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how can I make my voice sound better?

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they say that if you want to practice singing from your stomach, lay down and pick only your head off the groung and sting and thats what you really sound like! :)

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dammit so do I maxypoo. I don't want to sound and look like a twat! I'll do it when I go up to bed.

Adam Lambert has the most amazing voice!!! Who agrees with me??

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haha I want to try what hollistercazed said!!! but everyones home and ill sound like an idiot ^_^ maybe later

How to make my voice like jonas brothers?
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You've got it or you haven't...
But try streching your mouth musles before you sing
and drink Honey & Lemon
& always walm your voice up before you sing

what can help your voice

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go to :

They have a lot of helpful tips.

Plus, what I've known to help my voice is to drink a lot of water before you sing; it usually clears out the throat which apparently helps it easier to sing.
My chorus teacher also taught these breathing excersizes where you have to breathe really deeply, and that usually helps singing.
Well, I hope I helped a little.

How can I get a good voice?

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