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Has any body played or beat 50 cent bulletproof? If so do you know the hijacked subway level ? Okay I turned the fan off and it tells me to find the lift out but I have been all around the lil area and can not find the lift . Any clue ?

Answer #1

you can get walkthroughs on this site… the best around… and also cheats…

Answer #2


Since most of this mission is in close quarters, Fiddy can do back to back Counter kills since everyone is so close.

There are only TWO civilians to protect. Don’t worry about the mercenaries killing them, just don’t misfire your weapon! Make it all the way to the other end of the train to finish this part of the level.


–OBJECTIVE: FIND THE LOCKED SUBWAY EXIT Kill all the mercenaries you can until the room is completely empty. But don’t exit just yet!

–OBJECTIVE: FIND GRIZZ’S MEDAL The Medal is in the subway car on the other side near where Fiddy started the Mission (just further down from the subway exit). You’ll have to do a tricky jump to get into the car but when you’re inside, the medal will be at the other end of the railcar.

Now jump over the tile railing and head up the stairs. Shoot the lock and exit.


–FIND THE STEEL DOORS/FIND THREE BOMB PIECES Bugs phones in and informs you that you need three bomb pieces. Follow these instructions to find them without getting lost.

BOMB PIECE #1: Go forward to the area with the large sewer pool and head for the open doorway in the corner (don’t go near the stairs yet!). Turn right to find an open room with a RED light. The First piece is on the shelf. GRAB IT!

BOMB PIECE #2: Head to the other open doorway next to the stairs (don’t go up the stairs yet!). Go around the corridor to find another room with a RED light. Grab the bomb piece on the shelf.

BOMB PIECE #3: There’s two ways to get the third piece. #1: Go back to the room with the stairs (now go up the stairs!) and find the third piece on a shelf OR #2: Enter the turbine room near the RED light room and look for the lift and activate it. Head up and go down the corridor until you reach the area with the stairs. Find the third piece there.

–OBJECTIVE: CALL YAYO TO HELP CONTRUCT BOMB Call Yayo from the Pause Menu and he’ll say some stuff and then send you some sort of diagram (which doesn’t make any sense). From there, Fiddy can arm the bomb on the steel doors. Move away when it blows!

Blast any more guys in the way and exit the area!


–OBJECTIVE: TURN OFF THE INDUSTRIAL FAN To turn off the fan, head down the walkway and jump down to the bottom area. Make a left to the turbine room and look for the activation switch on the left side. Deactivate the fan to continue.

–OBJECTIVE: FIND GRIZZ’S MEDAL The Medal is on top of the electrical box in the room next to the turbine room. Do you see it? To get to it, first turn off the industrial fan. Head up the ramp where the fan was blowing and look for the open window to see the Medal. Jump on the window ledge and have Fiddy jump to the pipes on the left side (so that he doesn’t have to leap to the Medal). Grab the Medal and continue back up to the stairs.

–OBJECTIVE: FIND LIFTS TO THE EXIT Fiddy has to reach the stairs on the other end of the area. Wait for the trains to pass before moving or you WILL die! Make it to the stairs and head up. Find the other set of stairs and go down. Look for the activation lift switch and activate it to bring down the lift.

Take the lift up and make your way to the other side. Cross the large ramp to find the lifts.

–OBJECTIVE: RESTORE POWER TO THE LIFTS Go around the corner to the very end and find the electrical box and activate the power. Go back to the lifts (either one) and go up.


–OBJECTIVE: DEFEAT THE MASKED LEADER –BOSS BATTLE: MASKED LEADER Use the Old Vet and blast that dude back to Hell! He isn’t that hard to defeat so use as much cover and keep firing and you will get him! Once he is dead, that mission is Complete!

hope this helped!

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