How to pass a urine drug test?

I am 5’ 5”, 120 lb’s, my body fat percentage is about 9%. My dilemma, I have only smoked two or three times in the last month. I took a small hit last weekend, and one bong hit the night before last and I have a sports physical tomorrow at 315. What should I do.

Answer #1

ah shet I have pills I get that helps me but if not go get like cranbery juice and prune nasty as hell but works or drink jugs of water

Answer #2

Dear cocobitzz, THC is stored in body fat…only time will rid the body. Nothing, and I repeat nothing will speed the process. it takes 2-40 days depending on the amount injested. If you could pass a drug test with aid…everyone would be passing them and they would quit giving drug tests??? Sue…good luck

Answer #3

I hate to tell you this, but thc is one of the slowest drugs to come out of your system. Try the pills, but medical info is that it takes 2-30 days for marijuana to leave your system, depending on how heavy a user you are. So you might be ok. Good Luck and stay calm!!!

Answer #4

Drink lots of water daily (a glass every half hour!!), as mentioned before THC takes ages to leave your system, but the more you pee…the sooner your body can flush toxins from your system. Cranberry Juice is high in antioxidants & Goji berries are even higher in antioxidants, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegies…but it’s just a matter of time depending on your body type, etc.

Answer #5

theres these pills for thati just have no idea what its calledgoogle it

Answer #6

Drink LOTS of cranberry juice and those pills could help too good luck!!

Answer #7

you deserve to fail the drug test

Answer #8

You wouldn’t be in the situation your in if you just relax on the smoken… Say no to drugs!!! Ha ha. YA right…

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