new puppy vomiting

my brand new maltie-poo puppy came home to us today. he slept on my children and myself on and off for hours. he then threw- up what looked like most of his dinner. is this something that I should be alarmed about.

Answer #1

My dog did that when we first got her and then it turned to flim, then to blood. We rushed her to the emergency vet and it was almost too late. She almost died from Parvo.

Answer #2

it could be because he traveled in a car. because I got my puppy about 3 weeks ago & he was ill because he travelled in the car & he threw up. also if yu change their food striaght the way it makes them ill. but id get him checked straight the way at a vets for parvo just to be on the safe side.

Answer #3

Yes, How old it he? I am serious, I work at a vet hospital and this could be something as small as intestinal parsites or Pavo which leads to death if not treated. I would call you your vet right away and make appt. He more then likely only had on set of shots so far, he will need booster vaccines, stool check and a health check up. I would nip it in the bud before your vet bills could get way out of control. If it was a good breeder I am sure they have a contract that states if the puppy is ill they will take it back. If the puppy is ill then I say give it back. I know this is hard but this is how they get you. I see to many cases where the person gets the pup, spends a lot of money and they puppy sometimes dies and the breeder does not care because you choose to keep the puppy, you end up with a broken heart and empty pocket. Please read about the parvo virus or Distemper Viruse, Intestnial parsites and vaccines puppies need. Good luck and I hope it all works out. But don’t wait, even if it was nothing atleast you got the puppy checked out.

Answer #4

I just recently got an alaskan malamute…maybe your puppy is just a little scared or could try calling a vet..there might be a medical reason

Answer #5

As long as you’re feeding him what he was eating at the kennel, the food shouldn’t be the problem…tho, simply being in a whole new enviroment could have put him off a little. Give him 24 hours, and see if he’s not just exhausted…new puppy…little kids…new home…LOTS for a wee one to absorb.

If he’s not better tomorrow (by that I mean…more active when he’s awake…puppies sleep A LOT…but he should be active when he is awake…and no more throwing up), then I’d get him to the Vet for a “wellness check”…most breeders insist that a wellness check be done within a very short time of receiving your pup…


Answer #6

Did you change his food right away?

Answer #7

parvo. its a serious case that pets die from go get it checked.

Answer #8

Hello, Sad but true, our puppy was 6 and 1/2 weeks old, the mommy stopped feeding the 10 puppies. turns out he was a Wameraner. HE was sick the very first day, took him to the vet they put a water bubble on his neck to rehydrate him, we force fed him and gave him medicine, he was doing so good for two more weeks. then I took him outside for bathroom time later that afternoon when I took him outside he started throwing up, this lasted for hours until he was shaking, I put him in the car and rushed him to the vet and said he needs blood tests in case he ate something toxic. They gave him expensive X-rays and drained my bank account then had no money left for the blood test, they said it was protocol for an emergency, the seizures started almost immediately when I got their, the vet said he had parvo, I told them to look at his record you just gave him a test that was negative and he was fine this morning. They told me either I can give them 1,475.00 from me or my friends, or I have to sign a waiver against medical advice and take him him home. they said they gave him valuum and methocarbonol for the seizures and he should sleep until about 9:00 the next morning and sent me to the drugstore for charcoal pills, and a script. They could have given me the pills but they told me to get them over the counter. No one had any, I called them back, told him the puppy was seizing in the car, they told me he shouldn’t be with all thee medicine they gave him, I told them to listen as the puppy screamed Oooowww…I got him home and this went on for hours as I cried and said ow when he did. he lost his lower body functions and his pupils were big. The morning vet told me over the phone as she could hear him from my office to the livingroom, that he was no longer with us, only the body was alive. the seizures that were occurring every couple minutes had short circuited his brain, and even if he were to come out of this, he would be brain damaged and the puppy will starve himself eventually. He dies a couple hours later. Can anyone please tell me what was wrong, it bothers me as it really hurt to watch this. We think he got ahold of one of the toads in the yard, they are huge, and wonder in the yard once in awhile but they secrete poisonous hallucinates, and for a puppy this could be potentially dangerous, everyone but the vet thinks that is what it was. the vet said NO! it is not a toad cause of the gum’s of the puppy are not red. I was like WHAT? Where did you get your degree. We all suffered behind this mans inept ability to treat our puppy, and us humanely. Thank you. please send responses to (NO solicitations please). Again many thanks.

Answer #9


get him checked even if you are not sure!!!

Answer #10

Where did he come from

Answer #11

also if your puppy has been allowed to wander outside and has come upon an old bone (some old bones carry parasites and other little wonders). but yeah it could be that he had probably eaten something from outside. just wanting to lighten the load, as I am also going through the same problem with my 10 week old. its heart wrenching. best of luck and wishes.

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