Can I make my nose smaller without surgery?

How do I get my nose to be smaller without surgery?

Answer #1

just use certain makeup tequniques to draw the attention away from your nose. eye make up, and powder can really make a diffrence. and who knows.. if your still young, you may grow into your nose. hope this helps.=)

Answer #2

You can’t- hands down. I known it sounds obnoxiously superior, but a nose is just a nose. Besides, it’s your character and personality that really matter, not your appendages. By the way, you should watch the movie “Roxanne”, with Steve Martin.

Answer #3

ya thats a hard consept well all i can say is ur gana have to accept your self for what u are !!

Answer #4

watch the movie penelope, its kinda babyish, but its good. it talks bout noses. lol

Answer #5

To sally214, some may not understand your suggestion of the movie Roxanne. Steve Martin’s nose was depicted ridiculously large for normal. Like comical large! He or she might see that your only trying to poke fun. That your don’t empathize with her, your only brushing a serious topic of discussion of on a saterical movie made to laugh at. Remember when your dealing with people’s emotions…. they may not indentify with your sense of humor. Do you have a big nose sally214?

Answer #6

Bigsis, you have definitely misread my intent AND failed to actually watch the movie. Roxanne is about a guy whose gargantuan personality, big-heart and generosity dwarfs the aesthetic shortcomings he has. Yes, he has a large nose, but he learns that it is not the end all and be all of happiness, etc etc. The moral of the movie that superficial appearances are just that- superficial. Contrary to being a moronic suggestion, I would think that a story that shows the content of one’s character is a more important trait than trying to blend in with the crowd and be “normal” or “perfect” or whatever. The only self esteem issues you are going to develop will be a need to feel as if you need to hide behind “shading” products and various and probably hairstyles. Besides, it’s truly funny.

Answer #7

Understand cartilage: Cartilage is malleable connective tissue that protects bones from rubbing together too much so whatever you do to it will not move. Cartilage is also used by the body to shape and support other structures, including the nose. Over a lifespan cartilage can be replaced by bone in certain areas, including the nose. Cartilage can be manipulated because it is made principally of water, about 70% of cartilage is water. Cartilage can be redistributed with movement, but cannot be made smaller with pressure. Other components of cartilage include collagen, proteoglycans, and chondrocytes, proteins and cells that help support and build the cartilage. Understand that to make your nose temporarily smaller using this method you are doing home surgery by manipulating the cartilage in your nose. Wash or moisten your nose area. This isn’t compulsory, but it’s a little easier to do this on smooth skin. Hold the top of your nose with your thumb and index finger. Slowly bring your fingers to the sides of your nose. Don’t press or pull because this might make the nose bloat up a little bigger and can damage the cartilage. Do this for two to three minutes, starting at the top of your nose each time. Repeat about 50 times a day or even more. The results may be visible in 2-3 months time. As soon as you stop, and if you have not permanently disfigured your nose, your nose will return to its normal shape.

Answer #8

I used to have a cute nose when I was young, while growing I realized when I smile , my nose smiled too.. and it make me feel that “did it grow???” I really luk not gud on it. I’ve got an average body but my nose is fat/big!!! pls help me!!

Answer #9

yes, well I heard there is a cream that is available from your local backstreet dealer. I think its called shrink-a-nose. it is supposed to get rid of excess skin on the nose area. I hope my suggestion works on your quest to find a smaller snotter. if it is abnormaly large however you may need to consider taking a knife to the giant bugger.

Answer #10

Roxanne??!!!! Don’t listen to that! Assuming you don’t have such a problem as depicted in that movie. Some hairstyles will detract from a big nose, such as if your wearing your hair slicked back, your nose will seem to protrude more. Also, using makeup tips to highlight and shadow your nose will help in deflecting light away from the mostly protruding part of your nose.Or you can go with moron #1’s answer and devlop low self esteem and and wear a bag over your head. Just look at al the celebrities with big noses….Jeff Goldbloom, Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, Owen Wilson……..

Answer #11

I really need help my nose is big and I want to make it smaller every thin is good in me except my nose I have a slim body and every thin is good can you help me and tell me how to make my nose smaller without make up or surgery

Answer #12

To make your nose a little bit smaller, I use shading tequniques, a lot of celebritys do this like beyonce and j.lo once you have applied your make up, get a lighter coloured shadow, or conceler and slightly blend into the length of your nose. then you can slightly (and only slightly) blend a creamy brown shadow along the outer sides of your nose. make sure you blend though, as you dont want it looking scary! hope that helps =)

Answer #13

I have a long nose and I have one trick that helps a little. I have two matchsticks that I have shaped and colored black. I put them into my nostrils so that the other ends of the sticks raises the tip of nose a few millimeters higher. It doesn’t work magics but it helps a slightly. I take them off when I get home and keep them clean of course. I know this sounds really idiotic but I don’t care since it makes my life a bit easier. And because they’re black no one can see them. They are also so thin that they don’t bother nose breathing.

Answer #14

I have a large long nose like my dad and im only 13 so you can just imagine how big it will get. GOD. But you know im trying to except I mean I used to stay up all night trying to squeeze and push my nose in so it would get smaller. But you know what I heard believe it or not if you do that like everyday your nose will stop growing. Whether thats true or not its worth a shot!!! So good luck to ya and just remember your not the only one with a big nose!!! Just dont let it get you down and if you want to try what I told you if you want!!! Its worth a shot!!!

Answer #15

You CAN make your nose SLIGHTLY smaller by taking Chinese Herbs.

Look up Calm Spirit Tea Pills on the net, I started taking them and my nose got more refined and it didnt look as hooked.

Regardless it hasnt been the total answer as I am saving for a nose job anyway, but hey it helps a little!

Also what helps is pushing it up into the mould you would like it to be.

I’ve been doing this every day for the last 3 years and my nose has improved slightly!

Answer #16

I heard about the nose huggie on the TV show BeautyMade 101, and was very surpraised real plastic surgeons were saying it would actually work. I knew nose surgery was out of the question because I didnt have the money, so I thought to myself why not try it especially with the money back guarantee.. and I had read theres lots of stories on the internet about people who have tried it with sucess and achieved a smaller nose. At first it felt kinda weird but I got use to it after a few days, it took about 3 weeks before seeing any results. My boyfriend thought I had gotten plastic surgery on my nose like I told him I was gonna get, but I told him about the nose huggie and thats when I finally knew it worked. Just go here

Answer #17

Do the chinese pills really work? I don’t have that huge of a nose, I mean it is big, but it fits my face alright, and I just need some minor changes to the wideness and bulbous tip, so do they really help a little??

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