Who else likes My Chemical Romance?

who likes my chemical romance??? I really want to no all the fans of them and im the biggest one

Answer #1

dear gawddd I love my chem!!! gerard aint gay he just super loves his band and some of my faves are heaven help us, this is how I disappear, and im not okay. some people say that theyve sold out with the black parade but no, theyve just gone for a more theme inspired record. freakin <3333333333333333 mikey!!!

Answer #2

My Chem is the best-est band in the world 0___o

Answer #3

welll I used to be fully obsessed with them. now just like them lol. XD. gerard mikey and especially frankie are hotstuff. I used to keep picture of my chem in my study planner. lol.

Answer #4

I still like them and feel kinda lonely haha because no one likes their new stuff but me. I dont think they act like they want to kill themselves… its more that theyre saying suck it to everyone who tries to bring them down.

they are amazing performers… from their videos I have seen that they’re so great at entertaining the crowd.

but thats just me.

Answer #5

I hate them now, they totally changed. They changed their music like most bands do . They all sound the same, and their messaged changed. they dont care about fans anymore. just themselves

Answer #6

I love them. but I seriously have to say, my sister is the biggest fan. she knows everything.

and I’ve liked them since I heard one of their demos in 2001 and I got my sister into them around 2004.

we have seen them 5 times. I got bobs drum stick. I got franks pick. I met bobs mom. I know where bobs mom works. I know where bob lives. I got hurt at an mcr concert and gee paused the song to see if I was okay. he smiled, winked and waved to me. mikey also waved to me while frank looked at me like he was scared and ray smiled at me. at another concert gee and ray smiled at me.

Answer #7

i think it was said that he was bisexual, not gay but no one really knows because he’s never given an official statement about it. in either case, it doesn’t really matter because that’s not what makes a musician.

MCR is ok. they have stuff that has good lyrical sense to it and their musicianship shows a little talent, but i think most of their popularity comes from their look and everyone gets caught in the hype. they aren’t a favorite but i can enjoy them. however, this new stuff of theirs is a little bit of a let-down. its a little too pop-rock and i liked them better when they had a little more post-hardcore/alternative sound to them.

Answer #8

im obsessed

i know alot of thing about them..

im just to lazy to put them

but if u have any questions about it u can contact me… i’ll br hspp to help!

Answer #9

I LOVE MCR! Their awesomeness!

Answer #10

Not I. MCR annoys me, Theyre old stuff was okay. Theyre New Stuff is so Overrated,Its annoyinggg..

Same with FOB


Im sick of depressing bands wanting to kill themselves.


Answer #11

MCR are a good band, but Gerard Way is not gay, it’s all rumors.

I’m Not Okay Black Parade

Cool songs.

Answer #12

yes i think that they are so freekin awesome and some of my favorite songs of their grup is this song called teenagers and i think its called the black parade or maybe thats just the album name ok any way my other fav. song of theres is helena do u like paramore or the almost or panic at the disco and fall out boy i hope that was not offensive since u r a boy and im asking u if u like fallout boy

Answer #13

Hey I like MCR to! Im not obsessed but my friend sure is, e went to their concert a couple months ago in Toronto and now hes going to Project Revolution:)

Answer #14

Yeah, but I liked them before everyone else did.

Answer #15

I like them but I don’t love them. Altlough they are good for the discussion of ‘are they emo?’ I say they are.

Answer #16

I totally luv them, especially Gerard Way

Answer #17

I love my chem!!!and I luv gerard(u can probably tell by the name) is he a bi tho???/

Answer #18

mcr is awsome but not the best and gerard way is not the hottest guy ..joey jordison is

Answer #19

They are my favorite bands right now. I also like FOB, AC/DC, classical bands like that.

Answer #20

i love MCR but my 2 favs they tied so they r GREEN DAY and LINKIN PARK Billie joe is the sexiest guy ever

Answer #21

they are a good band but green day is so much better

Answer #22

i like em bt they arent my fav thou!! bt there kool i guess…heyt aint the singer gay??? ive heard rumors abt something??

Answer #23

oh yeah i love mY cHeMicAl roManCe and gerard way is not gay okay him and frank are best friends they only reason they do that is just to get the crowd louder and keep loving them because wht they do on stage is so frecken hot!!! i think that gerard teeth are so cute!!! there so little.. and I love his eyes more tho!!!

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