My ribs hurt after having sex earlier today...what does that mean?

Am I just paranoid? I really dont want to be pregnant yet. My fiance and I didnt use protection, but we are not ready at all to be parents yet. could my ribs hurting after having sex earlier today mean anything?

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If you don't want to be pregnant why are you having unprotected sex?

Stop having it, get educated first and then go and protect yourself.

You are being stupid.

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could people just get off her nuts and just answer the damn question. what is it to you that shes having unprotected sex this shouldnt influence your life

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First of all...if you believe you would be showing symptoms of being pregnant the same **day** you had sex, then you def aren't ready to be having sex much less ready to be a parent.
And if you aren't ready to be a parent, you shouldn't be having unprotected sex. you two are flirting with disaster each time you have unprotected sex. Not only pregnancy but potential sexually transmitted disease if neither or either of you weren't virgins prior to your coupling. And STD's can be transferred to baby if you should become pregnant. This also includes HIV/AIDS.
Lastly, your ribs probably hurt from the wt of your partner laying on top of u.

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I doubt it means your pregnant, especially if it is the same day because the signs wouldn't show that quickly. Maybe your boyfriend just lay too heavily on top of you?

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