What's a really good nail polish brand that stays on long and doesn't chip?

I have like tons of nail polish for starters from instant dry to pure ice. They all work really well…..until i have to go to work and use degreaser and it eats the nail polish off my nails. Any suggesting’s on a brand you can vouch for? or am i plum out of luck because of the degreaser?

Answer #1

I strongly recommend using Remington.

Answer #2

thank you i will most defiantly check it out. do they have alot of pinks and reds to choose from? those are my favorite colors for my nails =)

Answer #3

your welcome.

Answer #4

I use Australis & it lasts me really long. Definitely recommend.

Answer #5

thank you =) the brand doesn’t sound familar where can i find it?

Answer #6

Here’s the website to their brand: http://funadvice.com/r/bit7g7ksmjb

Answer #7

I use O.P.I and it works pretty well for me, but you’ve probably tried that. Just put on tons of layers and like lots of top coat and that might keep it on?

Answer #8

surprisingly i haven’t i usually just buy my nail polish at wal-mart i never really look at the brand just colors lol. i will try your suggestion and see how it worka =)

Answer #9

What brands are you getting from wal-mart? If you’re buying Sally Hansen then that’s your problem, lol. You should always look at the brands or else you’ll end up just wasting money on nice colors that chip after a few hours :P

Answer #10

idk i don’t usually use anything in particular, i only use my sally hansen insta dry. if i want my nails done quick to go out somewhere nice then i just remove it anyway.

Answer #11

I would try OPI or China Glaze. I Don’t think you can buy China glaze at Wal-Mart but im sure you could get it at a Sally’s OPI you might be able to get at Wal-Mart if they have a hair salon inside if not go to Sallys.

Answer #12

i mean i’m not wasting my money my boyfriend usually buys them for me he’s a sweetheart lol. do you know if maybe they have the clear hard coating to go on your prior polished nails?

Answer #13

I would also use a base and top coat

Answer #14

i mean i usually get them at walmart but i am open to go anywhere to get it. just the name china glaze sounds like it would work well lol we don’t have a sally opi but is there anywhere else i could find it or would i have to buy it online?

Answer #15

Bourjois good. Doesn’t chip for me.

Answer #16

im pretty sure we only have that in the UK.

Answer #17

You mean does O.P.I have top coat? I’m not sure xD I just use any old top coat, I haven’t found one to work better than the other.

Answer #18

You can buy them online though. :]

Answer #19

ok thank you =)

Answer #20

Sallys beauty supply. I forgot a period it should read you could get it at Sally’s. OPI… I’m sure your town or a bigger town near you has one.

Answer #21

I will be blunt here…all the companies are great but if you are working with intense chemicals all will chip!(including Opi/China Glaze & Sally Hanson.) *

Speaking on behalf of all nail techs out there…there is one new system you can try…it isnt cheap but it will last for 2 weeks & is guaranteed Not to chip…it is been tested many times, one even took her car keys & scratched her nail to see if it would chip & it didnt for 2 whole weeks. She did see new growth at the nail bed which is awesome because it doesnt ruin your real nails beneath there is no filing on the nail bed prior to it just a basic manicure when removed like other products do…no chips, smudges or peel offs so there is no damage to the natural nails. *

It is a new system which glides on like a nail polish but is a gel based product that only can be done at a nail salon because you need a UV light to cure it. They have a large variety of colors(including the pinks/reds & so forth) & can be found in both Europe & the US…The System is called Shellack by a company named CND(creative nail design) Women swear by it…its the new solution to no foul smells, no 2 hour visits, no smudges to get the wallet/keys or cell phone…your in & out in 45 mins and it simply can be soaked off in acetone! It’s that simple..

* lmfao…I just sounded like a freaken commercial…:P Seriously if I was in NY right now I would def get it…they look so damn good! If you dont believe me, just youtube the shellack system & see for yourself…:P

Answer #22

i like remmington too!!!

Answer #23

thank you. haha im going to be honest i thought you were quoting a site, but then i read your last paragraph and you assured me you didn’t

Answer #24

i would be better off ordering online. the closest bigger city is 2 or 3 hours away.

Answer #25

usually after eny coat of nailpolish you put a clear top coat, so your nail deign can last longer

Answer #26

lmfao, I so understand you…after re-reading that I thought I did sound like a commercial too…but I really didnt copy paste it from anywhere…I am a nail tech…(nails was one of my businesses I had to give up & as you can see I am still very passionate about it!)well ex nail tech to be exact…but I still keep up with everything in the business & all my friends from around the world via e-mail. When ever new stuff come out, I always get emailed it from the forums…I was skeptic as well that is why I said if you dont believe me check it out on youtube…I researched a lot about it…seen video’s from other nail techs…seen work on clients from other nail techs that have shown it live…Besides, those that know me know I have no reason to lie…I gain nothing by it but a bad rep! (not my style…) I seriously would get it the french if anything…2 weeks of no chipping french…hell ya & it looks so natural bcz it is thin not that thick heavy look you get off of acrylics, ugh. Hated those! The smell would give me major headaches…that is why I changed to gels…plus the clients preferred it too!


I would seriously try it I think it is like 50 dollars for the first time…but so worth it. If you do it please keep me posted ok…thanks in advance.

Answer #27

ok i watched the video and yes i’m convinced, but have to questions

  1. where did you say i can get it? ny?
  2. i have short nails and i like it that way would they look fine on my short nails?
Answer #28

omg nevermind i went to their site to see the nearest salon or whatever to me and its only 15 min away in olean,ny and alleghany ny super stoked to check it out this weekend when i get pays =)

Answer #29

OPI works wonders. I also really like the Chi nail polish. All Nail polish works better if you use a clear coat over the top! :D

Answer #30

Yes sweetie, it’s all over the US & the UK…if you live in NY there is bound to be a salon anyone that offers it. As for the short nails…they will just add an extension to the short nail & build over that…it will look natural & simply amazing. It’s really quick, safe & easy. I just hope you like it when it is done…:) I hope you can post some pics too…before & after…would be fabulous…:)

Answer #31

well i live on the border of pa pretty much so its a short travel to get to olean and allegany i;m super excited thanks you for telling me about. i think i’m gunna try going saturday to check it out =) and i will for sure show you pics.

Answer #32

I like Elise, it’s actually stays on my nails.

Answer #33

Sweet…Enjoy…glad I could help. :)

Answer #34

the best one ive ever had and would recommend is barry m. you can buy it in boots or superdrug for £4 a bottle or 3 for 2 :)

Answer #35

the best one ive ever had and would recommend is barry m. you can buy it in boots or superdrug for £4 a bottle or 3 for 2 :)

Answer #36

the best one ive ever had and would recommend is barry m. you can buy it in boots or superdrug for £4 a bottle or 3 for 2 :)

Answer #37

the best one ive ever had and would recommend is barry m. you can buy it in boots or superdrug for £4 a bottle or 3 for 2 :)

Answer #38

never even heard of those stores. theres a good chance that their isn’t one in the u.s and if their is too far to travel for nail polish

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