My Chemical Romance (MCR) question about their lyrics

I love mcr muisc but when I look at the lyrics its mostly about a girl dieing so did the lead singer mom or grandma die or something? And what catorgiroe would you place them in punk rock? or gothic rock ?

Answer #1

GERARD is the sex. I’m sorry, a bit off topic.. but oh my gawd.

Answer #2

MCRs Lyrics:Most are about Gerard Ways life.Like Disenchantedand Helena.Each Album has a story.

Music Genre:Emo

Gerard has a way with being VERY creative with the lyrics!His grandmother Elena Lee Rush.Her death was a major loss to Gerard and brother Mikey Way.

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Answer #4

You could go 2 they have why the lyrics were made basically just facts about songs.

Answer #5

I think their song Mama was based on something with his mom or gma, but im not sure.

Answer #6

Yes Gerard Way is vocals. And his granmother did die. So yes you were correct and also their type of music is “alternative rock.” Trust me I would know. :) And they are NOT emo. Btw… Mikey Way is the bass player & little brother of Gerard Way, so it’s his grandmother also.

Hope that helped. ;)

Answer #7


the song Helena is based on there ( mikey way and gerard way ) grandmother ,elen, who was there greatest musical infulence, passing away.

the lyrics in helena “ things are better if i stay “ arent that symbolic. After the death of his grandmother gerard became overly depressed and was thinking about suicide.

As for the genre of the bands music. they call themselves punkrock/rock. but on my upstage phone i downloaded there whole “ black parade “ CD into there and the genre was “ emo “

so it depends on how u look at it.

hope i was able to help any other questions feel free to ask.

Answer #8

It has boards where the song meanings are explained

Answer #9

“Helana” is about the lead singers Grandmas death

Answer #10

yes the song Helena was dedicated to Gerard and Mikey’s grandma, Elena Lee Rush who died. Any other questions about their lyrics, I’m sure you can do a search and get some answers online =]

Answer #11

Thanx :-)

Answer #12

I know for a fact that some of lyrics are used symbolically. Check out this website to get the lyrics to their songs. However I’ve tried looking far and wide to see if any member has had a female death in their life and no interview has stated it. Way was quoted saying that the band’s lyrics were a great way for him to deal with the problems he had been going through (which included severe depression and a serious illness in his family).

Their music has been catorgorized by MTV as alternative pop/rock and punk-pop. They combine punk-pop’s musical aggression with introspective, confessional lyrics.

Answer #13

I don’t know anything about the reason behind the album or if their inging about his frandmother or mothers dieing.. but they would be catorgised as an emo band… which would be a genre inside of the rock catogorie

Answer #14

the song HELENA is dedicated to the grandmom of gerard way and mikey way..

Answer #15

well there lyrics rock some of the song on the black parade and for his grama and i like the song

Answer #16

I know for a fact that helana is about gerard and mikeys grandma…maybe cemetary drive too

Answer #17

the way brothers granmother died thats why they wrote helena.

Answer #18

someone told me their whole album was dedicated to Gerard’s (lead singer) grandmas death iono if thats true. also I heard on the radio that they can be called an emo band as well. either way I think they ROCK!!

Answer #19

Mikey and gerard’s grandmother died thus creating the song ‘Helena’.

I dont consider them Emo because they dont have any lyrics about killing them selfs or hurting themselves that I know of. I’ve even heard In one of their songs saying “I’m not afraid to keep on living”.

I consider them Alternative/Punk.

Answer #20

their songs always mean something. helena was about gees and mikeys grandma, elena.

and they are alternative.

Answer #21

Yeah SOME are about death but not all. I DONT LOVE YOU is not about death. TEENAGERS are you really kidding me. And most of hes lyrics about what he went though and life. Life comes to a end. That you should no. And if you say there emo df are you talking about. Are you retarted or mentally stupid? Anyways I love MCR the my favortiest band ever.They dont even look emo .Let me get back to the point, not all he songs are about death. There you go.

Answer #22

WHat is wrong withnmu pple saying MCR is emo. Do you ever heard of a song saying ima cutt my self. The world is a big dark hole NO! so shut up and start learning the real meaning of emo dumb asses!!! Any way not all of there songs is about death caz of coarse the song Helena was writen about hes grandmother. But there is also I DONT LOVE YOU is that death? NO! Is TEENAGER death. NO! Im a huge MCR fan I love them so much there the bestest band ever!!! I dont care wht you say>.> You have ti listen to all there songs. When the made the first song ti was meanly about the TWIN TOWERS when it calaspe. MAny pple died. All I mean All of MCR songs has a meaning to it ALLL!!! I hoped that helped hehe :)

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