How do I make my vagina smell better?

my boyfriend keeps trying to get his hands down my pants, but every time he trys, I don’t let him. my fear is that I think my pussy smells bad. it has this odor of like-nastyness. girls you know what I mean. does eating pineapple really work? how do I make my pussy smell better?

Answer #1

everybody has a different odor..why don’t you let your boyfriend be the judge of that & don’t worry so much

Answer #2

nah look use sope clean the inside too and use lemisol it will burn but it smell minty fresh and kool

Answer #3

douche and they have virgina spray!!!!!!!! GET YOU SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #4

well, I sometimes get the same problem but what I do is . is before I do anything with my boyfriend I go to the bathroom first & freshin up a bit. I wipe my self down there from my wetness. & make sure everything smell’s right. & if it doesnt . try to wash it really quickly before you guy’s have sex. it always work’s for me.

P.S .- dont feel like your alone because boy have the same problem as us sometimes. hello ? do remember they dont wipe themself’s after they pee . lol

Answer #5

When I started being sexually active, I thought my odor was gross smelling also but you will come to find that it is normal. When you do have a yeast infection you will definitly be able to tell the diffrence in nasty and normal. My doctor told me this so use it to your advantage: Douching kills the good bacteria that fights the bad bacteria. So really douching is going to hurt you more than help. Washing with soap inside your vagina will also cause bad smelling because that soap has no way of being fully washed out. Hope this will help!

Answer #6

you better use some summers eve vaginal wash or something or even talk to your doctor and if your this worried you could always just go wipe yourself off right before you know somethings going to go down until you figure out wats wrong wit u!

Answer #7

the vagina has a natural musky smell but washing it with gentle soap and water previous should help and if you think its really bad you should consult your doctor but most guys dont even notice the smell anyway even if it is left on their fingers (how many people smell their fingers on a regular basis?) so dont worry about it

Answer #8

ladies do not use douche it kills natural and neccessary bacteria! eat fresh pine apples everyday the real organic fresh fruit preferred! I promise if you do this you will smell and taste like pine really works im bi and me and my ex girl used to eat eachother out all the time and yes it works.. do not drink or eat the artificial crap it will just smell sour. eat fresh pine apples everyday and use baby wipes before sex and shower once to twice a day! if there is still a problem get a pap smear much love bye

Answer #9

I agree with jason 123. right now imma about to throw up whhheeehhhp! I dont tell my friends anything, its none of their business but if it smell thats down right grosse and disgusting. first take a shower first then a bath after, you wont wanna be sitting in the bath with grosse water around you and come smelling worst than when you went in. pick up your phone and call dr. phil or oprah. seek help urgently. drive to work or school in air condition, to prevent walking and sweating, if uy get wet in a crowd, flee the scene, and dont go back til speak with dr.phil or oprah. go into your back yard on the porch out of the sunlight on a windy day face the direction of the wind and air your crotch out. keep it open. my advice to u, if you still having this problem keep your clothes on when your around people.

Answer #10

i know what kind of problem your talking about, what u need to do is carry baby wipes with you and wipe your vagina every time you use the bath room and shower daily and wash it really good and another thing that works is a vagina deorderant, also a regular deordrent ( like for your under pits) will help you out apply in the morning and afternoon and you should be good for the day, if none of these things work, maybe u should go to a doctor or a womans health center

Answer #11

Well firstly you should really keep yourself clean down there; wash very carefully,especially just before you become intimate.

Secondly, careful what you eat. If you eat junk food, that,s what you’ll taste off and smell off ( you sweat it out from your pores) Cut down on meat, garlic, spicey food, onions, alcahol etc. Eat Lots more fresh fruit especially pineapple juice, and veg. Plenty of water, You’ll smell and taste a lot better.

Thirdly, if this doesn’t work, how about getting yourself checked for infections.

I hope this has helped.

Answer #12

As a very attractive and sexually active man, I can tell you that most all pssy stinks, at least to some degree. Actually, of the hundreds and hundreds of pee holes I’ve delved into, only a handful (no pun intended) have actually smelled and tasted good. In fact, a few were even akin to “nectar”. However, some are just plain funky, and a few are rancid. And age doesn’t seem to matter. I’m reminded of a young lass, of about 17, I was 30. She was a beautiful girl with gorgeous round hips. She had small but pert breasts, and a face of an angel. Sexually she was quite accomplished. However, her pssy was funky smelling, so needless to say I enjoyed her exquisite fellatio more than my exquisite cunnilingus. Which, by the way, I am a master of and enjoy immensely. Conversely, I used to pound an older gal of about 50, who wasn’t bad at all. But, sexually, she was such a vanilla disappointment, that I had to dump her old hide. Besides, she was a real head case, and would often steal from me. BUT, the skankiest hole I ever smelled was from a young lass on a cruise ship. She was an employee, a hairdreser in fact, and I was making great time with her and her girlfriend in the ships club- it was Carnival Cruise Lines’ “Ectasy”. As we three were about to head back to my stateroom for a threesome, her friend (sadly the cuter of the two) bowed out for fear of being caught. You see, it is forbidden for the employees to fraternize with the guests. Let alone screw them. So here we were, me and my bird. She led us around some back way (to avoid being seen). We sat on the bed and and started our foreplay at which time I put to use a little maneuver I’ve developed. That is where I play with a girls’ pssy and get a little of her juice on my finger- just a dab mind you- and then hug her. While I’m hugging her, I raise my finger to my nose and take a whiff. Just to see what I’m in for. Well, in this instance, I was shocked, repulsed, sickened, and maybe even transported to another time- one where reason doesn’t exist. You see, her pssy was RANCID. And I don’t just mean stinky, I mean - make you vomit RANCID!!!
Here’s the description I have come up with for my friends, who still roar with laughter at the story today. “Imagine a sea otter has gorged itself on mussels and small fish, so gorged in fact, that it dies. Then, said otter washes ashore where it lays in the sun, basking and bloating for two to three weeks. Now, as that bloated, rotting, otter corpse is just laying there decaying, you walk up and poke your finger into it’s gut. The hot air escapes in a whoosh. The funk rolls out out, and fluids ooze from the aperture as you swish you finger around in it. Now, pull it out and take a good long whiff. So, wanna fck that? I didn’t think so. If that’s how your pssy smells, get immediate attention and don’t pass GO. Or, your man and his buddy’s will be telling a story like this about on the internet— And they might even use your name— maybe even a picture!

Answer #13

A friend of mine told me that eating celery will give you a better odor. Even though I like celery and eat it a lot, I have no idea if this really works because I haven’t checked!

Answer #14

First of all you need to go to the nearest clinic. And evaluate this situation. I would highly recommend you carrying a douche around, because this is uncalled for. And very embarrasing so, i am not being rude but you shouldn’t be going through this. Maybe sit down and let your boyfriend know what is going on down there. It might be an infection so you really should get checked. Please take my advice, cause I am concerned.

Answer #15

Some soaps and perfume can interfere with your natural flora balance down there and cause a stronger more unpleasant odor. Tight fabrics are also to blame. Stick to loose cottons. As far as pine apple juice, that I haven’t heard. But if you eat a lot of fatty foods it could make things worse, a healthy diet is good.

Answer #16

You just probably have a yeast infection. I get them sometimes. You might just want to go to you personal doc and get some meds, it should clear you up in 3-7 days.

Answer #17

well cleaning the vagina seems pretty pointless as it is self-cleaning. unless ofcourse you kill the bacteria (which I suppose is the secret of selfcleanliness) that kills the bad bacteria. though I have no idea if the cleaning bacteria smells…

god why do I know that kinda things?! its really kinda creepy :X

Answer #18

When a pussy brings out water and and stinks. What is the solution….

Answer #19

Shave your pubic hair and shower regularly. Lather your fingers up with soap and don’t be affraid to wash out the inside. Use a scented lotion around your vagina after your shower, but now inside your vagina.

Answer #20

instead of pineapple I have heard that fruit cocktail works a lot better, instead of just the pineapple taste you get the taste of all fruits. also make sure you shower right before and after sex, also don’t use a condom otherwise you will smell and taste like latex.

Answer #21

First thing to having a delicious smelling vagina is to douche it out. You gotta wash it from the inside out. After a good douche, just wash the outside in the shower with soap and water with a wash cloth, never your hand. Hand washing your body doesn’t cleanse you because it’s not scrubbing the dirt and dead skin along with the day’s funk off. Anyway though, wash it out then just wash it. If that doesn’t work, go to the doctor. Other then that, come let me smell it and I’ll tell you if it smells or not.

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