My girlfriend broke up with me. Can I get her back?

Ok, so here’s the story. I went to school with this girl, we weren’t friends but since I left school I became closer to her and we became good friends. Anyway it turned out I started to like her a lot, and I found out she may have liked me so I asked her out. The thing is when I asked her out she was going to go overseas for 6 months in about 4 months time. I know I probably shouldn’t have asked her out with little time for a relationship, but I wasn’t thinking about it at the time and we both liked each other so why not. After about 2 weeks of dating and hanging out we had a chat about her going away. She told me she didnt think it would work when she goes away, but we both agreed to continue the relationship and see what happens. Our relationship seemed to be going fine until last night we were at a party and out of the blue she told me that the relationship was putting to much pressure on her and she already had enough pressure with her going overseas and she just wanted to be good friends. I understood this, but I dont really think there was that much pressure and it kinda sounded like an excuse to break up with me and maybe she just doesn’t like me anymore or got bored of me but I dunno. If she really liked me she wouldn’t end it so early like this would she? I also got the feeling while we were going out she was waiting for me to make a move and make out with her but I wasn’t exactly sure if she did and it just never happened. Maybe she got sick of waiting? if she did really want to make out with me or something couldn’t she have made a move on me? I kinda felt like I had to make all the moves. I know I should probably just forget about it and move on since it most likely isnt going to work when she goes away but theres still a chance. I still really like her and I don’t know why she ended it so early with a few months left, but I still think I could go further with her and get to know her better.

The last part of the story. Me, her and some other mates had planned a while ago to go camping in a few days time. We’re both still keen to go but I think now it will be really awkward. I don’t know how to act there if I want to try and get her back. Should I just try to act normal like I have moved on since she still knows I like her (even tho I havn’t) or like quiet and emotional, or be gay and ignore her. I still rather be friends than nothing though. Or I could just try and hook up with her and see what happens.

Can someone help me on what to do? please

Answer #1

well first off I think you should go camping but if you still like her I dont think you should ignore her it would just make matter worse .. I think you should talk to her and find out why she broke it off with you so early .. but I wouldnt “push” the question that would just annoy her. Also I dont really know her but I think she would made a moce on you if she was tired of waiting she could still like you even though she broke up with you I think you jsut need to talk to her

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Answer #2

If you like someone and have feelings for them you should jump on it right away because you never know what could happen. She may be the girl of your dreams and she may spend the rest of her life with you. Thats a chance you have to take when dating, it happens to everyone, and its better to take chances when asking someone to be your girlfriend or boyfriend. Atleast you know whats going to happen because you did it and you are living it. Always prepair yourself for a break up because that is also a result of dating…its going to happen with some of your relationships as its a fact of life, but you may meet the right one sooner or later.

If you like eachother then by all means stick it out and try to keep it going. She will be back and it can continue well. Going away for 6 months is just one obstacle to get over. ^ months goes fast too. If you get through this then chances are you will be able to conquer any obstacle in your relationship together.

About the relationship putting pressure on her…not really true. Its only seems to be putting pressure on her because its in her head. Let her know that you will always be there and doing the same things whether you are together or just friends. Let her know your true feelings. Let her know you like her and will be there nomatter what, even if she is across seas. She needs reassurance that you care and like her. If you are falling in love with her then tell her. In her mind its pressure because she is not sure about your feelings and she doesnt want to come home and find you with someone else because of thinking the period of 6 months has strained the relationship.

If you think it was an excuse to break up with you then ask her and dont asuum it. This is also good reason to tell her how you feel. If you think she doesnt like you ask her straight out. Maybe she is afraid of breaking your heart because she is thinking she may meet someone else across seas. Its all good sbjects to talk about if you really like her.

If you think she wanted to make out with you then the best way to find out is to just kiss her. dont be too eager, but just a good nice solid kiss on the lips, then stop. You can be out anywhere when doing this, but try to be where nobody else is around. Not your car and not the bedroom, but maybe just walking together someplace. Stop and look at her and when your eyes lock, catch her off guard and kiss her, even if you are broken up. Then tell her you always wanted to do that. Later when you are having a conversation ask her if you and her can keep the relationship going. You may get the answer you are loking for because you show her you really are into her and care about her and you dont need to get her into the back seat or bedroom to show her this. A kiss is worth a thousand words to a woman.

Dont give up on her. Keep in touch with her while she is gone because it also shows you care about her. Call her, email her, send her letters, etc. Make it fun as it will show her that she can stil do all of this no matter what and there is no pressure. Get online and find out if there are flower shops where she is and send her roses or flowers if you have access to a credit card. Google it or whatever. Wait until a month is up first, then wait 3 or 4 more months and do it again. This will keep her interested in you even if you are friends and the relationship may prosper when she gets home.

That camping trip is perfect for doing all the things I said above. Whatever you do, dont ignore her because she is looking to see how much you care without letting on. She has the same feelings you do and is also wondering if she did the right thing too. Tell her how you feel, but dont get too emotional. Show strength, but be sensitive. Dont act like you moved on because that will send wrong signals.

Answer #3

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Answer #4

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