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Ok, so I have this puppy and he likes to pee a lot, I mean, I left him out of his cage one night and in the morning I find a spot of pee and tonight he was in my room and all of a sudden he runs into my closet and starts to pee right on my shoe. So I hit him twice and he got scared and peed on my floor again. How should I clean this pup up to teach not to pee in the house?

Answer #1

Well do not hit him. That just makes them scared of you and not like you as much. Mydog is 1 year old and he pees on the floor sometimes, but is doing sooo much better! We just take him outside on a chain (so he doesn’t run off) and we tell him to “go potty” in a nice voice. Say it several times though not just once. When he doesgo to the bathroom we give him a little puppy treat and say good boy etc. (praise him and say stuff like, “good boy, you went potty outside!” “Good Boy”) But puppies pee a lot, (as you noticed) so they have to go outside every hour or two hours at the most. Becuase you never know when they gotta go. Just make sure you praise him when he pee’s outside and tell him “good boy you pottied outside, treat.”

Now when he goes to the bathroom in the house, dont hit him, but take his nose and put it by the pee and say “bad boy/dog”or “No, you go potty ouside!” (in a lower voice), so he realizes you didn’t like that. Then put him on the leash and say, potty outside!

Hopefully that helped some, it helped me when someone told me to do that once. It takes a while but he should get the message to go outside. Good Luck! :)

Answer #2

sorry I dont know my puppy pees to we are trying to trin her to.

Answer #3

Well, the first thing you have to remember is HANDS OFF, not hitting no yelling…if you want to hit something…Roll up a newpaper and hit yourself in the head and repeat the words “I forgot to watch the puppy”!!

The key word here is “training”…you are going to TRAIN your pup to go outside… here is how that is done…

The number one ingredient to have a house trained dog is…VIGILANCE. You must make housetraining your ‘mission in life’ for anywhere from 10 days to two weeks. Keep slip-on’s by the back door, and a bathrobe or something quick to get into handy…because for this two weeks…housetraining will be your mission.

Your goal is…to beat the puppy to the punch…You’ll learn his signals just by doing all that vigilance…like they’ll start sniffing, and circling…you pick him up and take him out BEFORE he goes…Rules of thumb are also…For puppies, take him out immediately when he wakes up (do not let him follow you to the door…pick him up and carry out the door)…take out immediately after eating. During play a little puppy should be taken out every 20 minutes or so (aren’t you glad they sleep so much?? )

Crate the pup WHENEVER you cannot watch it (when you leave, or are ultra busy)…instinct is for them to not dirty their nest…so make sure the crate is only big enough to stand up, turn around, etc…A new puppy will need to get out once during the night…but that only lasts a week or so…You don’t want the puppy having to go so bad he dirties his nest…you do NOT want to break that instictive barrier…once that’s happened it’s hard to undo.

When you get the pup outside…say ‘pee pee’ or whatever…then love them up BIG when they go…this will teach them to go on command, and save you from having hang out and wait in the future. DO NOT bring the puppy in until it has gone potty…


Answer #4

PS…DO NOT put his nose in it or by it…a puppy’s attention span is very short…by the time he’s gone on the floor, it’s TOO LATE. Take the pup outside, and clean it up…You’ll notice that he will start heading for the same places in the house that he’s gone before…GUESS WHAT?? He’ll do the same thing outside…

Just stick to the “program” and watch him closely when he’s playing…DO NOT let him stay out of his crate alone at night, or he will pee…and poop…and that’s a fact.


Answer #5

First of all, I agree with Phrannie, do NOT hit the puppy under any circumstances. He is a puppy, and is still learning. You’ve got to say ‘NO!’ if you catch him lift his leg up. It usually works. After you catch him lifting his leg, take him outside and say ‘Potty’ or something that he will remember every time you take him out.

If you are busy put him in the crate for a little while. It is not cruel, unless you lock the dog in a cage all day. If he likes a certain blanket or bed, use it in the crate and maybe put a pig ear or a bone in it. That way, he can enjoy a quiet activity. Make sure the crate’s not too big. Just enough room for your puppy to lay down and stand up. (Like Justme said)

Don’t put food and water in the crate. It will get really messy. Or your dog might eat the food and poop in the kennel. That wouldn’t be encouraging good behavior. He’d think it’s okay to potty in the crate instead of going outside.

Remember, it will take time to train your puppy. He’s young and needs commitment from you. As you do from him. Take time to play with him. give him walks, and cuddle with him. It will make your puppy more loyal to you, and he won’t want to disappoint you.

Make sure to reward good behavior and say ‘Good boy!’ when he goes outside, and when he listens to anything you say. He’ll be afraid of you and other people if you try to hit him. I know you and your pup can do it!

Answer #6

That’s not mean Chelsea…puppies actually like their crates,or they will learn to like them. It’s a place of their own to go. They cry a little, just like a baby when you put them down for a nap…a few little whimpers and it’s off to nighty nighty land.

It also makes housetraining ever so much easier.


Answer #7

Haha phranies advice was more accurate than mine in this department! Listen to her idea first.

Good Luck!

Answer #8

Ok this is going to sound mean but I’ve had dogs my whole life and we cage train them. At night you put them in a cage. NOT A BIG ONE. One just big enough for them to stand up turn around and lay down. If there alying down there shouldnt be much other space., They wont pee where they sleep. So when you wake up in the morning bring them straight outside to use the bathroom. Do this for a few months the try to leave the cage open. Warning they might whine if you put them in a cage which gets kind of annoying and makes me feel bad.

Oh and dont hit puppys it dosent help


Answer #9

Phrannie, excellent advice. That deserves to be rated.

Answer #10

Everyone on this site should listen to phrannie when it comes to pets… She gives the BEST advice… :)

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