Should i have counseling following my friend's behavior?

ok, so there's this girl named tanya. well, I was just on myspace and she sent me a message telling me to stop following her around; im not her dog and she doesnt really care about my problems. now I thought this girl was my friend. so I had to delete my account because it was making me so stressed. now I actually feel like im depressed and im wondering, should I talk to my parents about this girl and try to make them get me some counseling? I've already talked to my brother about it and he said to just not pay any attention to it. but she made me cry!!! I just dont want her to be mad at me!!! what should I do?

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Hmm forget her she obvisiouly has problems or maybe shes just pmsing, but find better friends you dont need her. You can do better in friends. just dont worry about her shes just being mean and trying to make you upset dont fall to her level be above her try gettin new friends and hang out with them and laugh and stuff that usally makes people mad that try to make you upset!

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well then.. stop being her lap dog.
be a leader not a follower.

I need some friends 4 aim!!!

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