New high school as a sophomore

I just moved to a new state and started a new school yesterday.
I'm really panicing because no one talks to me and asks me if I want to be friends.
And at lunch time I've got no where to go because I dont even know how the school cafeteria runs.
I smile and act nice but really all the kids just stare at me
And act really snobby.
I'm so sad. And I feel like crying.
What do I do?

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Hope this helps:

Don't be shy! This is easier said than done for many people but it is essential. Even if you are painfully shy by nature you are in a new environment and nobody at your new school know about your shyness. So put on a big smile and start out by being friendly to everybody you see.
Introduce yourself to people when you find a seat in class. Sit down in a place where you feel comfortable (yes, the back of the class is OK) and make a point if saying hello to the people sitting near. A good opening line; "Hi, my name is Joe and I'm new here. Do you know, is this teacher any good?"
Find your niche group. Look for the type of people you were friends with in your old school and approach them. Ask if you can join them for lunch or during class look to pair up with somebody from that group. Believe it or not the majority of teens are more than happy to make a new friend.
Join a club or a team. This is the easiest way to meet people at a new school (or meet new people at your old school) because while being an organized event it is in a much more casual setting than the classroom. You get a chance to spend time with peers who have similar interests to yours and you get to bond with them in a more laid back environment.
Don't be afraid to stand out. If you are good at a certain sport or do well in a certain subject don't be afraid to strut yourself. People are drawn to people with talent and stifling yours to avoid being a show-off will only end up hurting you. So if you have a special talent or skill make it known.
Be mindful of prosocial norms at your school. This simply means try to fit in by observing the positive norms at your school. If your new school is a big football school become a fan. If your school is more academically inclined join a study group. Find out what makes your school tick and join in the fun.

Have a great year !!

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I'm going through the sameee thing, almost.
Except I know people.

It'd probably be harder for me if I moved to another STATE.
Wow, I can't imagine how hard it is for you.
Hopefully it gets better soon!

Sorry I can't really answer your question. Cause I feel almost the exact SAME way.
Message me if you need to talk though, or vent :).

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I think you should be outgoing.
go sit at a random table.
go talk to random people
just say " hey I like your shoes"
be crazy and fun.
youll make lots of friends.
you just have to be willing to make them.

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don't be afraid to go up to people.
I moved to a new state also over the summer.
I went up to these random girls on about the third day and just said
hey, could I eat with you guys?
now we are good friends :)

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