Are there makeup tips to make my nose look smaller?

I’ve got issues…I just wish I was pretty…I mean when I look in the mirror SOMETIMES I seee…well a gorgeous girl…and than when others llook at me…im ugly…I been called REALLY ugly before…and I have looked it too but than I’ve also been called drop dead gorgeous…I just dun get it. I dont want to sound stuck up buttt sometimes I wish I was pretty…I mean…guys think im ugly …only a few extremely wierd people have liked me…but to tell you the turht…u like my eyes…and everyhting else is okay..I just wish I had a better nose…I have a BIG nose…and it ruins my faceee…I mean you can hide ugly eyes by gettin contacts …u can hid ugly pimples with coverup and you can make thicker lips with lip liner but a nose…well you cant do anything to it to make it llook smaller…I REALLY BADLY want to A SMALLER NOSE!!!…and I just dont know what to do…help???I dont see what you can say…but please…set me straight…are they any amkeup tips…or anything??

Answer #1

same here an try natriale colors and cute I shadow and putt eye liner on it works for me most of the time

Answer #2

I’m sure your gorgeous, don’t worry about it! Nobodies perfect, but i have some advice, I know a girl that wears glasses and her nose is slightly larger, the glasses draw away attention from her nose! it works, try it out!

Answer #3

wow, I have the exact same issue- I’m fine with everything but my nose

Answer #4

Dont worry about a big nose.I have a big nose and a huge bump and I have been made fun of my whole life. They tell me I have a messed up nose. I don’t think I could do the make up, I would have to darken my whole nose! I also have an awesome life I wouldnt want to change it because I have a big nose and a bump. I am a nice person so everybody enjoys me. I think that is all that matters. Also boys can be complicated if all they think about is looks and judge you on your nose, hes not worth it. Just remember you are beautiful!

Answer #5

Just have faith in God, he made you perfect..just take out some time to think and thank him for all other parts that you like about yourself;like your eyes or anything. It doesn’t matter whether your nose in big or small, if something matters is who you truly are and what you leave behind when you are gone . It’s true that everyone loves that girl who is beautiful, but not everyone is perfect and beautiful . Try being beautiful from both inside and outside, reflect your inner beauty throught your outside appearance. When you look at the mirror dear , look at yourslf as you are Diana, when you walk infront of those people who called you with the name ‘Ugly’, walk with pride.It doesn’t matter how you look, if you have faith in yourself if you belive you are good and better looking then others, that’s all is needed. You can try to pull your nose from the beginning, it really works a lot…and still if nothing works..stop worrying and try being yourself..Beauty is on the sight of the beholder. Just for once think of yourself as the prettiest women on earth and I promise you would win the world with your smile and belief. Take care. Be good :)

Answer #6

My nose is huge too. I have a massive lump in the middle. all my life I’ve been bullied and called horible names and it really dropped my confidence. I am afraid to speak to boys because I think deep down that they think im ugly. the truth is nobody is ugly. everyone is beautiful and jesus loves us all the way God made us :) smile to yourself. we have our lives to live

Answer #7

I have from sucha young age had sucha bent and big nose…I neve had the confidence 2 walk out of the door 4 school but now that I have turned 20yrs of age,I have realised how dramatically my nose has reduced in size.Nobody is perfect and pressure 2 b good looking these days is stressing us out. If you gently press the wider part of your nose each day watch in a few months it will start 2 change in shape. I have a bump and my nose is long and wide but I still walik out of that door acting like I have d best nose ever becoz life’s 2 short 2 stress about it. But shaping the sides of the nose with a shadow darker than your skin colour does work alongside a highlighter!! girl dont b put down just b appy and fake the confidence and eventually you will naturally become comfortable with your nose.But make up will defz cover it up!

Answer #8

this is insane, its like im reading a question that I woulve written. girls always tell me im really pretty but I’ve never had a boyfriend. when I find out a guy likes me theyre never my type, and I have pretty low standards!! but I heard if you shadow the sides and kindof highlight the front apparently that works..

Answer #9

I feel the same way about my nose. I have nothing to complain about. My brother had a perfect nose until someone assault him years ago and broke his nose. So badly, he went through a couple of nose-cosmetic surgery to fix it but it looks not quite the same as before. But, moral of the story, before he had his nose broken, he always said he wish he had a nose like mine…? Even so, I still feel my nose is not what I would call perfect. And reading through all this wonderful tips and stories, I realize that I should be thankful for the nose I have. Anyway, thank you for all the make-up tips. I will try them all!

Answer #10

hahah me too I have a bumo on my nose and its kinda big especially when I smile thou.. but I have big pretty eyes and perfect teeth.. so yea. I have bin made fun of but its stopped for a while and teh cool part is that its starting to heal! the bumps growing smaller as im growing up!!! I wouldnt recommend ANY types of surgerys if your under 19.. after 19 you can cause teh whole bones in your body are still changing. you may not end up what you think you may end up like… and if you do after 19 then do what eves you like except real surgery kills after not during… :) who cares what others think just think of good combacks .. im a big mouth so peopel dont stand a chance against me ahah :) hope that helpd if you need to know more then ask

Answer #11

thanks for this post,have been having the same problem. When I was much longer I felt beautiful and there were many guys that wanted to date me. But now I fell ugly. Ever since I became pregnant and had to put on weight. Even if I makeup,I still look ugly. With all the guys that used to follow me a friend once told me that am ugly and her sister told me that I look so ugly during my pregnancy, I felt so bad and since then I’ve gain my confidence again. Have came across 5 strangers when they saw me they started laughing. I feel so insecure to go out and am trying to loss weight. Maybe I will be able to feel better about my self.

Answer #12

guys like confidence thats what makes you beautiful I have a big nose with a bump on it I use to have low self esteem because of it then one day my friend told me your pretty and low self esteem makes you ugly …so I started being congident then I had all these boyfriends after I still hate my nose but its akk about the confidence guys think its hot

Answer #13

iam training to be a beauty theripst and I have a long nose to and I hate it sooo much I was even considering getting surgery untill my tutor told me that if you HIGHLIGHT DOWN THE CENTRE OF YOUR NOSE and SHADE THE TIP it will appear smaller. so try it and see I hoped I helped good luck babe x

Answer #14

I am the same people tell me im really pretty but I dont see it and I have a hughe nose but everbody says I dont but you couldd be thinking you have a big nose. It could all be in your head. I dont know but im going to try some of those tips. Love ya <3

Answer #15

heyyy I really need help !!:( I have a really big nose and every thing is perfect in me my eyes my lips my slim body and the nose is the onli thing thts annoying me I really need help how can I make my nose smaller without make up or surgery???

Answer #16

Put concealer around your nostrils, that should work, I might try it too :)

Answer #17

i think if you add a lighter coloured eyeshadow than your skin, to the sides of your nose it might work…

Answer #18

You know I have a really big nose myself. I’ve always thought that was my down fall that and my acne. I was always called pizza face and other names like that and it really hurt my feelings I thought I would NEVER meet a good looking guy that loved the way i looked cause I hated the way i look but I finaly did. I keep myself clean and try to look the best I can and that is what matters to him. Once you can be confortable with yourself is when the beauty will show. There are more important thing to worrie about. I found that out the hard way. Like I said keep yourself clean and try to look your best and people will see that and not your nose. LOL. Hang in there maybe one day they will come out with a big nose reducer.he he he. Reading your message realy made me think how I feel about myself. Stay strong and remember your only as beautiful as u feel.

Answer #19

what you could do is apply a darker shade of bronzer starting from the bridge of your nose and smearing to each side. then apply concealer just a shade darker then your real skin color. it really seriously works!:)

if you or anyone else wants to know how to make your cheeks look more sophisticated and other tips fun mail me!!

Answer #20

i feel like i have quite a large nose too but if i apply semi- thick black or grey eyeliner it helps to make my nose look smaller. Hope this helps you! -Hayley : )

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