My current situation -_- please read and help ...LONG!

OK So first thing first, my mother is and idiot, to put it lightly. She looks for love in all the wrong places, she was at one point making over 100 000 dollars a year with benefits beyond belief, and she was a foster mother with good connections. In her teenage years she was abused badly by her father who recently died, but still he held a place in her heart no one else ever could, she held him up so high he was untouchable. She was rapped which I only recently found out, and her mother told her basically it was no big deal and to get over it. I may be young but I find my self to be very insightful. Her father and mother came to Canada at a very young age and were always loyal to each other. they were together since the ages of 13 and 20. yes a bit of a difference. he died at 65 just recently. He was an alcoholic but one of the greatest men I have ever met. he had wisdom far beyond anyone. He worked so hard to provide with no education, but back to the point. my mother has had her pick of millionaires, lawyers, anyone she wants. But she seems to gravitate towards the ones that she and everyone else knows are users and abusers. she has had a few boyfriends in her lifetime, and from what I’ve noticed they all share the same traits, average height, not big but not thing, never very muscular, and an accent from the west indies, now that may sound okay but that’s just the physical, the one unseen trait they all have is their personality. one of them laced her weed with crack and my now father almost killed him. one of them tried to electrocute her with a radio and a bathtub along with himself. She never cheats but they all did, she never screams, but they all did. recently she was married to a man who was great I loved him so much, but the feeling was unnatural, almost suspicious, I have a pretty accurate judge of character I always know, and I like to snoop, He had 2 lovely kids and no history I could find out. He lived in my grandparents home country and my family hated him with every fiber of their being. I searched and asked anyone I could about his previous wife and her mysterious, un-recorded death but no one would talk, aparently he was a fugative in 3 different countries for theft and fraud . he had several abuse charges, and best of all he was HIV posative, his original story was that his wife of 25 years had died heart “issues” nothing too specific, yet as much as he claimed to have loved her, there were no pictures, no records no grave. I took it upon myself to call the immigration officers and have as much backround information as I could mailed to me. I found this out and had to break the news. she cried , we all did. tat was over long before it even began. Next was a man who gave me this feeling I couldn’t explain, it was as if every time he walked into the room I wanted to have him murdered slowly and painfully. Yes I know that’s awful, anyway he was a drunk, just like the rest. One night he came through the door holding her by the hair, I asked him if he was looking for a charge or a lost finger and he turned to hit me. I threw a pot at him and called the police, by the time they got there he had long stolen the car and crashed a few blocks away. He went to jail and called faithfully twice a day. I would block the number, I haven’t seen him since. Most recently is a guy whom I’ve loathed since day one. In fact he’’s upstairs as we speak. I hated him , at first I thought for no reason, simply because my “ability” to judge character was off this time and I was losing my marbles. until he began to show his true colours, him and my mother would drink until ridiculous hours of the morning and come home screaming or throwing things. He would wake up Around noon and they would be fine. She was wasting away, she was (at one point) doing three joints a day and drinking vodka at 3 p.m. . He hit her too. She met him in a bar the very same bar our landlord owns. I have never had to call the police on this one. Apparently the neighbors have though. I snooped around and found some police documents he was charged for assault and attempted rape. Anger raged inside me (I read this only an hour ago by the way). I wanted to have him show in the face, burned alive or ran over with a u-haul truck. But all of those things wouldn’t teach him anything, and more then likely get me put away. All the other ones drifted away in months, a year tops. But this one stays, he yelled at me once. My mother sobered up real quick but remained quiet, I screamed and cursed and screamed some more until he left our household, for about a day. He accused her of cheating on many accounts, he’s just a cow. I realize now he needs to be taught a little something about f*ing around with me. There re plenty of ways to solve this problem, but only a few will work effectively. I plan to have him gone by the end of this month . My life lessons should be used more productively throughout why lifetime. And now is as good a time as any, so wish me luck and pray you don’t hear about some girl found dead in ditch outside of Canada. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM ABUSED HER! her only words to me about love were “love unconditionally, but have the brain to know when it’s not gonna work, if a man ever hurts you, don’t stay. Don’t be an idiot like you’ve seen so much.” I understood peoples emotions from every angel. because of her line of work I would meet over 100 new girls ever couple of months. There was never any stability, a new school every year, a new house every two years. I got to see what happens when you make a wrong move, what happens when you kiss that last exit, and what happens when you play your cards right. I met girls who were prostitutes at 7, who were raped by their own fathers, who saw one parent kill another, who were on drugs, who were suicidal, who were just plain crazy. It’s safe to say I lost my emotional innocence long before my time. I could pick out a liar, a future murderer, a rare success story, a suicidal girl, all from a crowd. I can always tell when your telling a lie. And in turn I have become an impeccable liar, manipulator, I don’t feel the same way about the world as I used to. I don’t see a flower and say “oh how pretty” I see a flower and say “I wonder how long it will be until it get’s picked. I hope all goes well. >_<


Answer #1

ahh you poor thing!!! tell your mum to stay single and spend more time with her show her that no guy is needed

Answer #2

your story is sooo sad

Answer #3

WOW I’ll read and answer that tonight when I get home LOL im at work and there too much to read :P

Answer #4

er.. I’d call the police and have them take you away from them. my situation is kind of the same, except theres only one man. I’ve considered calling the police, but everytime I get upset enough to try I end up chickening out and calling my grandma to come get me. the only thing I can say is put up with it the best you can and when you really can’t take it anymore, get out.

best wishes :)

Answer #5

im not sure that there was a questian amongst all those statments that I briefly scrolled over but the main thing I will say is that you be carefull, I have been through many step fathers myself and likewise none of them were father materiel but you may never know until they are living in your house, and its to late. im not dr. phil but when you talk about your mothers poor judgment of character in the partners she chooses it may be easyer if you started ther, because whats going to happen when this guy is out of the way in a month as you put it, thanks.

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