my rescue chihuahuas tail

I just adopted a rescue dog who was previously abused. She is a chihuahua and her tail is suppposed to either curl over her back or to the side but her tail just sticks straight out normally wags when she is happy and obviously is tucked when she is sad. Her tail does not hurt her so I know it isint broke but is there any reason it doesn’t curl but just sticks straight out when she is in a calm mode

Answer #1

Hi…I have seen chihuahua’s that have their curl on top of their back & also have seen them with a half cresent shape…like a sickle…by her tail being straight out…she might be mixed…I personally have never seen a chihuahua with their tail sticking straight out…

                                I hope this helps...

I can show you some pics. of both that I’m talking about…my email address is above…

Answer #2

I have 2 dogs. A pure breed boxer (11 months) and a chihauhua terrier mix. My mixed dog is a rescue and she has always carried her tail both ways. Even now, shes chewing a bone that is my boxers bone and she is with her tail down. It depends on their mood and their breed BOTTOM LINE. No way around it. Now a days dogs are moxed with a different breed along the line like there new “breeds” puggle, benardo’s and on. Maybe your rescue is mixed with a different breed. Rescues arent always accurate with what the dog actually is. Its usually a guess unless it is brought by the owner amd they ar etold. How often does this happen. Maybe your baby is mixed thats all. Good lock

Answer #3

Thanks utopia for the advice. I am a dog lover and I choose to adopt all of my dogs. She is well taken care of now and we spend lots of time together. She is currently lying here on my lap now she has the best of everything I can give her financially mentally phusically emotionally. She is special and I know this, her tail concerns me because everything else physically is fine with her but I just was curious that’s why I ask but if its anything else I guess more important I would be in a vets office not online. So I do know the special attention she not only needs but deserves she is an angel tomorrow she goes for her microchipping teeth cleaning and check up. Thank you very much though for yourt concern and care I reassure you that she is very well taken care of and I was once again only just curious wether this was hereditary or due to her abuse since it isint painful the vet says it isint a problem and only cosmetic and only if I want to sort of spend unnecessary money I can get an xray so before I go back tomorrow I was just seeing if anyone else had any advice

Answer #4

Chihuahua’s tend to put their tails down when they are unhappy and curl when they are happy. Maybe she is just unsure of herself and her tail will curl as she gets happier and more confident.

Answer #5

everyone has a right to their opinion…I have both…ones with curly tails… & chi’s. that have the sickle shaped tails…one is a deer type & the other is a applehead…they are all beautiful to me…I just don’t know how to put their pics. in here…it doesn’t have nothing to do with being happy or sad…But before it is said…they all tuck their tails between their legs when they know they have done something wrong…sometimes when their scared too…

Answer #6

Can you put a side view pic. of your chihuahua in here ? Sure would like to c her…what’s her name ?

Answer #7

You have selected to adopt a special dog. Please do some research on raising abused animals and you will find that the least of your worries should be about the curl of her tail.

Dogs naturally take a lot of care, more in fact than cats. Dogs are man’s best friends. They crave human companionship and can get quite lonely when they spend the day by themselves. Among other problems dogs can have is when they have been abused. Dogs that are abused are going to have physical scars as well as mental scars. Dogs that have been abused will take more care than other dogs. If you find yourself going home from an animal shelter with a dog that has been abused you will need to understand how they have been affected by the trauma.

Any dog is going to need proper nutrition, exercise, and grooming. So really this part of dog care is no different. You may need to ask the shelter if your new dog has specific food they have been given while at the shelter or if they need to have a specific diet. Some abused dogs may have sensitive systems that require them to have special food. It may be a mix of wet food and dry food or you may have to prepare a meal for them like you would your child. It is extremely important to find out what they have been fed and what a veterinarian recommends.

You will also need to find out if they are on any medication as a result of the abuse. Most often when you take a dog home, they will tell you exactly what the dog has been given, what they may need to take, and when you should take them to the veterinarian. The importance of understanding the medication comes in understanding the physical issues the dog may have. For instance they may suffer from broken bones that have heeled in correctly or pain from older injuries where a great deal of exercise can really cause them undue stress. If you have never had to administer medication to a pet before you should have the shelter or veterinarian show you the best way to give them the dose. Some dogs can take their pills when you feed them, while others may have to be force-fed the pill.

Grooming is also an important aspect of any pet care, however your abused dog may need a little more care. Some dogs are abused with water or abused while in the bathroom. This can make giving the dog a bath extremely difficult. They may have been abused with a brush or something like it to make them nervous of certain grooming equipment. The idea behind the care of an abused dog is to understand exactly what abuse they have suffered and by whom in order to understand how basic care should be carried out. The shelter or veterinarian should be able to tell you want they suspect or what they know about the dog’s case.

Additional care may mean that you have to take the dog to work. An abused dog left at home can damage your home because they feel abandoned. Raising your voice or making sudden movements can also have them cowering. Dogs who have been abused by a male or female may be agitated around that type of person. For example a dog abused by a man will be extremely agitated and caution around other men. They may not feel comfortable being petted or played with. Some may require the person to sit down before they feel comfortable coming over to be petted. An abused dog really needs love, affection, and a lot of playtime. Like humans an abused dog needs time to adjust to a new home and the love you will be offering.

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