How do I cancel my son's Myspace?

how do I cancel my son’s my space?

Answer #1

you should not force him to delete it, what you should enforce is that he keeps it under private, so only people he admits to be friends can communicate with himn or see his profile…

Answer #2

Take him onto the computer with you one evening. Sit down and tell him why you believe that he should no longer have a myspace account, and that from now on his computer activites will be monitored and restricted to approved sites and what not. You can do this in a cool and loving way, rather than a “I’m your parent and the boss” way. Show him that you care, and why you have concerns.

Together, you can delete the account. Kids love and respect when they are loved and respected. I do not recommend “hacking” it or doing it without his knowledge. That will just breed contempt.

You can also put on a blocker to his account that will close it to the public. That means that only people that he knows can become a “friend” on his myspace, that he invites, and only those people can view the full profile.

If you’re concerned he may start a new account behind your back later, you can search his name in the search field of myspace accounts. The best prevention of this type of stuff is to educate yourself about how myspace works and be one step ahead.

I hear ya, my 11 year old wants an account and I told him not until he’s 16–under the condition that I control his password at all times. And if you want to give your son a chance to prove trust with what he is doing on his myspace, tell him that as long as you control his password and he knows that you’ll be checking up on him on a daily basis (signing into his account and reading his mail), the it will be okay. Just check up on him a lot, because he can check and delete mail before you can if he’s quick enough.

Myspace can be a cool and fun thing for teens to express themselves and connect with others. It fights depression, too! I don’t know what your concern is, but I say, if he hasn’t given you a huge cause for concern, then give him some slack.

Answer #3

First off, why are you trying to cancel you’re son’s myspace? Secondly, a myspace is just as you’re e-mail would have a User id: & Password: Any type of bypass to “”hack”” into a personal site, page, or e-mail, other wise is still technically illegal. Before you go into his account, and try to knock it out, try and talk to you son. Now, if you believe he is in danger or doing illegal activities by means of his myspace, it is up to you to report this to the authorities. However, attempting to gain his access codes and delete his profile, probably wouldn’t do much good. Especially since it is so easy to set up another one, when a page is deleted. I would suggest doing a little further research, and take some time to try and come at this via a different angle. Though, again if you believe that your son is in danger, you should talk to you’re son more extensively and take a parental action, aside from simply attempting to delete the account. Therefore I ask again, what is the main backing behind wishing to do this? I am not trying to “dogg” on you, nor am I saying that you do not have a legitimate concern, however because of the easy of putting up a myspace, simply deleting the account or working that way in trying to “stop” what ever it is you are concerned with, will not produce a very positive solution. Also, I will not be advising on how you cancel someone else account, thats not what we are here for. I will give you this alturnative view point, IF it was my son… I would talk with him… Now, yes… I do not have a son yet, and no I more than likely do not know what you are going through. However, sometimes you must go back to the basics… Because the answers are not always as complex as we make them….

I would also remind you that, if you believe he is in immediate danger, then seek the authorities.

You are the parent.. Initiate the discussion, do not be afraid to talk to him… If you are worried about your son’s well being, or safety… It is you’re right and responsibility as a mother to talk with him.

We’re all here for you if you need someone to talk with, thats why we are here… Secondly, you are “1madmama” Calm down sweetie… A solution is much harder to fathom when angry… Breath… We’ll all get through it together. Our advisers and community is behind you… We are here for you’re support, do not hesitate to ask us… I have faith you will do fine, no matter what is happening.

Hugs And much luck.. Take care…. ~Benjamin~

Answer #4

get his password and username,log into his account.delete it! but,personally,i would hate my mom for doing that. i think he would too.

Answer #5

you have to find out his password and email and go on to his acount and delete it from there

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