Why won't my iPod sync anymore?

My ipod nano wont synch any songs or videos.When I drag the music from itunes to my ipod it wont sync the song.It worked perfectly before but now it doesnt.Normally what I would do is click the song and drag it to my ipod sign and it would like swallow the song and on top it would say synchcronizing but now it doesnt do anything!!please HELP ME

Answer #1

Okay - so you can see the iPod still in your iTunes when you connect it, but its not synching? Have you tried reinstalling iTunes - the problem might be with it rather than your iPod. Also, what generation of iPod Nano do you have?

Answer #2

omg! I’m having the same problem~ and I took it to apple and they gave it back, but it still doesn’t work =[[

Answer #3

We have done all of the above! We now have two ipods that worked fine until we tried to plug them in to add music. All of the songs got wiped off the ipods. The music still shows on our Itunes but we can’t get it back on to the ipod no matter what we do. HELP!

Answer #4

get your ipod or computer fixed

Answer #5

I have a 2nd generation iPod touch and it just started doing this to me. I have restored it 3 times and still hasn’t do anything. I bought it from best buy, do you think that they will take it back?

Answer #6

I have the 2nd generation and for some reason my ipod song list just erased completely from my ipod, but not my I-tunes -thank God- And my ipod wouldnt Sync anymore either, so I clicked “Restore” and it completely restored it and my ipod started syncing all my music again. So if your having issues try restoring it again, it wont hurt you to try. :)

Answer #7

I just had this exact problem with my iPod touch. I just restored it back to its factory settings through iTunes. When you connect your iPod to your PC, click on your device, e.g ‘Fred’s iPod’, it should give you the option to restore your iPod. It should sort it out. Try re-installing your iTunes first though in case the problem’s with your iTunes not your iPod otherwise you’ll be left with an empty iPod. ^_^

Answer #8

just restore you ipod. I had the same problem and I restored it and it started working again :)

Answer #9

If reinstalling iTunes doesn’t work, reset your iPod. Hold down the center button and press and hold up on the top click wheel button (which is the menu button) until your iPod resets. If that does nothing for you, restore your iPod through iTunes to its original factory settings. This deletes all of your songs on your iPod but it may be messing up because you have a corrupted file, and clearing it out may do the trick.

If none of that works and your Nano is a relatively new model, take it to the place where you bought it and see if they have an Apple technical support person to take a look at it.

Answer #10

I got a 2nd gen nano and mine won’t sync either I updated my itunes and it won’t sync anymore I tried uninstalling and re-installing it but nothing happens the icon does’nt even pop-up when I plug in the ipod its like my computer doesnt recognize my ipod.

Answer #11

Im having the same problem with my ipod touch. When I plug it into my computer with the USB cord neither my computer or itunes recongizes it. I already re-installed the lateset version of itunes, but that did nothing for me. =( My sister use to have this same problem with her nano but when she installed itunes again it fixed the problme. I dont know what to do, itunes hates me…

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