How can i make masturbation more fun?

I've been masturbating and I'm bored with what I'm doing. Do you have any cool masturbating techniques? Also what things around the house can I use as tools? thanks

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That is disgusting, a CAT?? Do you know how many germs are on an animal and just the fact that its not HUMAN! Use warming oils, or buy toys at the adult store. Yes, phone sex is cool.

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I really like sex tell,its perfect,but if you getting bored,just try some new ways,like using gel,cream,and also banana instead of oil,that makes fun,but s.times make too dirty lol

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phonesex? isnt dat for desperate people who cant find love with themself? :P hahha..anyway, try different hand techniques or ask a friend to help, if he/she is open minded enough to help you.

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don't use an f'ing cat. that's retarded.

you probably are going to have a hard time getting adult novelties (oils, toys, etc.), so don't feel bad about that.

You should probably consider why it is boring to you in the first place?
are you overdoing it?
do you need some sort of hobby besides that?
it's a normal and healthy thing to do, in moderation.
moderation being 3-5 times a week.

so, please. I f it's boring you, then that is your brain telling you to find something else to do besides "punching your way into heaven"

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Well, if you've got a girlfriend I can tell you how to make it more interesting....

You could have her take pictures of herself (yes, naughty lol)

Start having phone sex if you dont already and masturbate to it. Dont be selfconcious if she hears you doing it, my boyfriend was at first but it really turns a girl on.

Also, if you have a cat (I've heard this really works for some guys) rub your dick on its fur.

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Also, try this website :)

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