How to make my laptop go faster?

its a Dell Inspiron 1521. pink. it goes really slow. I have almost 1000 pictures. ha could that be it ? what can I do to like make it faster ??

Answer #1

Make sure your Windows Firewall is on.If it is not on, change your Windows XP to Windows Vista or if you have Windows Vista change to Windows XP.That should make it go faster.Or you can remove virsuses off your computer by using STOPZILLA.Register and then remove the viruses.Oh yeah take your camera and take all your photos and put them in Windows Vista or Windows XP.I had to change from Windows XP to Windows Vista.My laptop just wouldn’t connect to the internet and it was slow.So that’s why I changed to Windows Vista.Trust me it will work .Windows Vista is fast.Windows XP is fast.Windows Vista and Windows XP are both fast.Windows Vista is faster for me.Windows XP almost as fast as Windows Vista.But it is slower.I would pick Windows Vista but it depends on you.I love Windows Vista’s speed.Oh and Windows Vista is kind of new.On Windows Vista I have Google Chrome it’s new,the Opera browser,Mozilla Firefox,oh and of course Internet Explorer.I like Mozilla Firefox better than all of those internet browsers I metioned I had.Mozilla Firefox is safer and faster!So go for Mozilla Firefox!Go Mozilla Firefox! Go Mozilla Firefox!.It is the safest and fastest internet browser in the world.I hope that long explanation will help you!Thankyou!

Answer #2

hey.. I would try deleting things that you dont use.. thats obviousley making is happened to me too… andif you have Norton…it’s a piece of crap! all it does is make your computer slower too…so good luck! just search through your computer…trust me you’ll find things in there that you never even know exsisted

Answer #3

norton 360 degres - this antivirus & pc protection will find the proablem that slows down your laptop. I bouht one for £50 and it worth , even when my 120 gb memory is almost full my laptop is working perfectly.

Answer #4

Why do you need so many pictures? Delete the ones you don’t use. Or maybe buy one of those things that plug into your computer and you can save stuff on it, so you aren’t taking up room on your computer.

Answer #5

delete programs you have installed that you dont use. be careful with the downloads you do beacuse some carry viruses. instal an anti virus thing to clean it up. delet everything that you dont need!

Answer #6

don’t save too mcuh pic or music because it takes too much space from your hard drive you can save your pic or music in flash and run ccleaner and spyware also disck clean up.

Answer #7

it goes really slow.

Was it always slow or is it something that started happening recently?

I have almost 1000 pictures. ha could that be it ?

Highly unlikely. Pictures just take up space on the hard drive, while system performance usually depends to the greatest extent on availability of memory.

what can I do to like make it faster ??

It depends on whether the slowness is a recent phenomenon.

If it is, run a check for viruses and spyware. Recall which programs, if any, you recently installed. Read up on them and see if any is known to overuse memory.

If it’s not, you need to upgrade. Consider adding memory to your computer.

Answer #8

Firstly, do as others have mentioned - delete anything you don’t need on there, uninstall any programs you don’t use, Defragment the Hard Drive and run virus and spyware scans. If you do all that, and it all goes okay but it is still slow, you may want to consider adding more memory (RAM) to your computer. If you are running Windows Vista by any chance, chances are that’s your problem - the computer could use more Ram. Vista likes 1 Gb of Ram as a minimum, 2 Gb would be much better. If all of that has no difference, then there’s not much more that you can do - it will just be a physical limitation of your Dell computer.

Answer #9

disk clean up, disk defrag or virus scan?

Answer #10

Actually this problem bothered me quite a long time too, but recently I find functional software which can fix all these problems just with one click: tuneup360, maybe you guys could have a try.

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