My dog died and it's been so hard on me

My dog died and it’s been so hard on me. King was my only friend, literally, and he had such life and personality. I loved him so much and I know he loved me. I’ve been training him and loving him everyday, and I’ve never been so attached to an animal before in my life. This is so unexpected. I’ve already buried him but what else can I do? I don’t have any friends to help me through this my dog got me through everything, he really was my best friend. I don’t think getting another dog would help I think it would only hurt worse. I can’t stop crying and everywhere I turn I’m being reminded of him, I’m even dreaming about him. Please help :( I can’t function. He was the best thing I had in my life (as pathetic as it sounds) and now he is gone :(

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It’s been over a month now that my dog has been dead and I still cannot rap my mind around the fact that she is gone. Sometimes I feel like I am having a problem thinking or concentrating and I am forgetful more often than not. I am only 56 and I have lost family members before but I really thought my dog would live another 5 years and this came as such a shock that it has really affected me. Will my mind get back to normal? How long is this going to take? it is scary.

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im very sorry about your dog its terrible but try to keep ypurself occupied it can really help with somepeople but I agree with the others to if you want to cry all you need!

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it sounds funny to me.. I love pets but I won’t feel lost out becos my dog is dead… I’ll miss the dog because dog’s are wonderful pets.but permit me to say this, american’s cherish their animals way too far

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I am so sorry. I lost my dog a long time ago and still feel sad over it. I have two dogs now that I coulnd’t imagne losing. I know the pain of this. but just think, you will be having a baby soon…you will be so busy and occupied with that little radiant spirit. I know you will still miss your pup, but you will have a new life to love. I hope you regain your strenght and happiness soon. :) Find the sunshine and create your own happiness!!!

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Our beautiful, wheaten-colored Scottish Terrier died December 26, 2009. We were not ready for this as he had not shown any signs of illness. In the evening he started panting and his eyes glazed over. I knew something was seriously wrong. My husband took him immediately to the Emergency Vet, but within a couple minutes he was in cardiac arrest. They tried to revive him through CPR, but could not bring him back to us. It is so unfair, he was only 9 with a life expectancy of 12 - 14 years. I feel like he was cheated, and I feel cheated too. I literally have been sick since this happened. MacGreggor was my baby. He took care of me whenever my husband traveled. He slept in our bed and went everywhere with us. I don’t know how I will get over this. Everywhere I look in the house I see various favorite spots of his. I can relate to you about your feelings when your pet died. I haven’t felt this bad about anyone in my life that died. I feel so lost and alone now.

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My baby died 4 days ago. He was a healthy 6 year old Doberman. I found him on the floor, dead. He was just eating his breakfest 3 hours earlier. I AM DEVISTATED and I cannot stop crying…I am still in shock. It appears he had that heart problem that Doberman’s get. And he was just at the vet in October…perfectly healthy. I also feel cheated that I could not have him for at least a few more years. I cannot eat. I have a 4 yr old adopted Doberman which I got to play with my other one…I am fighting to be strong for him…My heart is broken.

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I know how you feel, I am feeling the same. My dog died last friday. He was so precious to me and I also cant get over it. Everywhere I look I see things that remind me of him. Im devistated! and im 6months pregnant, what better timing. I miss him so much but I know time will heal us. When im feeling depressed I just cry out to God, hes the only one who can share our pain. I hope your ok, just know that your not alone. All the best.

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I see it’s been close to 2 years since the original blogger wrote about the death of his beloved dog. My Yellow Labrador died about a month ago, he was only 8 mos old and was killed by a car, I made a very stupid costly mistake and didn’t get him back into my house quickly, after he ran out the door. My pain engulfed me, I only had him for 5 mos. My 2 dogs howled for him the 2nd nite. I worked through it by calling my Mother everyday, always around sunset; I read a lot on the internet about dealing with the death of a pet. My only comfort is that I believe he is with my family and other pets that have passed. I talk to him everyday, letting him know I love him so much, he was my special child. I even tell him that even tho I greive and want him here, that he’s not to be “tied” to me, but, to go on to whereever the afterlife takes him, that I look forward to being with him again after I die. Out pets love us NO MATTER WHAT, it’s a special relationship, and it’s one of the most painful experiences to go thru when they die.

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My sweet Jack Russel baby girl, Missy, died on April 1st. My husband came to me to tell me that he had some bad news when I was at my parents house. He drove me to her as fast as he could. Some dogs had jumped on her and broken her to pieces. She was still breathing when I got there, and died with me loving on her and wishing her back to life, but at the same time, I think she “held on” until I got there so I could tell her it was going to be okay. I love that dog so much and having her love, her friendship and her loyalty for over 13 years was a blessing. I have so many wonderful memories of the times we’ve spent together. I can’t let go, it hurts too badly and I regret letting her go outside that afternoon. She was my best friend and my heart breaks knowing that she won’t be at home when I get there. In fact, being home is the hardest part because it doesn’t seem like home without her. I just hope and pray that someday I will get to see her again in heaven.

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MY dog just died and I am so heartbroken. It’s crazy how much a dog can impact your life…I mean Poe was his own person..and brought such joy to our house. I feel guilty for grieving bc I am pregnant with our first child and have much to look forward too…but I want him here when I bring her home and he won’t be..

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My beautiful Petula (we called her Tula) died early Friday, she was only sick for one day. It was an auto-immune disorder and she had no symptoms ever, and was incredibly happy and healthy. She would have been 7 in February. We had a wonderful family unit with my husband & I, 2 great dogs and our cat, it was a great balance and I tried to take such good care of them, they were really like our children. I can’t stop crying, because even though I’ve lost dogs in the past and I’ve loved them, Tula was truly exceptional in her personality and loving nature. I was prepared for our older dog (10 years) to possibly die soon given his age, but this was so sudden I can barely move. My husband isn’t much better, this was the first puppy he ever had. I just feel so lost.

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I am going through this right now. Mine passed a little over 3 weeks ago and I can identify with the loss of a dear and beloved friend. They are more than a friend, and after 14 years mine was family to me. Know that there is no pain where they are and the way I look at getting another puppy is this. If you have the capacity to love a puppy like that there are so many out there that need that kind of friend. It sounds to me like you need a friend like that, so if you haven’t already please get you one. I’m picking my pup up tomorrow morning and I can’t wait to build that special bond again with someone new.

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I’m so sorry. we had to put my dog down in june and I feel the same way. So far I just keep thinking how happy he is now (if you believe in that stuff)and how this opens up a new beggining. I know it dosn’t help but it makes me smile sometimes. What I’m doing is making a scrap book and possibally a pond since he was a lab and loved water. I felt like he was my big brother and I have never ever lived without him. Just hang in there:)

Answer #14

my bullterrier just turning 5yrs this month died, she some how ventured to find a box of cheeseits and got the bag out and got it on her head and suffocated. it has been the hardest thing in my life to deal with. died two days ago. no dog could compare she was the best behaved and most loving animal. she never get in to suff shes not supposed to and this one time it did her in and now its killing me.

Answer #15

trust me, I know. it’s horrible. I completely understand. I had my baby die yesterday, we hadn’t taken him to the vet. he had skin lesions, and knots all over him above the skin. he died around 1:30 am, and fell right over directly in front of my dad. I came home from a friends house and heard the news and immediatly burst into tears. it feels like nothing will ever get better, and it makes me wanna die. I know hes “just a dog” but anyone who has lost one will understand. just think of positive. dont mourn his/her death, be happy they lived. theyre certainly not mad at you, and im sure they had an amazing life. time will hopefully get you through. I suggest getting a new dog. the way I think about it is that when your missing something and you see its not there, it makes everything worse. you’ll learn to love another dog, promise. im sorry, I hope you feel better. we buried my dog in the backyard and I visit it everyday after school. I sit next to him every day and just stare down at his little grave. I miss him more than anything and I cant believe hes gone. it was the worst easter ever.

Answer #16

My dog died 2 days ago. He was my second child, my buddy. He was 8 years old, and came down with cancer. I visited him at the hospital before we knew what was wrong. I sat in his cage for 2 hours. When it came time for me to leave (only because I had to go to the bathroom and my back hurt)he barked at me and wanted to leave with me. I had to make him stay. On my way home, I got the call stating it was cancer. I told them to put him down. I feel very guilty because I did not stay longer as I really did not NEED to leave. I feel like it was the last thing he was asking of me and I didn’t give it to him. I miss him so much, I can’t stop crying.

Answer #17

My dog died a week ago..he was almost 14 and a gold best sons child hood dog.. I cant stand him not being here..he is everywhere I look..he had some leg problems but we were working on that..then last sat we thought maby he had a stroke…not many dogs do have we took him to the vet after the holiday weekend..I knew she saw what we didnt.. she gave him a check up and said he had a tumor onhis spleen..we sked if we could keep him for a couple of weeks..she said probly not the best thing..yu dont want it to rupture..well we took him home for one more nite..spent every second with him..I could tell he was unconfortable..s we took him in the next day and put him down..hardest most terrible thing I everhad to do..worse then when my grnadma died.. the tumor was already leaking. nothing we can do.. I cant eat, sleep or do anything that has to be done..this time of year was our favorite..outside time all the time.. I miss him so much I want to die..I feel like it will never get better.. I miss him so..

Answer #18

I just found my dog this morning dead. I knew it was coming because this week he hasn’t been able to move or eat anything. We were planning on putting him down today, but he went on his own terms. He hated the vet anyway. It is very tough on me. I got this dog when I was 8 and he lived for 13 years. I feel for you and know exactly how you feel. Its not easy at all.

Answer #19

I know exactly what you feel, just numb and empty. I lost my dog 2 weeks ago and like most, I cant stop crying. every thing I do some how brings memories of my sheppard. He was alomst 16 and had a great life, I had him since he was 7 weeks old, he most definetly was my family and dearest friend. I dont know how to get over this, it’s killing me. I ordered a stone with an engraved picture of him and plan to create a rose garden around it in my yard, hopefully that will bring some sort of peace.

Answer #20

I woke up for work today at 7:00 am, as I just started a new job this week. Being the first one up in my house and I was doing my normal routine when I looked downstairs and notice my beautiful yellow Labrador Retreiver, Simba, of almost 13 years of age lying there, still and silent, surrounded by fesces and vomit. I yelled his name a few times, only to quickly come the realization that he was gone. My heart broke into a million pieces. I’m 24 right now and bought this dog when I was only 12. The relationship I had with him and the love he gave back to me and my family was undescribable. He was the best dog we could ever want. His memory will live in my heart for all eternity… I know exactly what all of you went through. Be strong everyone, we’ll get through this together… Stay strong :(

Answer #21

I toaly understand how you feel, lost my dog about 4 weeks ago an I trained him an he came everywhere with me I cried for about 2 weeks I made myself ill because I cudnt eat or sleep or drink, his death was very unexpected an he died in my arms an it hurt so much I just cried and cried an cried an cried I cudnt stop,in time you will feel better trust me time is a great healer!! you may think its the end of the world wich is how I felt when my boy died, he was only 2 he was ful of life an had a great personality he came EVERYWHERE! with me an it it really hard to come to terms with loosing a pet because there part of your family I cried so much that in the end I cudnt cry any more I stil cant look at his photos now because I cry an im cryin while I type this :) but time will heal im very sorry 4 your loss xxx lots of hugs xxx

Answer #22

My baby died yesterday. I took her to the vet two weeks ago and had her on medication to keep her organs healthy and vitamins. She had slowed down eating and activity and it was just a little anemia we thought it was from a different med. He said that her spleen was enlarged maybe cleaning up the mess,,,or a tumor which would just one day burst and she would bleed out with no pain. I believed the minor problem. I had her and her brother golden shepherds since they were 4 weeks old. I bottle fed them for a while. She looked like a shepherd and was far more intelligent than him…as everyone said almost human. The night before last she had 2 large bowel movements and I was thinking this would help her eat better as I was having to eyedropper for the last 2 days. I have been up nearly 24 hours barely dozing for two weeks making sure she had water, if she wanted to go out, and she was ok. Yesterday morning I dozed off at 10 am and I woke straight up at around 12. I had her by me and I reached for her and said her name and she was gone. I wonder if she cried out and that is what woke me. I am a mess. I have her brother (looks like short=hair golden) and two other dogs but my house is motionless now. The grief in the air is overwhelming. She cared for them and was my confidante so to speak for over 12 years. MY VERY BEST FRIEND! I started screaming her name and no my baby my baby and could not stop for hours. Nothing in my life will ever be the same. Right now I want to get rid of everything I own as it all reminds me of her…I want to move somewhere else, get a different job. People do not understand this pain. It is exactly the same pain as when PEOPLE in my family died(maybe worse). I am all alone and lost as patrice says. I feel so bad for my other dogs as she took all their personality with her when she went. They were centered around her too. They don’t know what to do either. I believe tears are healing and if I got thru other family members I will get thru this but it is going to take a lot of time. Time is going to be our healer. This is a good blog to have as I have experienced no sympathy to speak of from my family or friends. I laid her out for 6 hours yesterday for a visitation. I bathed her, put her red t shirt on her and her red collar and leash that I bought when she was a puppy of 6 months and I gave her a pink “toy time” teddy bear and laid her out on a red blanket (red was her color. She looked so young and peaceful. No one came. Not my friends, my daughters, my grandkids…only my two sons and my brother at the 6 hour point to tell me it was unhealthy to have her there and I should “bag her” which they did. I wanted a plastic tupperware container to line with red silk fabric but they could not find one large enough. She is outside waiting for burial and I keep checking out the window to make sure nothing is disturbing her which they ensured me won’t happen. I did not want to move her and I cannot even think of putting her in the ground. She always liked the high up places..the top of the dog house, the top of the rail, the couch, the chair, the bed… My heart is so broken I understand your pain and no matter what anyone says it is normal. I feel that there was only one dog like her and there is no point even looking…it is over. She loved everyone and everything. So very gentle it was almost supernatural. Someone said the only way out of the pain is thru it so I am pressing into my pain.

Answer #23

Aw !

My dog is like my best friend too. I feel so bad. I’m really sorry. I agree with nirvanafan, cry & let it all out.

I hope you start feeling better. <33.

Answer #24

I think we often ask ourselves why we get so attached to our pets and why it hurts so much when they’re gone.

It really does seem to be one of the most painful things in life. I wonder if its partly because of the limited communication we have with animals… they know we care, but we can’t ask them how they’re feeling or tell them when its going to be ok. I think I’ve spilled more tears over animals than I have over people.

Please do consider getting another dog, because you have lots of love to give it, and it won’t lessen any feelings you had for your favourite. Trust me, it WILL fill a spot in your heart and make you smile again.

Answer #25

ameena…I don’t think the “love of dogs” is a nationality “thing”…it’s a personal thing…

This discussion was to help someone who is feeling an great personal loss…how YOU feel about Americans and their dogs doesn’t even belong in this discussion…


Answer #26

I had a son named “simba”, he was a japanese sptiz.he was almost 13yrs old and still my baby.he just died 06.03.2010 at 3:35p.m. and left me numb,I don’t know how to overcome this pain.don’t feel like living any feels like somebody has snatched my heart away from my body.I don’t know how GOD punishes a mother to live without her child.I m just living in the hope of “rainbow bridges”.GOD bless all the babies alive, with all my life and helps me to reach there where my “simba” is as soon as possible.

Answer #27

Oh honey…look how many here, can feel your pain…who know EXACTLY what you’re going through…It always seems unfair, that a dog’s or cat’s life is so much shorter than our own lifespan. “Talking” about King; telling stories about him…sharing your love for him…that will help some. Time is the healer here…you’ll always remember him, and the actual pain will lessen as time goes by.

As for getting another dog…everyone has their own “timing” for diving into another puppy. This is something I know from experience…don’t wait a LONG time. Getting another pup wouldn’t be “replacing” King…you know that can’t be done…BUT, a youngster keeps a person SOOO busy…house-training, learning the ropes of his new mistress, general obedience…all VERY time consuming things. Having a new baby keeps us busy with less time to dwell on our grief…and they DO fill the hole that’s been left in your heart…

Hugs, honey…you will get thru this, but that doesn’t make it less painful.


Answer #28

Ameena is an idiot! I just lost my dog, and he was much better looking than ameena and had a better personality on top of it. Dogs are mans & womans best friends.

Answer #29

My wolf hybrid, Joerose died yesterday at 5:40 pm. I loved her so much. I found out last week she had hemangiosarcoma. A type of cancer and she had a tumor on her spleen. The vet did a splenectomy in hopes she would survive but she just couldn’t. I want you all to know that my prayers are with you all. I believe that all animals go straight to Heaven, they are sinless and perfect. God created them and he loves them even more than we do. Saundra I totally agree with you about the “supernatural” I believe that it is the Holy Spirit living in these babies and they have such powerful souls and spirits. They are healers, comforters, guides and have a great sense of humor and have unconditional love. They are non materialistic and are just so wonderful. We are so blessed to have them and I truly believe that God created them to show us what we should be like and also to bring us great comfort, love, protection and healing. I believe that every single one of our furbabies is in Heaven running and playing and saving a spot for us. I have three other dogs and they are grieving with me. We lost our German Shepherd, Peaches four years ago and it was absolutely devastating, just as this is. I hope and pray that each of you will rescue another animal and love it and let it love you as the ones you have just lost did. They never replace your baby, they are in addition too. You just increase the size of your family and in Heaven you will all be together forever someday. God bless you all and God bless all of our babies.

Answer #30

Hi Tulasmommy. My husband and I are going through something similar. Our 5 year old dog Cooper died this week due to a mistake made by the vet’s office. We always thought our older dog Rudy, who is 10, would go first and we worried about him. I had a VERY special connection with Cooper. He was my doggie soul mate. I just wondered, now that time has passed, how you are feeling. Does it ever get better? It feels like it never will. Thank you, Tiffany

Answer #31

Yes, it will get better. Time passes and the feelings get a little less raw, and after a few months I began to smile when I thought about Tula instead of crying. 2 months ago we decided the house was just too quiet with only one dog, and we went to a rescue and adopted our sweet, happy Homer. His rear leg is deformed, so nobody wanted him. He came trotting up to our other dog Duncan, and I told my hubby, “I think this is our guy”. Homer needed us, and it helped me a lot to know we’re giving a deserving dog a good, loving home. I’m so glad I had Tula with me for as long as I did, even though it I wasn’t ready for her to go so soon. And remember that nothing you do to deal with this pain is a betrayal of Cooper’s memory, or means you love him any less. He loved you and would never want you to be so sad, right? Give yourself time to be miserable and heartbroken, and know that in a few months, it won’t be as intense. You’ll remember your time with Cooper fondly and maybe be ready to help another dog in his memory. Best of luck to you all, Leah

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