My parents won't let me get a job

My parents wont let me get a job. I'm 15, so I am able to get a job like at wendy's. But they wont let me. So I asked if I could sell stuff on ebay. They again, said no. I asked if they would like to give me money, they said no. They aren't letting me earn my own money, and they aren't giving me any. My mom said she wants me to earn my money, and yet she doesn't let me! I need help! How can I earn money?

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If you do get money for doing chores that's greats! They most likey want you to enjoy being a teenager, but at the same time work around the house. Prove you can do it, this might mean keeping your grades up and staying out of trouble. Show them your not some little girl, but your becoming a lady. This might sound like ladadeeda junk but parents but us through so many silly test. If all else fails just be like mom. Dad you tell me to earn my own money but I can't get a job? Sometimes communication works. A job you can consider is babysitting at your home. Its a great way to prove to your parents your responsible.
Goood luck

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ask your mum why? there MUST be a reason why she won't let you earn your own money.

maybe she's thinking it will affect your study? when my kids are older I am going to pay them to get good grades, I don't want them to get a job because I don't want their education to suffer. simple, the better grades, the more money. and if they do really well in exams they get a bonus. that way, their work is good and they don't loose out.

I have a good reason for not wanting my kids to work in a job as such, but I also understand they need their own money.

just explain to your mum, that there are things you want to buy, and buying stuff from your own money is really important to help to value it. just say, I understand that you don't want me working, but you have to understand that I need some financial independence. - really, if you say something like that she really SHOULD give you a reasonable explanation...

find out her motives - mums always have one! find that out, and you can find the solution.

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thats weird parents usually want you 2 get a job lol..well you cood ask your mom if she wood pay you if you did chores or sumthin

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aw I feel kinda bad :/ im fourteen and my parents are pushing me to get one haha umm could it be they dont think your responsible?

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Don't listen to your parents, get a job if you want to! It's not like you need them to sign a permission slip...all you need is working papers and you can get those from your school. That's how it is in my state, anyway.

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thank you everyone ^^^ :)

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Ask her uk mom what do you think I shud do then

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ahhh SAME!
my moms like, babysit cause you get paid more that way!

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I'm very responsible. I do all my chores, (which I get no money for), I walk the dog, clean up its droppings, I do my homework, I get good grades, I help out as much as I can around the house.

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