How can I lose weight on a low income?

I’m 13 and 160 lbs. I want to be 115 by the end of the summer. How do I do it? I’ve tried eating healthy and all of that, but my mom (I don’t live with anybody else) isn’t very supportive of it and buys a bunch of junk food, plus healthy stuff is more expensive and we’re poor. How do I get down to 115 in less than 5 months? I want to have a nice body, instead of a lumpy squishy one. I’m considering starving myself…please tell me how to lose weight. Remember that I’m poor, like really poor. I play softball, but that’s it. I don’t have any exercise machines at home, and I live in an area where you can’t go out for a jog. My mom is too busy working and trading me for her boyfriend, and can’t help me. I have a pretty face, and nice hair, but my body is crap, and I want it all to be there. any advice?

Answer #1

when I was in high school which was 10 years ago, I wanted to lose weight, and I was very active in sports, but I had bad habits, I got up to a size 16 and was very uncomfortable. I gave up sugar. Yes it was hard but in 4 months I had lost 26 pounds by giving up sugar. This was especially from soda products, I switched to diet. The other think I have learned being older is that it is important to eat just as important to what you eat. If you don’t eat regularly your body will shift into starvation mode. In this mode your body will keep on the fat it feels it needs to survive. You are still young and your body needs food. Don’t try to starve your self. Eat smaller meals and space them out through out the day. Try to eat things fresh if you can. If you can go out and walk then use somethings in your home to work out, lift weights with milk or water jugs or cans of food. Milk jugs are about 5-10 lbs depending on full of half full, and cans are about a pound or 2. It is more expensive to buy boxed goods and junk food than to buy fresh, in the long run. And yes eating heathier will take more time and not be as easy.

Answer #2

i have 5 months to loose 45 lbs, that’s 9 lbs a month, about a pound every 3 days. i’ve tried, i really can’t do it. i can’t eat healthier because of my mom, who is totaly not supportive of me loosing weight. she thinks that i’m fine how i am, when people at school call me a rhino. kids at school don’t really bother me that much, but in this case i agree with them. and you’re not supposed to lift weights untill you’re 18, otherwise it will stunt your growth. it’s really unhealthy for you under 18. and lifting weights doesn’t burn that much fat. besides, my arms are already strong enough, i play softball. i don’t care what people say, i’m starving myself. i’ll go anorexic if i have to, i just can’t bear being fat any longer. i want to be able to fit into something below a size 10 for once in my life. i’ve been big since i was little. i’ve never known the feelinf of being skinny, and i want to know it well for the rest of my life. when i’m 115 lbs, i’ll stop starving myself. a healthy person can actuually go 1 full month without food, i plan on 2 weeks at a time.there is absolutely no way that anybody can convince me otherwise, i don’t care if i end up in the hospital, it will be worth being skinny.

Answer #3

Learn how to dance in your bedroom with the door locked/closed where you can dance with your headset for up to one hour a day.

Start out with basic jumping jacks. these will tone your body. then stretch your legs, do some push ups, and some crunches start with 20 up to 50 and then when you can do 100 every day.

Then begin some kind of jazz dancing. you can take check out a video from a Library. Ask your librarian to find you a good video on jazz dance techniques or even Pilates.

He/she will be able to help you. and you can check it out for as long as it is permitted by your library, for free!

The most important thing is to drink ice cold water every day about 1/2 gallon spaced out through the day. this will cause your body to metabolize faster.

Also at each meal, eat two raw vegetables, roughage, fiber that helps move undigested food out of your system.

Eat some kind of protein in small amounts with a vegetable 3-5 times per day and the water, and the 20-60 min of exercise 5 to 6 days a week, and stretch.

You should notice and improvement very quickly.

Do not eat the junky foods like flour or sugar based food because it is basically glue and binds food into your intestines and makes you gain weight.

The sugar causes inflammation and makes your flesh look like dough. you want to lose weight by increasing your metabolism with at least 1/2 gallon of water, regular fat-burning exercise, roughage, and really important!

We lose our weight with oxygen transport that is increased by the “O” in H2O and breathing heavily during the cardio so breath deeply and exhale.

We also burn the fat while we sleep. So, additionally uninterrupted sleep is key to losing weight but don’t over sleep.

As you exercise your body will increase its endorphins output and you will not have string hunger pains as a result because endorphins are natural pain killers and they make you feel happy so you will eat less, feel beautiful and content, and very soon you’ll be the weight that you want. and while you’re at it wash your face before you go to bed and floss your teeth.

Take care of your self and establish good healthy habits

Answer #4

try low carb diet.don’t eat pasta,sugar,or starcy fruits for 2 weeks.drink plenty of water.Avoid sugary drinks and all kinds of sweets

Answer #5

i already took health, and pe at my school isn’t very demanding. i know that i don’t have a weight gaining disease…. and i do sleep a lot. i harldy ever eat lunch… only when i pack myself one. breakfast isn’t very common either. i really don’t eat that much, but i’m extremely fat……

Answer #6

well i lost 40lbs in about 3months. i didnt go on a diet or anything. i just ate breakfast and dinner, thats all. i walked to school and had my classes rearranged to have p.e and health class. what can i tell you? well just start eating low, and ohh if u sleep, u lose weight because your not eating. DAH! but yeah my sisters both have some kind of sickness and if causes them to gain weight even though they dont eat much, maybe you should go to the doctor to check that out.

Answer #7

Why even ask a question of you’re going to be stubborn and not listen to the suggestions you’re being given? If you starve yourself, the only weight you’ll lose is water and muscle so you’ll be even flabbier than you are now, not to mention completely unhealthy.

Regardless of what your mother buys you to eat, you still have your own will-power and can choose the healthiest things available to you and there are plenty of exercises you can do without having a lot of money. I was fat in high school too and my parent’s didn’t buy the healthiest items, but my health was important enough for me to do something about it.

Being anorexic might get you weighing a little less, but it will also take YEARS off of your life and do damage to your internal organs that can never be repaired. Think about it. There’s more to good health than how much you weigh.

Answer #8

I am like you. I am very over weight. I used to be a size 4 to a size 5. My youngest son has gained a lot of weight since we lost our home and there is no place where we currently live to get out a walk. The area is very dangerous. I know what you mean by being very poor and I also understand when someone doesn’t support you with the goals you have set for yourself. Do take the advise in not starving yourself. It doesn’t work and only makes things worse. Is there anyway that you could talk with the PE coach and ask him/her for some special exercises you could do at home that would take no money. Maybe they could talk with your mom (that might be touchy) Try to find the best food that is there in your home. Learn how to prepare some healthy treats by getting on line and finding simple recipes using what you have at home. I know it is hard for you now, but see if there is some kind of help from church, or school. Your health is important but so is your emotional health. If you don’t take care of the 1st and you start abusing it by not eating it will catch up to you later on in life.

Answer #9

Alot of very poor people eat a lot of pasta because it can be stretched a long ways for a meal or meals. Good food is more expensive than junky, starchy foods.

Answer #10

This is really good advise for everyone.

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