Nannies as a job?

Is nannying a good job to go into ? Is it good pay ? How many years do you have to train to become one? Do you have to live in the persons house that you are nannying for ? Can someone answer my questions for me as I really want to go into nanny but dont know the answers to my question.

Answer #1

What do you do after you choose your course? I guess you find out how to apply to the college and then you send your application to them. You probably have to get school transcripts or whatever they need to see to make sure you qualify.

Answer #2

Just phone the colleges in your area and ask them to send you something on what courses they offer for Early Childhood Education. Maybe your school guidance office can help too.

Answer #3

but how can I get in contact to get the course I want in nannying ?

Answer #4

thank you. yh it is a postive direction for me anyways but its just gettting there thats the problem thou.

Answer #5

yh as I dont really want to travel to london as ill miss my boyfriend then

Answer #6

lol oops typing tooo fast! I meant to say, I don’t THINK it’s completely full of OAPs any more… sorry! in other words, yes there are young families in b’mouth and poole. And Dorchester.

Answer #7

There are tons of nanny agencies in Bournemouth and Poole… You should give one of them a call and ask them what the market is like locally.

Answer #8

my friend christy runs daycare out of her house and she babysits like 4-5 kids and charges like $80 a week for each kid and she makes really good money if my house was bigger I would totally do it good luck :)

Answer #9

what did you mean ?

Answer #10

well the 411 on me is that im on collge doing level 1 at the moment and in september I am hoping to do level 2 and the the year after that level 3. after I have done all the levels I am going to go to another college to do an nannying course which will be 2 years. how many like jobs are in dorset for nannying as I dont know how many people have nannys in dorset or around the area .

Answer #11

Wow, flossie and tinker, I lived in Bournemouth when it changed from being hampshire to dorset. That was a long time ago. lol.

Like I said, it is a two year course. Contact your local colleges and see what they offer.

I went through three nannies, two from the UK who were wonderful, and one from here in Canada who actually was not wonderful at all. She was more interested in vacuuming my stairs than talking to my baby, lol.

Answer #12

There is a 2 year course in Early Childhood Education offered in England that many nannies take, and a lot of them can then get placed in homes here in North America. Its a great way to travel, if thats what you want, or if you eventually want to emigrate, it’s an easy step towards that.

There are live in and live out nannies, and regardless, they usually work a 50 hour week. They usually do housework associated with the baby, making up bottles, baby’s laundy, vacuuming the baby’s room, etc. and above and beyond that, usually part of the household and helping out wherever.

Answer #13

Hello Dorset girl! My sister was born in Dorset too (whereas I was born in Hampshire). Pinkpearl’s advice is good - I’ve got a friend doing the course she mentions at the moment. A few of my friends have been nannies - one used to live out and come into the home to look after the kids every day, and the other was a special maternity nurse who lived in with a new mum and her baby for the first few months. They both enjoyed it - not loads of money but good opportunities to travel and spend time with kids (if that’s what you like).

Speaking as a mum who might employ a nanny, I’d say the most important things are to get a good qualification like the Early Childhood Education course, or another one reccomended by your local college, and to get GOOD REFERENCES.

Whoever is going to employ you will need to really trust you, so having letters from people you’ve babysat for, or people who employed you at a nursery will be essential. So start volunteering for childcare work now, and see how you like it, and try to get a good background with people who will recommend your work when you start applying for courses and then for jobs.

Answer #14

how much is the wage in nannying in uk ?

Answer #15

ok yh. what do I do next after that then?

Answer #16

Hey tammy im glad you are moving in a positive direction with your life. Im very proud of you. Mel xx

Answer #17

Sure. I don’t its completely full of Old Age Pensioners any more… :)

Answer #18

in bournmouth and poole would there be familys thats what I nanny do you think?

Answer #19

yh I will do that

Answer #20

how many year would it take to tran ?

Answer #21


Answer #22

yh I think I will have to

Answer #23

and I live in england and in a place called dorset.

Answer #24

A lot of nannies, especially if the kids are a little bit older, work without any training.

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