My daughters breasts are very large

I have 2 daughters, 12 and 9, both of them have quite large breasts for their ages, which is a little unusual because mine are smaller. My eldest daughter wears a 34E and my youngest is in a 32C, my breasts are only 32B. Its just they are both asking questions about their breasts wondering why they are so much bigger than their classmates and how both boys and girls sometimes tease them. I’m a little worried about them but don’t really know what advice to give because I never had this kind of talk with my mother and none of my friends have daughters their ages or daughters with big breasts.

I was wondering if anyone else had this kind of problem and how you dealt with it or if anyone has any advice they can give.


Answer #1

Thanks to everyone so far for your advice.

I have talked to them about it and they are a lot more comfortable and confident in themselves now and how they look.

They just ignore those at school who are jealous of them and concentrate more on the good things, as boys are interested in them and they seem to be enjoying the attention they receive.

Answer #2

13 and a 36a . :(

Answer #3

wow!!! im so jelous!! tell your kids they should be so proud of themselves :D im 13 and have a 32B…

Answer #4

You are going to have a lot of boy problems with those beautiful daughters

Answer #5

Well I’m 17 and a 32a, so I really don’t know what to sayy but just tell them guys will love there boobs later and the girls are jealous

Answer #6

Consider them lucky. I’m 15 and only a 38 b

Answer #7

All the girls in her class are jealous , I know this becauser I have young girl cousins who really wants boobs, and the guys like them or are 2 immmature to enjoy them, let them know in the future she will be popular for them and she’ll be making fun of the smaller ones, btw its suprising that she’s 12 and the boys aren’t interested , btw I’m a 14 year old guy and I thinl giant boobs are awsome

Answer #8

I don’t think you’ll have to confront them.

Kids aren’t as stupid as you think they are at that age.

They know what they are, and know that they have them.

Answer #9

thats what guys are after, the guys will love them for this later on in life. the guys are teasing them because they obviously enjoy their breasts and the girls are teasing them because theyre jelouse. theres nothing to worry about.

Answer #10

you should ask them if they would like a reduction. I heard ( but im not 100% sure) that if they are 34DD before they are 18 it is free.

Answer #11

trust me. tell them it’s a good thing because when they are older other people will be jelous because thats really what guys want. they will be happy to be ahead. :)

Answer #12

D*MN thats REALLY big for there age there is no way thats true

Answer #13

well I was ten when I jumped to a size and then by 13 I was a C ans now at 15 I am a 42DD tell your daughters that pppl pik on them bc its diff to em and they will soon turn from bein teased by boys to being loved and bein teased by girls to being envyed

Answer #14

I appologise for the above typo, I ment to say 30DD = 32D=34C=36B, or 30FF=32F=34E=36DD and so on Back sizes range from a 28 onwards, although most shops will only stock from a 32 onwards.

Answer #15

Tell them to stop pressing it, and when having set not to let the guy pure sparm on it,and buy them there size of bra not over size.I am a me.

Answer #16

I am 14 & I got big breast when I was 12. My friends always teased me bc of this. But I know how it feels 2 b picked on about having big breast. One thing you could tell your daughters is 2 never listen 2 what other people say. People can be very crule. & I’ve learnt that. But u’ve got2 keep your head up & dont pay attention 2 em. Once they know your not effected by them, they’ll soon stop. They should never dislike there selfs 4 having them. It’s juss the way God wanted them. & everything happens 4 a reason, I guess.

Answer #17

When I was 14 I had a 38E and I was only 92pounds. This made me have back problems and I had too get a breast reduction. They went down to about a 34C. and they’ve growen out too a 34DDwhen I became pregnant in early 2009.

Answer #18

don’t worry about it, your daughters are just early bloomers. to comfort them, you may want to explain why they are developing breasts (tell them they are becoming young women). tell them there is nothing wrong with having large breasts, its just they grew up faster that their classmates.

Answer #19

tell them to keep them up and where there supposed to be, then your daughters wont have huge nipples and the ugly turnoff big blue vein in the boobs, keep them up to reduce back pain.

Answer #20

When I was a senior in high school I dated a 15 year old girl with 34DD breasts. I thought they were absolutely beautiful. She was very proud of them always dressed to show them off. She knew I was crazy about big boobs and she would always tease me with them. She really enjoyed the attention and was always willing to share them with me and accept my admiration. She learned how to have fun with them and it allowed for one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Tell your daughters to learn to enjoy them and share them with those who appreciate them and ignore the jealous people.

Answer #21

Im 13 and a 38C. My mom explained to me that the armpit boob part is where they start to measure. So if your 12 year isnt proud of em yet then wait till she gets older! My mom and I always say were so happy not to b the little no boobs and no curves girls! But also tell them that just because guys are going to pay attention to them doesnt mean they have to get involved with that kinda ftuff @ an early age and that wats on the inside matters more! GOOD LUCK!!! <3

Answer #22

I was an early bloomer also, I developed large breasts at 12. If they haven’t already, they may be due to start their period in a short amount of time, (I started at 9, its not as unusual as some people think)I would suggest that you let them know what to expect if you haven’t already. Let them know that it is all perfectly normal and that they are just growing up faster than their schoolmates/friends. Warn them to be slightly careful of the presentation of their breasts around untrustworthy men, and try to be as honest as you dare when answering their questions. Also it may be a good idea to get some good fitting advice for bras, as they are likely to get even bigger and proper fit and support is crucial to prevent back problems and prevent the breasts from becoming a hinderence and sapping confidence(speaking from experience). A 34 actually sounds like it may be too big in the band for a girl of 12, and if it is she may have to get a smaller back size and a larger cup size to compensate. a good website with fitting advice is Your daughters may need to start ordering their bras from sites like or when they have grown more as many shops do not stock the larger cup sizes, and will often measure incorrectly just to make a sale. I am now 20 and a 30FF, but my breasts are certainly not of glamour model proportions, so you shouldn’t be intimidated by the size on the labels, they are not nearly as big as most people think, a 30D has the same sized breasts as a 34C or a 36B.

Answer #23

Thanks to everyone so far who has answered here. Some very good advice which has helped my daughters a lot, especially since they are still developing.

Answer #24

Just remind them what you would say to any child. It’s what is on the inside that matters most. There is always going to be children with insecurities about their bodies at some point. ie small breasts, large breasts, skinny arms, fat belly, fat face

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