new design of street drugs

Has anyone seen the new design that they have for Bennies! (Bens, Nemesis, “poor mans E”). Its an amphetamine similar to Ecstasy, and their them in the shape of kids cartoon characters face. (Only one I could make out was Bart Simpson). They look just like candy. How does everyone feel that this drug could easily be mistaken for candy and taken by you, your friends, or worse—your little brothers or sisters!

Answer #1

That’s what they called it on the news along with the other 2 I mentioned + a couple more I couldn’t remember. Said its an amphetamine. Not a benzo—said its very similar to E, but cheaper and and even worse come down regarding the depression and everything.

Answer #2

I’m with you Baldwinwolf—im right there with u!! Oh and btw. I didn’t put the wink in there everyone. Don’t know where it came from.

Answer #3

I think ‘bennies’ is short for ‘Benzodiazepines’ which are basically tranquilizers. How they get them into the shape of cartoon characters I don’t know.

Answer #4

it more or less emphasizes how low drug pushers will go- they don’t care who gets hurt as long as their money rolls in. I got a new drug for drug pushers, it is 55 grains and resembles a ‘pill’ with a nice green tip on it- to be taken orally, or preferably delivered directly to the brain stem.

drug pushers make me sick, and if it were up to me, selling drugs would come with an immediate death sentence.

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