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Well, we had to take one of our dogs to the vet this afternoon because the past few days she was acting sick. The news wasn’t the best. We found out she has Pyometra, cancer on her breasts, and the cancer could be in her lungs too. The vet said our best bet is to have her put down. He said there IS a surgery that may help, but he said that the surgery would be around $600… and there isn’t any way we have that much money. But he also stated about that surgery that 1. it only fixes the Pyometra and 2. she doesn’t have much of a chance at making it through the surgery. He said that she would probably die on the operation table since she’s old.

We have had this dog a long time. We apdoted her from the local animal shelter about 9 years ago and she was a full grown dog then so she’s at least 10 now. We now have to decide something - do we want to be present when they put her down or do we want to just tell her bye and then go away so we won’t have to see it happen. I don’t think any of us want to see it happen because it’s so sad and difficult and besides, who would want to see their pet be killed?

So what I’m asking is what should I do? And how do I handle this? And if we give the ok to put her down - are we doing the right thing? And should we be there with her when it happens as she falls alseep forever, or should we leave the room?

Any help would be apperciated =/

Answer #1

Thanks very much harleyrider… we’ve already decided that we are going to have her buried at home, with all the other pets we’ve lost.

Answer #2

I won’t talk about the surgery part because the doctor told you what they think. As far as attending the euthanisa That is a personal choice, it is not as bad as some people would think . I work at a vet hospital and have to deal with it almost everyday. Things for you to think about Do you want her to “fall asleep looking at a loved on or a stanger? Do you want her creamated and the ashes to be given to you? Or do you want to take her home in coffin and bury her there. Or not have anything back, just have the vet creamate and be down with it? Only you can make these choices, what to expect if you stay during this, they will take her in the back and put a cather in her front leg, then they will bring her back to you and give you time with her, then they will come in and put the right dose of the med. into the port of the cathter. It goes really fast and the eyes do not shut. But they do go lifeless. The doctor will then listen with a stethascope to see if she is gone. I am so sorry you have to go through all of this. We charge more if you are present because of the catheter. We charge more if you cremate with or without ashes being saved The cheapest way is to do home burial and they should provide a cardboard coffin for you to take her home. So the choice is all about what you want. We had to put down a beloved cat today and father, son, and mother all stayed and then choose to have cremation with ashes being returned to them, Everyone is different. So Sorry, let me know if I can answer anything else for u.

Answer #3

Thank you for that phrannie. And I’m happy to know about the new news I found out tonight. She just might be alright yet… which is great!

Answer #4

I know, this is really sad. I’m sorry for making you cry… geez I feel bad now! lol If nothing else works out and her being put down is THE only choice, at least we know it’s for the better because she will no longer be in pain and she will be in dog heaven.

Answer #5

If you do decide to put her down… really give some thought to being there with her…I say that for a number of reasons…1) it’s comforting for the animal to have you there. 2) You will find out for future reference, that is is an easy quiet passing…that they literally go to “sleep”… that will be comforting for you to know. It’s not easy, I know…I’ve had to make this choice many times in my life.

I’m sorry about your dog…but she was lucky you found her and loved her for such a long time.


Answer #6

amblessed - Thank you so much for that. I think I will say goodbye while she’s awake, then leave. I don’t really think I could stand watching her be put down. That’d be far too difficult for me.

a7x - Thank you very much for the sympathy and yes, you are right. This IS the best choice because no, I’d NEVER want our beloved Foxy to be suffering in any way. And yes I’m very very glad I was able to rescue her from the animal shelter and give her a good life.

Answer #7

I think it would be a very Loving thing to do to ensure doesn’t have to go through all that pain in her old age - I would want to say my goodbye while she’s awake - then leave - friends and family for mutual support, be Thankful to God for her in your lives and remember the fun times / puppy times - you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Answer #8

Wow… that’s really sucky man I’m sorry about that. I think it’d be best to tell her goodbye before she gets put down. Then I’d say it’s be easier if you guys went out of the room. And yes, your doing the right thing. You don’t want her to suffer right? It’s very sad, but it’s for the best. She will no longer be in any pain. And hey, look on the bright side - you did good by rescuing her from the animal shelter when you did. You were able to give her a good, loving life. I’m sure she doesn’t forget that either.

Answer #9

That was a type error… I meant to say I will be there to say goodbye BEFORE they put her to sleep, then leave when they do it. What your saying makes sense though. I want her knowing we love her. I think it’s happening tomorrow morning. Tonight we are all spending a lot of time with her, petting her, talking to her and stuff like that. I think she knows very well that she is loved by us.

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