My Money Tree Plant

I think I may have over watered my Money Tree. Some leaves have turned yellow and a few have actually dropped. Do I remove the leaves or let nature take its place? We are currently letting the soil dry up but it is still very wet. Should we be doing something more to help our beautiful plant. We have had this tree for a little over a year and it stand about 3 ft tall. This is the 1st sign of a probem since we got the tree. Please help with some advice. Thanks Pam

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how and when do I braide my money tree

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Thank you so much jimmydean! I have a money tree that I have had for almost a year. My husband bought it last mother’s day. I am not good with plants, but for some reason this sucker just grew like crazy, then, I moved it. Now its leaves are falling off and they are yellowing. I now realize it is because its so much damper upstairs in my bay window. Before I came searching, I thought, “Give it water”. Big mistake, huh? I hope it survives after I take your advice.

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if you feel the trunk and it is spongy , the tree is dying but if not you should only water it when the soil is completly dry do not over water it will start to smell if it is in a small pot just turn it upside down and if you don’t see any water coming out it is time to water do not fill to rim just give it a drink

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Dear Sir

My plant seems to be losing it leaves. It seems to get worse when I water it in the winter. The leaves shrivel. How often do you think I should water it.The plant was in a conservatory before


Rob Mallam

Answer #5

She might be speaking metaphorically… are you Pam ?

Answer #6

what is a money tree? i have never hear of it before

Answer #7

Zafira56 What BMWboy said is 100% true; however, most poted plants don’t enjoy being turned upside down (and it makes a horable mess) here is another option for checking if it is time to water; first it is important that your soil is not TOO DENSE (this is Zafira what i belive the root of your problem to be…no pun intended) the first thing you’ll want too do is “stir” the soil gently, if you use mircle grow spikes (witch i recamned to everyone they have treated me very well over the years) they will provide you with a small airrater, if you do not a good substitue is a bic pen, (or the lid ther of in smaller pots) gently poke and turn your soil to loosen it up… Second to test the moister of your soil simple stick your finger in, about 1-2 inches if it is dry you can watter but if it is even a little moist it’s better (aspecialy if you have one of the plants we have been discusing) to let it dry out compleetly before you water again….by using the finger poke methode you will also be able to tell if your soil is getting too dense, if it is not easy to poke your finger in and wigle it around, it’s time to airrate again

Answer #8

Hey, I’m not sure if nayone reading this still needs an answere, but you could be talking about a couple of plants..if your are tlaking a bout a treee with very long thin leaves and a …well almost pam tree trunk over watering is the most dangers thing you can do to this plant, it will , like other plants get root rot, but with this tree in particualer it getts much worse, they actualy start to rott rom the inside of the trunk!!! if you have an airater stirr up your soil once a day unitll the soil had dried aout a bit, then let it go a a day or two after the soil is dry…check the trunk befor you water again, if it looks dried out water, if it looks,or feals like its still quite moist in side (in many cases the trunk will “squish” win you squeze it, DO NOT WATER!!!, this plant needs to dry completley to get rid of the rott..I have seen it happen to many times, I’ve seen 2 6 footers go this way, one 2 footer, and while he gave me the rest of his plants to care for, a friend of mine held on to his during a period when he was forced to move a lot, this tree was about 4 feet tall, it too rotted from the inside fell over in the middle of the trunk, and died

Answer #9

did you ever get an answer to your question? I have the same problem with both my trees. I don’t think it’s over watering though.

Answer #10

if your worried about it not drying fast enough GENTLY stir the soil, you don’t wan’t to damage the roots, but by sturing up the soil and increasing the air in he soil you help it to drain and dry quicker…if your unsure about the leaves these are generly rules of thumb, waint until leaf is mostly dead, then cut just above the witherd pertion so you don’t damage anything new, but get rid of the wayst

Answer #11

A limb on my money tree broke but not completely, it was sort of just hanging. I used some scotch tape to lift it back up and to give it support. Will this save it? Hate to lose the limb….

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