Are there any native americans on this site?

Answer #1

I have “some” in my bloodline, it’s Blackfoot Indian.

Answer #2

thats cool! i am 1/2 breed. creek and cherokee on my dads side and cherokee, french cajun and german on my moms. with all 3 of my sisters you can really tell, but not me. i’m fat and blond! do you practice any of your culture?

Answer #3

I have 1/2 Blackfoot Indian in me :-)

Answer #4

Im 15% pawnee indian.

Answer #5

Well little things maybe in my own way but I’m Christian. I feel my way of “thinking” is like an Indian, I look sort of Indian, dark hair and skin ect ect. But you know what’s amazing is that the “great spirit” the Indians believed in, I feel is the the same God I believe in even though they never seen or read a Bible. God must exist for the Indians to discover him without ever being preached to. I did do research on this and talked to relatives and blackfoot it is for sure. People with my same last name live in Florida, Wyoming, Montana and Canada and they are about the same as well as alittle more Indian than me.

Answer #6

Awesome!!! Are we related?

Answer #7

i have about 1/8 cherokee on my mothers side and a bit of cado on my fathers side- my grandfather really showed. the rest of me is a mix of cajun frnch canadian and german.

Answer #8

you’re absolutely correct oneman…ancient NA’s called the Great Spirit “O Funga” which means Creator of all. They knew He was there long before the first white men stepped foot on their land. When the white missionaries told them about God, many NA’s realized that the christian Father, Son and Holy Spirit were one and the same. they were so eager to convince the whites that they were not spiritual heathens that when the whites took offense to God being named O Funga, they quickly changed His name to “Issagy Domici” which means the Giver of Breath (or life). Our ancestors have always worshipped the Great Spirit and have always shown respect for all His creations. thats why in many legends you will hear them refer to things as Grandmother spider, Mother earth, Brother Wolf etc…

Answer #9

Dunno cud be

Answer #10

thanks for the great response to my question guys! its cool to know so many of us are aware of our heritage. Did you know my grandmother (who will be 100 yrs old in Dec) didnt even remember she was Creek (Muskogee). I I read in a history book that when the government removed NA’s to the Rez (Trail of Tears) my great-great grandmother and grandfather got to stay here because some french people they worked for told the army they were their cousins from France. I asked Gma why she never told me she was NA and she said “you know, I think I am, but back then it was a shameful thing to be, and we were told never to talk about it so i never did!” Totally blows me away that there was and is so much prejudice in this world!!!

Answer #11

You descend from a very proud tribe Casey. My people, the Creek and Cherokee were more peaceful and quicker to cave in to white mans demands. The Pawnee said screw you and the horses you rode in on and fought back to the bitter end. Sometimes, when i get stubborn I think there may have been a Pawnee somewhere in the woodpile!! (smile). You probably got a whole lot of stand your ground in your character too, huh? Well, now you know where you get it from!

Answer #12

I’m both Sioux and crow. :)

Answer #13

I’ll bet you’re a very pretty young lady. Sioux and Crow is as pretty a combination as hispanic and asian

Answer #14

Wow, you are very educated about it. that’s very cool.

Answer #15

I was the pipe carrier for my tribe which where i was is basically like the chief so i studied under a very wise medicine man who used to be the chief of the whole muskogee (creek) nation. there’s still so much i don’t know but every chance i get i learn something new. my heritage and culture absolutely fascinate me

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