Need to pass a drug test

So I smoke not dailey but on the weekends and once or twice during the week. Not a lot, but only enough to get me high. Im a lightweight so only a puff or two. I need to pass a drug test some time soon and I am drinking pickle juice, water, and cranberry juice. I am also exercising. Should I be fine? By when?

Answer #1

A natural detox poduct would probably work for you, to cover up any residue that might be left. I used a product calle Rescue Cleanse from Clear Choice and it worked great!

Answer #2

Unfortunately, fau, THC leaches from the body very slowly because it is fat soluble - which means that it sticks to fat cells rather than just flushes out like most other drugs. Mostly you need time for it to leave. The exercise is fine EXCEPT do not do any exercising for at least a day before the test. You do not want to be burning fat, and thus releasing THC into your bloodstream. A VERY light smoker can get the THC out in 2-4 days. A VERY heavy smoker takes 8-10 weeks. (Yes weeks) So stop smoking immediately for the best chance. Good Luck!!

Answer #3

Funmail me, I can give you a solution.

Answer #4

and im about 5’’7’ and 150 lbs.

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