Myrtle Beach?

Has anybody ever been to Myrtle Beach? I’m supposed to be going on a family vacation there this summer. I was just wondering if it was fun? :)

Answer #1

Great place to vacation - lots of fun things to do/see - a recent attraction is a coffee house/diner opened by the group ‘Kiss’ - enjoy !!

Answer #2

I really dont like myrtle beach! its too tourist-y! everything is expensive…the rooms, the parking, the beach chairs/ umbrellas! I mean come on! I would much rather go to Isle of Palms, SC. Its only about 45 minutes south of myrtle beach…much less tourists, classy homes line the beach…with one resort, I think its called the wild dunes inn…a great seafood/bar where hootie and the blowfish first got started called the wind jammer…and just a lot of open beach…VERY PRETTY! and charleston is nearby so you could stay there and see the historic parts of town if you like that thing…it was voted most romantic city in the us for several years in a row! just check it out…you may decide to change your plans and go there instead!

Answer #3

It is so much fun!! I’ve went there the past 4 years for vacation. I’m going back down this weekend because my boyfriend will be down there for the army. There’s so many attractions and so many things to do!

Answer #4

fun! and very pretty! theres some hotels that are on the beach . like literally when you look outside your hotel window the beach is there. so you step outside and go take a swim of just walk in the sand. really pretty

Answer #5

Well, seeing how its still freakin cold outside, a lot of the attractions are not open right now. I drove down last weekend, and brrr… it was cold! Also, there are lots of military around, so just dont get in trouble! Especially if you plan on going after june! Then most of the brigades will be back from the deployment! They are going to want to party… I know before we left, we partied a lot! So, just be aware of your surroundings at all times! But hey have fun… MYRTLE is a great place to go and have fun… theme parks, museums,haunted houses, rides… all year long(mostly)

Answer #6

It’s a loy of fun! But get a local map from like a gas station when you get there. It will list north and south myrtal beach. Most shopping, entertainment, and big resterants are in south myrtal beach. We liked ripley’s aquarium and musume.
have fun!

Answer #7

I went to Myrtle Beach two years ago and it was so fun! It is so beautiful there, but I’m from New Jersey so compared to New Jersey it was amazing.

Answer #8


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