Need a new recipe

My girlfriend is coming home soon after a weekend in Vermont, and I’d like to push out a new dinner option for her, something with a little pizazz, something visually interesting. Anyone have a go-to recipe in their arsenal that they’d like to share?

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make some homeade stuff. I just dont have the time to make it. I just like getting it done as fast as I can so I can eat it.

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I think I should have specified a higher skill level than I did. Not that I don’t appreciate the suggestions, of course, but the idea of gravy coming out of a jar kind of made me vomit a little.

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:) I have nothing but time. It’s one of the quiet joys of having little to no life.

Gravy is one of those things that you simply can’t go back to once you’ve had the real stuff, like that cardboard “cheese” that Kraft sells in a tube and insists is Parmesan. My mother did us one step worse and served us powdered gravy growing up, a crime that should carry a much harsher punishment than it does.

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I have indian recipes, but you’d need the spices?

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Fettuccine pasta in a cream sauce- it’s so easy my husband can make it (and well)!

Use flat noodle pasta like fettuccine or taggiatele nests. cook it up in a saucepan with a little oil (unless you’re using a non-stick pan, then you don’t really need any). While you’re doing this, crush 2-3 cloves or garlic, and sautée it gently in a pan on medium heat. Then add about 4-5 rashers of diced bacon (chicken also works well, 1-2 breasts), and half a red red capsicum cut into thin strips, and sautée until the bacon is cooked. After this, add about 3-4 thinly sliced mushrooms and 2 tablespoons of your favourite white wine, and toss quickly through. Now add either 200mls of fresh cream, or 200mls of creme fraiche, along with a quarter of a cup of grated cheese (white cheddar or edam is best). Stir thoroughly and wait until the chees is melted. Here is your pasta sauce!

By this time, the pasta should be cooked to al dente (firm to the bite), so drain it, and empty it straight into the pasta sauce, and stir.

Serve immediately.

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It’s a fine idea, but cream sauces on pasta is one of those things that I can’t abide.

Except for penne ala vodka, which I haven’t made yet. Good idea, lex, I’ll put some vodka sauce together :) Thanks,

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When you are ready to make Italian, let me know. I covert my family recipe for Manicotti and Meatballs!

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its super easy to make! (if you know what your doing)

buy a pack of “beef stew meat” and cut it up smaller when you get home, buy heinz homestyle beef gravy, and medium egg noodles.

fry up the meat with some meat tenderizer and seasoned salt til fully browned. (at this point, I usually turn the heat off and let the juices soak back up into the meat to make it more tender)

fill a pot with water, boil, add noodles…

if you turned the heat off, by the time the water boils,add the noodles, turn it back on and dump the gravy into the meat.

when the noodles are done, every thing is done…

plate the noodles and put the meat and gravy on top. serve with garlic bread or anything you like…

I make it once a week because I make it so well XD

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lol.. I’ve never had real gravy…

I wonder if it would make it taste better… hmmm…

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Does she like seafood? I have a wonderful recipe… I used to eat it all the time when at the shore… Ingredients 1/2 cup Old Bay Seasoning 2 tablespoons salt 4 quarts water 1 (12 ounce) can beer 8 medium red potatoes, cut in quarters 2 large vidalia onions, cut in wedges 2 lbs smoked sausage, cut in 2 inch lengths 8 ears corn on the cob 4 lbs large shrimp, in shells (headless) Directions 1 In an 8-quart stock pot, bring Old Bay, salt, water and beer to a boil. 2 Add potatoes and onions; cook over high heat for 8 minutes. 3 Add smoked sausage; continue to cook on high for 5 minutes. 4 Add corn to pot; continue to boil for 7 minutes. 5 Add shrimp in shells, cook for 4 minutes. 6 Drain cooking liquid; pour contents of pot into a large bowl
7 Sprinkle with additional Old Bay.

It makes a beautiful presentation. A side salad of romaine lettuce, oil and vinegar dressing (paul newman’s olive oil dressing is great) , black olives, parmesan cheese (good quality NOT kraft) , ground pepper.

garlic (french bread) toast is also excellent.

I am a vegetarian now and alas no longer eat sausage but must admit I still eat shrimp when at the coast. This is good with or without the sausage…

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What kind of recipe you are actually looking for. Have you ever tried cooking couscous.Well this dish does not take time and can be cooked as a main dish. To know more check

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