott. thats no reason. its everything else about him. he is an amazing kid inside and out. hes do so much for people, he always puts people before him. theres no debating.

yes Nice Jonas makes good music, but Matt does so much more.

go ahead, call me crazy. :]

Answer #23

Easiest question ever!!! :) MATTHEW LUSH!!! He is my hero and inspiration. They shouldn’t even be listed in the same sentence, though. Matthew Lush help out in real life. Nick Jonas is just a teenie bopper crush.

Answer #24

Matthew Lush all the way. The kid will change the world one day and I hope I won’t be the only one supporting him. I l♥ve that kid lol

Answer #25

this is like the dumbest question in the world of course Matthew Lush. look at Nick his face, it screams doochebag! even his mom hates him. lmfao. I lush Matthew Lush!

Answer #26

this is the easiest question I would have ever answered…defff matthew lush…no doubt about it…I have NEVER liked any one of the jonas brothers but when I saw matthew lush. I was quickly attached>.< I could just eat him up!!! I lush you matthew lush!!!

Answer #27

nick jonas. at least hes not gay and he could actually like you back, no offence to matthew lush.

Answer #28

matthew lush!!!

  1. hott.
  2. stands up for what he believes in.
  3. cares about everyone other than himself.
  4. not in a band that every 14 year old girl is obbsessed with
Answer #29

~Nick Jonas just cause he’s sooo SEXY!!!He’s in a band…if it was sex appeal then Nick would win but Matthew Lush is a better person because he helps charitys and stuff

Answer #30


I hate the jonas brothers SO MUCH. and matthew lush is great in every single way.

Answer #31

Matthew Lush. he is so amazing. he is such an inspiration. he is one person but he gets all thse people to help out the world we live in.

What does Nck Jonas do? Sing. thats about it.

Answer #32

there is no doubt about this question. nick jonas is part of a band who plays music for fun and fame. matthew lush is an amazing person who helps every single cause he hears about and spreads awareness. matthew lush is a better person overall. looks, personality, everything. love, Kim.

Answer #33

Matthew Lush… He’s Sexier… Even Though He’s Gay… I Would Still Like To Meet Him!!

-Brenda Sila =P

Answer #34

uhhh… well they are both really hot!!! but matthew lush is gay which makes him a thousand times more hotter. I choose matthew lush

Answer #35

MATTHEW LUSH! I totally support gay marriage! its awesome and matthew is just an all around amazing person. so loving and caring.

Answer #36

your kidding right??? Nick Jonas would NEVER beat the hotness of Matthew Lush! gahh he is sooo sexy! Matthew Lush Fer Sure! <3

Answer #37

Quiet frankly one could go on about the great things Matthew Lush has done, but I wont, though seriously what has Nick Jonas done in comparison? Matt has gone out of his way to help out charity needs throughout the world, and has influenced many to do the same. He is also a great inspiration to many. So I must say I like Matthew Lush a lot more then Jonas. Xx

Answer #38

oh gosh!!… Matthew Lush… I know he is gay… but… he is sooou hot! I just vote for him… he is beautiful in every way!! wink =D

Answer #39

haha. are you kidding?! nick would NEVER beat the hotness of Matthew Lush! gahh he is so sexy! :) Matthew Lush Fer Sure. <3

Answer #40

Matthew lush, he is sexy in every aspect and purely inspirational with the way he helps and encourages good causes. he is a revolutionary.

Answer #41

matthew lush all the way. he’s amazing. he knows what he believes in and stands up for it, he’s inspired me in so mnay ways. I love him to death.


Answer #42

umm easy! matthew lush. he is awesom. and who cares if he is bi. that makes him hotter. he has some really great beleifs. if it werent for him I would not be as good of a person as I am now. and pluss matthew lush is hot! luv matthew. screw nick.

Answer #43

Matthew Lush of course.

At least we know that he has a level head and is nice to everyone even if they don’t like him.

Answer #44

Mathew Lush! He is cute, plus cares about the world

Nick Jonas.. He is cute, and careless about the world.

So yeah Mathew Lush

Answer #45

matthew lush!!! he is waaay hotter!!! its too bad he’s gay though. =[ oh well. he still kicks nick jonas’s butt by a mile!!!

Answer #46

Matthew Lush!!

because he is amazing and likes to help people

and he is a really nice person =)

Answer #47

matthew lush. he is amazing. gorgeous. veg! helps charities and so much more. screw the jonas brothers. I pick matthewww lushhh!

Answer #48

Matthew Lush, hands down.♥♥ So what he’s gay? He’s amazing; inside and out. ;)

Answer #49

Matthew lush of course I mean hello he is awsomely amazing I mean look at what he is rasing money for clean water and what is nick doin? exactly matthew lush nocks my socks off!

I love you matthew you are amazing!


Answer #50

Matthew Lush!!! He is a positive role model and this world is lacking in those now days!! He does a lot of good things to help a lot of people. How could anyone be bad that spreads that much love?? Lets hear it for Matthew!!

Answer #51

MATTHEW LUSHHH!! Omfg. Matt Lush is my inspiration. I love him. Jeez. Hes amazing. I swear, I wish I knew him. It would be a dream come true. And he could be my best friend, And we could go to the mall. And ahh(:

Answer #52

Both. There is no competition here. Both of them is cute and both of them somehow inspire us. I like both of them and I think the people who answer this question by saying bad things about nick should be ashamed w/ theirselves. :( I don’t want to start anything, but it’s the truth. But anyway, I say both of them. Nothing more.

Answer #53

duhh no complications there. MATTHEW LUSH! lush him. he is dang fine and he fights for good causes. infact he is my rolemodel. I became vegetarian because he had a point about animal cruelty and im very proud of being vegetarian and I have improved as a person. he is my total and utter inspiration. is the other dude from the jonas brothers?…because if he is than I automatically cant stand him!

Answer #54

Nick Jonas, and to everyone who calls Nick jonas a poser, um look at Matthew Lush the only reason he gets all of these votes is because he has all of you brain washed into doing eveything freaking thing he tells you to…What is this world coming to…

Answer #55

Do I even need to answer this? MATTHEW LUSH, by far. And agreeing with the other girl who said that, whoever put Nick Jonas’ name up there ^ you need to be smacked! Thankyou!!! They obviously haven’t heard of all the great things Matt has done. He is one of the single most amazing people I’ve ever come across, He has taken so much initiative in helping others, he is so inspirational. Yeah Nick is goodlooking, but what has he actually done to help the world huh? …nothing except give little 12 year olds another ‘hottie’ to crush on. Compared to Matthew who’s an animal rights/gay rights activist, plus…he’s damn sexy! ;) No offecne Nick, but there’s no competition here, Matthew Lush by far. You’re an inspiration to all of us, We love you :)

  • ChristieW<3
Answer #56

OMFG!! You kids that pick Nick Jonas ARE FRIGGIN SAD! I bet all of you that chose Nick don’t even know who Matthew Lush is. What has Nick done to help out anyone? NOTHING! Unlike Matthew who is getting people to sign up at social vibe to raise money for clean water in Africa. Not only that but he has made me who I am today! I went vegetarian thanks to him. I also try to think more about others than myself, because of MATTHEW! He’s amazing and he is so inspirational.


Answer #57

um nick jonas. he has done amazing things for your INFORMATION! okay please, for a 15 year old he has done things people that are 100 and dead didnt do in a LIFE TIME. maybe he doesnt care about the world, why? he has a CAREER. he works everyday and he plays his music, hes been doing it NON stop for the past 5 YEARS. okay? maybe you people dont know that, but do some research. sure doing charity is great, nick does charity too, he HAS a charity, but he doesnt have to dedicate his whole life to it. you can do amazing things that ARENT charities… nick j is an inspiration to a lot of people because he has the most postive attitude about his issue. so dont be saying he didnt do ANYTHING because that boy DID and STILL does a lot. yah and matthew lush is great, but im going with my boy Nick J.

Answer #58

Mathew Lush fer sureee. =]

Answer #59

matthew Lush for sure he is awesome! <3

Answer #60

Matthew Deffinetly the Jonas brothers are LOsers :) <3

Answer #61

psh MATTHEW LUSH!! so hot and he cares about the world and animals! me and my friend are hoping he’ll turn bi for us XD

Answer #62


Answer #63

MATTHEW LUSH. Times like a billion.

Answer #64

I cant choossee.. umm both… hah. hot & gay hot & straight


Answer #65

yo hoe its matthew lush fo sho

Answer #66

matthew lush fer sures. he’s wayy gorgeous<3

Answer #67

matthew lush of course. no competition at ALL.

Answer #68

definitelyyy MATTHEW LUSH! hes gorgeousss idc if hes gayy hes still amazinggg :]]

Answer #69

Matthew Lush fo sho xD

Answer #70

I love Matthew Lush. I fully second the response from 1kay82. Perfect response. :]

Answer #71

MATTHEW LUSH!!! I love him, he is my hero. <3 I agree totally with 1kay82.

Answer #72

matthew lush fo shooo. he is pretty much amazing, and nick jonas is nothing special compared to matthew lush

Answer #73

what the hell has nick jonas done for the world?


Answer #74

Matthew lush

Answer #75

matthew lush!!!

Answer #76

Uh, hard choice. But, I’d have to go with Matthew Lush. He’s absolutely amazing. <3

Answer #77

woww. matthew lush is beating nick by a LANDSLIDEE! and I totally agree :D

I love matthewww :D :D

Answer #78

Matthew Lush deffo Hell the man is hot and vegan What more could a girl want?! :D

Answer #79

matthew lush allway’s he’s niice has a wonderful personality and beatiful

luv you matthew

Answer #80

DEFINATLY matthew lush. he is probably one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever known. :]

Answer #81

Mathew lush beats the other without question and hands down

Answer #82

PSH, Nick Jonas fersure. and I agree with whoever else said it, he IS a whole lot hotter in person.

Answer #83

matthew lush. He’s amazingg.

Answer #84

definitely Matthew Lush! <3

Answer #85


Answer #86

Matthew Lush FTW!


Answer #87


Answer #88

so freakin easy…matthew lush

Answer #89

Pff Matthew Lush of course! I hate the Jonas Brothers.

Answer #90

umm..lets see..MATTHEW LUSH!.

Answer #91

gaygoddd for sureee

Answer #92

Matthew of course!

Answer #93

matthew lush fershuree (:

Answer #94

Nick Jonas fer sur. Mathew is a sweetheart and all. but Nick is amazing<3

Answer #95

Matthew lush :] he’s amazing :] <3 katherine

Answer #96

nick jonas he is way sexxyer!

Answer #97

matthew lush

because he is an amazing person and likes to help people

I love him so much (L)

Answer #98

MATTHEW LUSH FOR SURE <3 he’s amazing & super fine.


Answer #99

Definetly Matthew Lush. Nick Jonas is a poser that should die in a whole. :]

Iwlyf Matthew. <3

Answer #100

matthew lush,hands down. he is a really amazing person. I love what he does and supports in every way.

Answer #101


Answer #102

totally matthhew lush dude. and the fact that he’s gay just makes it all better. =]

Answer #103

Easiest question EVER. Matthew Lush, obviously. He’s pretty much amazing (:

Answer #104



nick is a babe,

and matthew is a sexy(:

Answer #105

nickelodeon pretty boy vs. gay rights/ animal rights activist? MATT LUSH. <3

Answer #106


I met him at Bamboozle and he is the nicest guy ever!

Answer #107


Answer #108

mathew lush hands down! you have to be completely ignorant to think nick jonas can even compare

Answer #109

MATTHEW LUSH! dude, no competition

Answer #110

hello? like mattew lush<3! he is completely amazing!

Answer #111

matthew lush, I want to push nick jonas and his brothers off a cliff. thank you very much! :]

Answer #112

deff matthew, x3!(;

Answer #113

Matthew Lush! he’s so good-looking, and he does so many good things for charities and good causes. <3

Answer #114

Matthew Lush. The boy is just amazing. Enough said.

Answer #115

Matthew Lush&hearts; :)

Answer #116

matthew lush <3 he is amazing=]

Answer #117

mathhew lush ftw.

he is brilliant and possibly one of the most inspirational people ever.

Answer #118

FXCKING MATTHEW LUSH! he’s amazinggg. ilovee himmm.

Answer #119

MATTHEW LUSHHH!!! -bc he hott, -and a veg; like me!

Answer #120

Jonas, ftw.

Answer #121

Matthew Lush./…

He so cool.

Answer #122


Answer #123


Answer #124

nickkk j :D

Answer #125

Matthew Lush (: he is my hero.

Answer #126

nick jonas!!!

Answer #127

Matthew Lush! fer sure! :)

Answer #128

matthew lush. :] fer shure.

Answer #129


hes amazing

Answer #130

matthew lush ILY

Answer #131

matthew lush! for sure

Answer #132

matthew lush.

Answer #133


Answer #134


Answer #135

matthew lush.

Answer #136


Answer #137

Matthew Lush!! He is so freakin hot! but hes gay. =(

Answer #138

Nick Jonas! [:

Answer #139

I say Nick Jonas. I hate how people are hating on matthew and Nick when you guys don’t even personaly know them. And if you do I know them I bet you never had liek an hour conversation with them. I never have I would like to but I never had. They are both great guys. Nick helps every one with diabities. He helps charitys and everything. So does matthew and he helps Animal rigts and Charities too. They are both Awsome guy. It’s so stupid how you guys are fighting over this. Nick and Matthew are awsome and you guys and making this sound like paper dolls. One might be gay one might have diabities and they are both Famous. That doesnt make them any different then us. There is no reason to be hating on them and each other for a stupid reason

Answer #140

They are both cute… and gay… so does it really matter what I think? lol.

Matthew is an extremely better person, and one of the best looking guys out there.

But Nick DOES have a good voice, I think.

So my vote is for Matthew. Nick ruined it when he kissed Miley Cyrus. Herpes aren’t cute.

So Go Lush! :) :):):):):):)

Answer #141

sure, matthew’s cute, but damn. nick j. yummay :D sexyyy. hotter in person too.

Answer #142

Nick is hot. but Matthew lush is way hotter. and Matthew lush cares about the earth and global warming. im not saying that Nick Jonas doesn’t but I really think what Matthew lush is doing is something great :]

Answer #143

NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS!!! DUH>>> he is my boyfriend not really but he is deffinatly my top pick..

Answer #144

r you kiding me. nick jonas

Answer #145

Nicholas Jerry Jonas

Answer #146

Nick Jonas. And I hate the Jonas Brothers with a burning passion.

Answer #147

matthew lush ferrr suree [=

Answer #148


Answer #149

mathew lush all the way!!! he is amazing!

Answer #150

matthew lush hes so hot! so sad that he is gay though I still think hes amazing though

Answer #151

MATTHEW LUSH! hes so inspiring and everyone can learn something from him. hes an amazing benefactor that the world needs! GO MATTHEW! :]

Answer #152

matthew luch is a def!

Answer #153

MATTHEW LUSH! why do all hot guys have to be gay?

Answer #154

lush is fresh to death. he’s better, duh. that boy has character out the wazoo.

Answer #155

matthew lush all of the way bby :D hes sucha cutie; <33

Answer #156

Matthew Lush. For to many reasons to list.

Answer #157


Answer #158


Answer #159


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