who thinks obama is a socialist

Now I’m not racist but I just want to know who thinks obama is a socialist.

P.S. I hate Pres.Bush. he took us into a war that was not necessary

Answer #1

Okay, so you believe Bush is bad because of the War, hmmm what would you have done in his place, he was only trying to do what was right, anyways before the war most Americans wanted to go to war because of what happened.

You can not blame him for everything that happened.

Oh yes I believe we are in a Socialist country, the Government are in control of a lot of things, maybe it doesn’t seem like it right now, but soon enough they will be in control of so much they no longer will be able to hide it.

Anyways Obama is making things worse for us, look at the economy and what is going on around us, Is the Government suppose to take care of us or are we suppose to take care for our self’s?

the Depression was not started by Obama or Bush it started in 1913 when the FEDs got permission to start printing money, the depression has been going on for a very long time just hasn’t been very bad until recently.


If you look around and see what all is now in control of the United States of America then you will see what is going on.. The FEDs are in control of a lot of things they shouldn’t be in control of…like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) they regulate the food market and tell you what you can and can not sell.

Not trying to argue I just wanted to put down my statement because I am very tired of people blaming this on Bush.

Answer #2

This is the kind of venom faux (fox) news screams to its viewers. Angry republicans like Rush Limbaugh are pissed off because “how dare that god dang n*gger become president.” Give it time, he’s been office for a short period of time and ALREADY people are growing angry that he’s not catering to their EVERY belief. Some of his policies may be those of a socialist but he is not.

Disagreeing with a black man doesn’t make you a racist by the way :)

Answer #3

“Do you support government owned car companies,” no

“government owned banks,” no

“government owned insuance companies, no (except for healthcare)

government owned mortgage companies? no

But I also think that when a GOP controlled government ignores the dangers of their own fiscal policies and almost non-existent regulatory procedures, something drastic has to be done in the wake of their disasterous regime in order to keep the ship afloat. How to do that is up to debate, but what is not up for debate is the absolute disaster the Bush presidency left us.

Answer #4

Do you support public education, a public military, police, fire, etc.? Are you a socialist?

Do you support government owned car companies, government owned banks, government owned insuance companies, government owned mortgage companies?

Yes we are becoming a very socialistic society…once the Government gets their teeth into something, they never let go…and this is just the beginning.


Answer #5

wow some people really need to KNOW what a socialist is aka a communist. I dont see any of our presidents doing what the soviet union did. the soviet union is the perfect example of socialist

Answer #6

I TOTALLY agree. ^^

Answer #7

He’s not a socialist and we don’t have a socialist society…now someday…maybe…but today is not that day. Maybe Mr. Obama will do some good for our nation…I’ll give him some more time before saying he’s not do0ing a very good job…

Answer #8

Serinaty, Yes, Americans wanted revenge after 9/11. Why did we ainvade Iraq though? Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Most of the terrorists behind 9/11 were Saudis but Saudi Arabia is our best bud.

The Bush administration used the tragedy of 9/11 as an excuse to attack Iraq. Neocons had already been planning an invasion to complete what they saw as unfinished business after the first Gulf War.

In the buildup for war Americans were lied to and misled. They were told that aluminum tubes were for centrifuges, that Iraq was trying to procure yellow cake uranium from Africa, that they had a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. All lies.

Answer #9

I don’t but he has some some socialist views just like a lot of democrats do, for example welfare, medicare, medicaid and the “stimulus package” are all socialist policies that we have in the U.S. but I never would call him an all and all socialist, at least not like Stalin or Ho Chi Minh

Answer #10

I forgot what a Socialist was but I have to agree about Bush,he was our worst president yet,in my opinion. I know as soon as I put this down,there maybe some negative comments towards Obama.

Answer #11

Do you support public education, a public military, police, fire, etc.? Are you a socialist?

Almost everyone believes in collectivism. The differences are a matter of degree, not substance.

Answer #12

You need to stop watching Fox and go read up the difference between socialism and communism. A lot of countries in Europe are partially socialist, and they’re doing just fine. Stalin was a communist. Oh and Bush started down the socialist path by bailing out the banks. So is Obama aiming for partial socialism, well I hope so.

Answer #13

you need to go to alexjones.com. uncencored media to help you make your own decision. My personal opinion… once again, not a racist, he’s an idiot. guarentee you he will not help this country.

Answer #14

No need to qualify yourself one way or the other as far as racism is concerned… if we can’t question the leader of the United States…[was going to put free world there but that doesn’t seem appropriate anymore]… because of his race we need to examine the depth the fallout of political correctness has buried us in… furthermore if your bias is not recognizable in the question what does it matter if you are racist? A legitimate question cannot be influenced by the legitimacy of the questioner.

Yes… the hands pulling the strings of the Obama marionette are steering us into the direction of socialism… corporatism is failing.. and the better sort need a life raft.

We will ride the sinking ship of this plutocracy… as it were… until the next set of venture oligarchs are able to procure whichever crumbling infrastructure is available to them at bargain basement prices after a service centered economy plays a few hands of socialism. This is the ebb and flow of the fascist/socialist cycle… and is meant to conceal the inviability of each when left only to their own devices.

The big banks would have… should have failed… instead… a big helping of corporate welfare was piled on their plates and they set about buying up the smaller competition. Fascism led to socialism… and in the favor of the people who could stand to lose a little. Obama chose those responsible for the collapse in the economy to divvy up the TARP money… apparently not a fan of the “fool me twice” maxim… either that or a puppet to the monied mob who really call the shots. Those in charge during a fascist state retain that power in a socialist state.

Sometimes simultaneously… if the distance between the two states is great enough… and communication between them nonexistent. Such is the case with the Kuhn Loeb Bankers who wrote our Federal Reserve Bill while bankrolling Lenin and his October Revolution. These supercapitalists must have seen some benefit in funding the socialist state… they were definitely not into philanthropy. How many German Bankers became officers in the NKVD?

One and the same… Irving Kristol idolized Lenin… he was a student of Leo Strauss. He was a pinko commie through and through until Trotsky and his Menshevik horde was toppled by Stalin. The Mensheviks were very friendly to the German bankers. The October Revolution was all about the looting of the Russian economy by the bankers… when the dictator Stalin usurped that revolution to further his own lot. Immediately all of the Straussians in the west turned-tail and embraced capitalism… but not laissez-faire capitalism… a special capitalism that could be dictated and manipulated by their buddies who controlled the Federal Reserve Bank… or any interchangeable central bank in the west.

Kristol didn’t have a change of heart… he had a detour… the wealth and power that was promised by the looting of the Russians was no longer traversable… so he turned west and to the special capitalism that had been established.

When the people noticed the stinging proboscis of the parasitic banks and started avoiding them… the federal government opened the blood reservoirs up to them… so that their parasitism should never wane.

The people-eater cannot die… this is ensured by our federal government… the same federal government some advocate in protecting us… protecting us from our own avarice or negligence or ignorance… entrusting those in the employ of the people-eater with our welfare.

This is a temporary sojourn into socialism… meant to sure up the banking cartel again… to hand over the auto industry to them as well… to reduce the holdings of the middle class. If we ever see socialism endure it will be when those bankers wrest the last bit of power away from any remaining populist in government.

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