New us dollar coin missing in god we trust?

Will you refuse this coin and let the gov’t know how we feel? I just got e mail about a new dollar coin coming out. And you got it! It is missing “in god we trust” will you refuse it and ask for a dollar bill?

Answer #1

Nope!! That’s the stupidest reason I have EVER heard!! With the numerous religions existing in the US today, it should be common place NOT to have those words on US currency. Instead of “In God We Trust” why not “All Gods are One God” or just don’t put anything. People of ALL religions living in the US use it’s currency…money is money no matter what it says on it…but what difference does it really make anyway!! We are bombarded with “God” and “His Infinite Wisdom” every where we go, every day. We as a people need to be more considerate of one another as a whole!! Every street corner has a church on it and every Sunday there are radio and TV channels preaching hell and damnation to those of us that don’t believe in their God. It doesn’t mean that you have to go in to those churches or watch those TV shows either. It’s never going to change so get used to it. Just because US currency SAYS “In God we Trust” doesn’t mean YOU have to! Getting rid of those words on ANY coin will not change who we are as individuals OR as a country.

Answer #2

I will use this coin. America was based on Deism, not Christianity, if you KNOW your history!!! The founders of this country later felt indifferent about Deism. Modern Christians took it overboard and turned what was Christianity into something of a hodgepodge with too many denominations or sects. With all these denominations, no one can agree on how the bible should be correctly interpreted, how their way of life should be, etc… It’s all a mess, due to modern Christians hyperexposing what’s not supposed to be. Turning this country into a mess is who’s fault? Christians. If they had read about the founders of this nation [and not argue so much about this nation being “founded on Christianity”, which it really is not] and about the Constitution [First amendment says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .” ], in today’s words = “Separation of Church and State” and the Declaration of Independence [“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable (should be “inalienable” if you used Thomas Jefferson’s original manuscript) Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.], they would not tell anyone to put “God” anywhere but in churches and in their homes! The Declaration of Independence didn’t use the word “God”, it used “Creator”, which in a sense is different than “God”.

Answer #3

Thats right Mandyloo. I don’ think that things don’t need to change either. And your first comment you put Yes you would except a coin that says In God We Trust. My question was will you refuse the new coin that does not say it or would you just take it because money is money and history means nothing

Answer #4

I’m sorry I worded that wrong. I meant I will not refuse the new coin. The rest of my post though, is correct.

Answer #5

uh can you be 13 to answer this question? well anyhow id say that you shouldnt take it and demand to get a dollar bill, I mean its unamerican to not have IN GOD WE TRUST!!!

Answer #6

Check this out:

In my opinion, religious stuff should not be on money. Instead, in most countries’ currency, there’s no religious sayings and “The head of state”‘s picture is on each “bill” or denomination. We should do the same in the US. The current president’s picture should be on the bill, not dead presidents or any scientist. Get rid of the Latin on US bills, too. No one speaks Latin in the USA. Either translate them to English or get rid of them.

Answer #7

You also say that it is hurting people by taking it off. What about the other milions of people in the world who do not believe in “god” they believe in other spiritual things, they’ve been offended this whole time. What makes you better than them that you get to have your god on money.

Answer #8

I read awhile back it was on there, on the outer rim or edge and is going to be relocated onto the normal coin placement.

Answer #9

I am over 18 and I will answer your question. No I will not refuse a coin that does not say “in god we trust” Whether I believe in god or not, I dont think that our money should have “god” on it, when this country is made of MANY different religions. Not just one’s that believe in “god”. The coin is meant for the whole country to use, so why offend someone who has different spiritual beliefs. America is about freedom, the freedom to practice whatever religion that you choose. Money should not be stamped with “In god we trust”

Answer #10

Also, chaging the coin, does not mean that they are saying History means nothing. It is saying that America has changed. Which is true. There are So many different religions out there, why should god be put on money that everyone uses. Like I said before What makes you better than them that you get to have your god on money. It’s offensive and anti-progression.

Answer #11

GOD is important to us. I will be upset, but only a couple of people won’t do anything. We need more people.

Answer #12

I agree with mandyloo

Answer #13

It is not un-american to not have in god we trust on money. America = Freedom That means that we have the freedom to follow whatever religion we so choose. Why should every other religion out there have to use money with God on it, when we advocate freedom in this country.

Answer #14

tamcat You are asking about the coin though. You did not mention anything else. In which my point still stands. History is History, yes it made us who we are. There were also a lot of Mistakes made in history, that does not mean that things dont need to change.

Answer #15

If that is the attitude we have then things will never change.

Answer #16

its awful what this world is getting to, dont they understand the only reason they are alive is b/c of God…hangs head…well it just shows that he is soon coming back for his children…will I refuse it…to be honost I dont pay attention to coins and I dont know who really reads them…but I think its a shame that they have came that low to take it off…if I get one, I wont keep it, they say they dont want to offend others but what bout God’s children, it offends me…our country has gotten so low…but like I said it just the sign of his coming!!!

Answer #17

I did not say anything was wrong with you pwincezz, so take it as you will. If it doesn’t apply to you then don’t take it so hard. Thanks Lish. I don’t go to chuch and I think I live a “normal life” However I agree with Lish, we have to worry about the other people who are offended by this yet it is hurting other people. I do like change but as I said YOU can’t change History and the fundation on what we Once stood for.

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