Is it natural to jack off or masturbate?.

Hello, I’m 16 and I’m a boy and I was wondering if it’s natural for a boy my age to jack off and watch porn and stuff? I feel bad when ever I do cuz’ like I feel ashamed should I? I mean I know everyone does it but is it true? Does everyone do it? I just feel ashamed when I do it and was wondering if I should. Please awsner thanks!

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Yes most people do it all the time.

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Yeah that’s normal and yes pretty much everyone does I know a few people that don’t but yeah

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. Yes, it is perfectly natural and healthy, having many benefits. . Statistics show that by the age of twelve, about 75% of boys are masturbating regularly to orgasm - often even before they begin puberty and are still unable to ejaculate (when they just have “dry” orgasms). . Statistics consistently show that, by the age of sixteen virtually all guys masturbate regularly, even those who are also sexually active with a partner.
. The average frequency, at your age is about nine times per week: typically once per day on school days (or similar periods of demanding work commitments), and twice per day at weekends and similar holidays / rest days.
. The use of porn (usually obtained as still images or video sequences off the internet, magazines, or occasionally “pay per view” adult tv channels) is also very common, but nowhere near as frequent as masturbation while “fantasizing” (i.e. imagining sexually exciting adventures that they have not yet experienced, or remembering and embellishing memories of those events that they have experienced). . Feeling bad about it is very common, and it is not entirely clear why that should be, as the guilt feelings can occur both among young people who genuinely believe that it is a “sin against God’s laws” as well as others who have absolutely no reason to think it is wrong for any reason what so ever. . Masturbation has many advantages / health benefits including: . (a) it ensures that you are regularly exercising your sexual organs - just as important to general health as exercising the rest of your body and mind; . (b) it clears “stale” semen out of your system, and ensures that it is being continually replaced by fresh semen - thus increasing the likelihood of you fathering healthy children when you are in a position to raise a family; . (c) statistics show that people who ejaculate sufficiently frequently /regularly, either by sex with a partner or masturbation, are less likely to develop an “enlarged prostate” (which causes discomfort and difficulty with urination), and also less likely to develop prostate cancer; . (d) it is a great stress reliever, and helps to reduce hormone driven aggression; . (e) it gives immense pleasure - thus improving overall quality of life; . (f) if done at bed-time, it makes it much easier to fall asleep quickly, and get a good night’s rest; . (g) it helps you to learn about your body and can assist the development of good sexual technique so that you are better prepared to satisfy a partner (e.g. by learning how to control “premature ejaculation” that can be particularly frustrating for one’s female partner). . Finally, in my opinion, there is no reason why you should feel ashamed unless, perhaps, it is against some deeply held religious beliefs: in which case just pray for help and forgiveness, each time you succumb to temptation. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

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Thanks this helped a lot! :)

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How do people even have the time to jerk off TWICE day O.o holy shit.

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. @Connor: . Extensive anonymous surveys have shown that most adolescent males are capable of “pulling a quicky” within a typical time scale between 90 seconds to 2½ minutes if they need (or just want) to achieve orgasm rapidly - perhaps due to limited opportunities for prolonged privacy or a terrifying fear of being “caught in the act”. . The average time taken to complete a sex act satisfactorily with a woman is in the order of twenty minutes including “foreplay”. So presuming that adolescent males can EVER find time to actually indulge in satisfactory sex with a girl, it is reasonable to assume that they could alternatively find the same aggregate amount of time on another day to achieve solo ejaculation around eight times daily ( 8 x 2½ minute quickies = 20 minutes typical coitus duration) if they had the opportunity to juggle their daily schedule to accomodate the feat. . It is very common for pubescent boys to become obsessed with their new found ability to discharge semen and many hormonal young guys will attempt to discover how often they can do it within one day, how far they can make it squirt, and how much they can manage to squeeze out of their aching system before they “dry up”. . Those who have divulged the results of such experiments almost invariably report that they achieved more than five ejaculations within a single day, with the average being around ten in a 24 hour period.
. The limiting criteria with the majority has been found to be the point at which it is causing uncomfortable soreness, worrying reduction of sensitivity or distressing loss of discernable gratification, rather than the point at which they could not find the time to continue doing it. . They soon discover that the quality of their orgasms and the volume of semen ejaculated diminishes significantly the shorter the interval between sessions, and I am aware that many adolescents deliberately drop to lower frequencies of masturbation than they would ideally like, in order to maximize the satisfaction from the orgasms that they actually allow themselves to churn out. . Many adolescents have to share a room with one or more similar aged siblings, and although most of them prefer to keep their own masturbatory habits secret, they are usually well aware of their brothers’ activities.
. It is almost universal that the audible and visual signs of one person having sex (solo or with a partner) will arouse other males sexually. . Thus it is very common for boys sharing rooms to find themselves occasionally masturbating purely in reaction to the stimulating sounds of underwear adjustment, rhythmically squeaking beds, heavy breathing, etc., created at various times by their siblings. . Anyhow, the fact of the matter is that the average frequency for males, during the teens years, has been consistently found to be nine or ten times per week (and in only drops off slowly over a period of decades afterwards). . Bearing in mind that this is an average, and some (presumably like yourself) do it much less than once per day - perhaps only once per week or less, others must be doing it significantly more than ten times per week to bring about the known average level. . Many pubertal guys find the opportunities to average three times per day for quite considerable periods of time, typically: . (a) once in the morning to get rid of the very common “morning wood” and minimize embarrassing erections later, while at school; . (b) once in the late afternoon on arrival home from school, to relieve the almost inevitable horny feelings from being in the prolonged company of so many “hot” girls ( and boys ) during the day, or arousing vibrations on the school bus. Also, sometimes, just to allow better concentration on homework (rather than being unable to ignore their persistently throbbing genitals), perhaps to diminish embarrassing and uncomfortable levels of arousal while socializing with friends during the evening, or even to minimize the liklihood of premature ejaculation while “entertaining” a sexual partner later on; and . (c) once, last thing before going to sleep at bedtime - by far the most common time, due to the availability of optimal privacy and comfort together with the quickly learned benefits of orgasm in making it easier to get to sleep quickly. . Assuming each of those three were completed in five minutes (a little longer than most young guys necessarily need to take) that is only 15 minutes per day - half the time of a typical tv programme that probably isn’t worth watching anyway; about the same time as they would take having a bath (during which they often pull another quicky if theyneed to); and a fraction of the time that most FunAdvice users spend idling their time away here to scarcely more productive outcome. . In closing, I quote the following: . “… I write a lot and I eat a lot and I don’t do much else. …” . ….. from your profile page, . and conclude that that you really must be a very prolific author indeed and maybe can’t even reach around your bulging gourmand abdomen to toss anything other than another pancake during the times in which you are not doing “… much else …”, if you really can’t understand how young guys “… have the time to jerk off TWICE day …”. . Good Lord, it’s probably harder to understand how they can even manage to LIMIT themselves to twice a day. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. . PS - no offence intended: I am quite sure you can actually reach around your abdomen to take care of business when you feel the surprisingly unaccustomed urge to do so. .

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LOOOOL! Yes, yes I can reach around my abdomen :P but to be honest I’d rather just have sex a couple times a week xD I guess I’m weird. When I’m by myself I have better things to do than jerk off. Like…go on Funadvice, or get drunk :P

Answer #9

Sound logic mate. I’m just off the pull another one myself ( beer that is )

Answer #10

its totally natural and if wasnt then you wouldnt kno that it existed .Male materbation is fine but i dont see the purpose in dildos, sex toys, or sticking you finger up your vagina. The whole female masterbation is healthy thing really pisses me off becuz the real reason is 2 please men. Also we need eqaulity in america and less porn sites becuz wen i searf the all i mostly see in gay porn and a lot f oral sex positions and im so not afraid to say it!!!!!

Answer #11

Wowowowow. SO MUCH wrong with this, I can’t even.

Answer #12

every one has does or will in there life

Answer #13

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its deffinatly natural and dont be ashamed

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